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Caesars Unveils Great New Rooms at Paris and Harrah's

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 30th December 2015 11:56am
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Hot on the heels of the unveiling of new Ultra Hip rooms at Planet Hollywood and the Julius Tower at Caesars Palace, a Caesars Entertainment advertisement running on the YouTube is showing off brand new room designs for Paris and Harrah's Las Vegas!

The Paris Classic

Paris Classic Room

The fully renovated "Paris Classic" rooms feature a mix of classic and modern-era French decor mixed with contemporary design styling.

Paris Classic Bed

The lines, borders, bars and stripes on linens, headboard, lamp shades and artwork give this room cohesion and balance... which ultimately leads to relaxation and comfort. Paris Classic Chair

The green in the curtain pattern (while not an exact pantone match), support the color choices for the (non-Eames!) desk chair and headboard.

I'm shocked. Floored even. MikeE remarked privately "it's like... not shitty Bellagio" and I couldn't agree with him more. The Paris Classic rooms are what MGM should have done to Bellagio, but didn't.

Harrah's Carnaval South Tower

Harrahs Carnival South Room

The Harrah's Carnival Tower south room is also fully renovated (thank goodness) and features clean, sharp, understated, modern decor in purple and creme hues. Sharp.

Harrahs Carnival South Bed

The advertisement shows that poofy floor to ceiling vinyl headboard thingy comes purple with creme pinstripes as well. Sharp.

Harrahs Carnival South Tv

The ginormous mirror will surely make Harrah's teeny tiny rooms feel much much larger. Mac Pro not included.

Harrahs Carnival South Bath

Harrah's website features a photo of the bathroom's frosted glass barn door entry. Very cool.

As with the Paris Classic,Planet Hollywood Ultra Hip and Caesars Palace Julius Tower renovations, I'm pretty jazzed about the investment Caesars is making in their room product. All of these rooms look fantastic... classy, clean, modern and tasteful.

Big thanks to JohnH for the tip!

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Comments & Discussion:

Those rooms at the Paris look awesome! I've always wanted to stay there but never have because their rooms just looked way too grandma (I like staying in funky looking hotels when I travel!) Even those RED Rooms they came out with looked horrendous and didn't really fit the property but these, these hit the nail on the head. Finally going back out to Vegas in May after I finish school and this may finally be the time I stay at Paris!

At this point, only Rio and Flamingo haven't been overhauled yet, right? So class-for-class, who thinks Caesars has better rooms than MGM?

Rio and Flamingo have gotten some money thrown at them over the past 5 years. Where the Paris 'Classic' rooms have never been touched since opening. They were looking as shaby as the old Ballys South Tower rooms. I have to say CET knocked it out of the park with both designs. Lets hope they pick up a few more rooms than the Planet Hollywood Ultra Hip plan, which amounts to 7% of the PHO room inventory. Paris LV has for example 2900 rooms. Take away the suites and Red Rooms and you still got a lot of room inventory to update. I have to say the new Paris rooms will be at the top of my list. Good article by VT team.

Which part of CZR? I mean, at least it feels like MGM threw a bone here and there. CZR feels like that step-dad who threw extra cash at a step kid because it was that kids night. And even then, didn't really mean it.

I just stayed at Harrah's at Thanksgiving. Good bones. Spend a little money, pretty her up, and she'll be good. I didn't mean to be a dick about MGM v. CZR - but at least it seems MGM has a strategy across their properties.

The revamped rooms look very good. Paris was always on my maybe stay here list and the new rooms move it up on my list.

I hope they put deeper tubs in the Paris bathrooms, but that's probably asking too much. It would be nice to land one of these new Classic rooms when I'm there in May.

The Harrah's room looks great too. It could make Harrah's the best "recommendable" value stay in mid-strip.

Paris look great. It makes the Red Rooms look like crap. Heck it makes the Bellagio's base room product look like crap. I'll be curious to see what the suites look like.

I am happy to hear about these rooms.
I did just returned from a 3 night stay at Paris. I wanted to give a Caesars property another look. I was shopping price and got what I paid for. I had a great rate on the not so great red rooms. No complaints other than the well documented worn out, no maintenance look that we have come to associate with these properties. I expected that.
I bitched about the resort fees after day 2 when the wifi was still not working. As a result, one night was removed. I am a guy who likes to get a work out in at least one of the days I am there. The facility at Paris was pathetic for what that property should be including a lack of equipment. What they do have is old and in various states of disrepair. While checking into the facility they kept reminding me how this was a part of my resort fee in a way that was obviously scripted. Other parts of the property, including the casino restrooms, are in need of an overhaul.
That being said, the people there are trying very hard to hold it together. For their sake and ours, the documented improvement we are hearing about here is a welcome bit of news. Part of the reason why MGM can set new rules and fees is because Caesars is fighting with one hand tied behind their back. Its unfortunate since they have some firepower including some great restaurants, (GR Steak was outstanding), some well-liked shows in their arsenal, (Absinthe, Olivia Newton-John, others), a great new unique property in Cromwell, and a revitalized Linq property. If they were not crippled with debt and court activity, I would like to see how much the customer experience would be able to benefit from having a more competitive battleground.

I'm hardly the authority on room design, but good grief those are some pictures. It seems especially surprising for Harrah's - a property I expected only to visit for the showroom. I may have to seriously consider it now.

Those Harrah's rooms look so great, I'm almost ready to throw down some 6:5 blackjack.

Well, not that nice. But pretty damn great looking.

The Paris rooms put me in the mindset of the Hard Rock's standard and Harrahs puts me in the mindset of the Palms, both solid choices to mimic, imo.

Has anyone been able to the book the new Paris Classic rooms? I've seen advertisements for them on Youtube ads, but I have not seen them bookable online as far out as June 2016. I see Harrah's new white-and-purple-homage-to-Palms rooms are bookable (also the new Ultra Hip rooms at PH), but nothing on the new Paris rooms.

I did the same search and they weren't listed. Perhaps they aren't in the inventory yet. I'd say call and ask a human.

Phoned in to inquire about the new Paris rooms, and the booker/reservationist I got said she had no idea that there were new rooms becoming available soon but that often new rooms come on line and the bookers are told that same day, with no advance notice. It did not help that the new rooms are called classic, just liked the old basic ones.

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