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Peekaboo: The New Ultra Hip Rooms at Planet Hollywood

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 8th December 2015 7:56pm
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Planet Hollywood is updating their Hip rooms to... (wait for it) Ultra Hip rooms. Take a looksi...

Planet Hollywood Ultra Hip Rooms

They've replaced all of the Hollywood memorabilia with sleek, shimmery furnishings inspired by the latest round of iPhones. I'd pay $50 extra to poop in a rose gold commode.

Planet Hollywood Ultra Hip Rooms

The armoire features a wrap around photo of the actual Hollywood, taken from the top of Mt. Lee Drive right behind the famed "Hollywood Sign." The seating table and the entertainment center is wrapped in a silver metallic veneers.

Planet Hollywood Ultra Hip Rooms

The bed features a golden silk throw atop a simple modern classic bedding. The carpet diamond pattern is set on a dark carpet that really catches the glow of light. Against the window is a sexy fainting couch with throw pillows and a stellar view of Bellagio.

I love these designs. Modern, elegant, a touch gaudy, yet evoking classic Hollywood style of the 1930's, 40's and 50's. Wow.

Planet Hollywood social media claims further renderings will be released shortly.

Big thanks to Tim Hundy for the texttip!

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Comments & Discussion:

I feel like I ought to be wearing some sort of chic turban in a room like this. Maybe lounging in a bubble bath, twirling a telephone cord around my index finger.

I hope they remodel all the rooms like this, at least with respect to the location of the TV and the bed. I stay there more often than not, but could never understand the logic of the TV being at a 90 degree angle to the bed. I really need to post a review of our room during our after VIMFP stay.

Nice carpet. Gold/rose gold/shimmery stuff fits well with both Vegas and Hollywood.

That couch is OK, though I prefer to sink into an armchair and/or have something with back support. But with those views of the Strip, I expect most people will be horizontal anyway.

What's missing from this room? A desk. I mention this, because other hotel(chain)s are starting to remove desks from their rooms. A good read: http://danwetzelsports.tumblr.com/post/134754150507/who-stole-the-desk-from-my-hotel-room

Ugh. White rooms to me is...boring. I like it dark. I like it unique. I don't want it to look like my apartment when I was in college; I couldn't paint the walls any other color than white. I think Delano may be the only 'white' hotel Im semi-okay with.

The rooms here have always been large and comfortable. My only bad experience here was the decisoon to put Tim Curry's It mask in my room as a decoration. This was my place ot stay for a while and rooms like this may get me to come back.

I'm probably in the minority of people who'll miss the movie memorabilia. It was something odd and unique not only to Vegas, but to any hotel I've ever stayed at. It was always fun asking somebody who had recently stayed there "what room they were they in" and made returning visits unique.

That said, I love the new look. It's nice seeing PHo embracing its silver screen theme in this era of the bland modern look. This seems to pull of the white look much better than Delano and the feel reeks of a classic B&W MGM movie (ironically).

It looks beautiful. Nothing bad to say about this. I've seen pics of the renovated suites on Planet Hollywood's site too. The Apex especially looks amazing. I can't believe I am saying this but I want to stay at the P-Ho now, in an Apex Suite.

There's definitely a nod to the Hollywood Regency style with a little Mid-Century Modern (a style which a number of room renovations in recent years have pulled from) thrown in. The armoire to me seems to be an idea culled from Cosmo and SLS, but it really doesn't work with the room design. The image used on it works with the room, but would look better hanging on the wall instead of being plastered on a piece of furniture, as the white walls seem to lack any sort of pop. This is where they could maintain the Hollywood theme by having black and white photos of classic Hollywood landmarks hanging on the walls of the room (similar to how the Golden Gate has classic Vegas imagery in their rooms). Do a tip of the hat of sorts to Old Las Vegas by including photos of the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame of Elvis, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Don Rickles, and Wayne Newton.

^^^^^^ Agreed agreed agreed.

I'm also a super fan of all white. :-) I like the little satin thingy on the ends of the beds. This is definitely an improvement from the striped wallpaper they have now in some of the rooms. EeEk

@butler turban lol.

Is the HVAC Unit directly under the TV, or am I wrong?

So it looks cool and sleek, now if they would only lighten up the dark cave like hallways to something like what was done at Cromwell. I hope this is not just a softgoods update and they get around to touching the bathrooms which kept most of the original Aladdin furnishings.

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