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ālon Asks What's Next?

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 4th December 2015 7:46am
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Oh boy... how frigging exciting is this! ālon, the forthcoming resort from Andrew Pascal (ex-Wynn COO and founder of PlayStudios, the company that made the hit Facebook app 'My Vegas') in partnership with Crown Resorts' James Packer and OakTree Capital, have turned on the lights and said hello to the Las Vegas Strip.

Earlier today, on the site formerly occupied by the New Frontier, ālon have mounted their first official color wall signage and turned the lights on inside the former Trump and future ālon preview center.

Alon Graphic Wall

The new signage is located on the Las Vegas Strip directly across from the front entrance of Wynn Las Vegas and depicts the ālon logo on a gray field, above which is written:

What's Next?
Less about them,
More about us.

In eight simple words, ālon offers a mission statement and a calm declaration of a war already won.

"What's next?" Inevitably, time. The future. The endless evolution and revolution of life's next moments. "What's Next?" is the delicate subtle rush of anticipation, the unknown experience that reality can't catch. "What's Next?" is a toss of the dice that'll never touch the felt. Numbers, hopes and bets forever frozen just a few frames ahead.

Them? Yeah. That's obvious. The others. Those people. The ones who aren't us. You know exactly who I'm talking about. Them? they don't matter. Us? we're good. And we're on the verge of something, everything even. Certainly what's next.

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Comments & Discussion:

You're reading quite a bit into eight little words.

We know what Alon will be. It will be a luxury casino resort. There will be a big casino, shopping promenades, restaurants, an "Alon hotel" that's basically 4 stars, and a Crown Towers 5 star hotel that functions as the Tower Suites.

It won't re-invent the wheel. It won't turn the world upside down. VT thought that Aria and Cosmo would do precisely this, but, well, we all know what happened.

At best, it will be like Wynn before the douchebag takeover. You won't see anything that re-invents the wheel. Frankly, everthing since the Mirage has been evolution rather than revolution. Bellagio and Wynn have all been evolutions on the Mirage and this can be proven simply by looking at property maps.

Don't think Alon will change Vegas forever. Re-adjust your expectations. If I'm wrong, you'll at least be pleasantly surprised.

Marketing requests
Only 8 manageable
Words? Explore haiku!

@studio u mad bro?

What's next?
Less about fun,
More about profits .

Studio might be right, but after my experiences at Crown Macau and City of Dreams seeing that logo makes my heart drop and butterflies in my stomach go crazy. Yes it will be another high-end resort, but has the potential to be jaw dropping to the point I would be happy with a $20 GnT.

No douchebags? I'M IN..........!

When I look at the reported number of rooms and size of the casino that Alon will have, it makes me think of the place that Wynn replaced......the Desert Inn. I never actually stayed there, and of course Alon won't have the country club amenities the DI did, but I remember the DI was always a highly regarded place on the Strip, and they put a ton of money into renovating and expanding it in the mid 1990s.

Chuck, any idea of what the picture to the right of the Crown logo shows?

That slogan reads like a shitty Tinder pick up line.

I'm going to agree with Studio, albeit less aggressively. I think too much might be expected out of this place, particularly from the people who use the executive suites as their personal soap opera or sports league. Yeah, it's fun to think that jilted ex Elaine is funding an All-Star team to wrestle the Boulevard League North division away from the dynasty of the East Side Steves. But it's going to be a nice hotel with probably a $20/night resort fee and a place for fancy burgers.

@hail2skins those pictures are actually on their Facebook page.

Essence precedes existence?

Alon will no doubt be as high-end as anything else currently operating, but it will be on a much, much smaller scale. With all the hype going on around it, people seem to lose sight of how TINY it's going to be compared to its neighbors.

Fewer hotel rooms than Vdara (1,100 vs. 1,495), and a smaller casino than Hooters (27,800 sq ft vs. 29,000 sq ft). Next to Wynn-Encore and Venetian-Palazzo, this place is going to be dwarfed.

At that size, it's safe to say Alon will not be a mega-resort aspiring to directly compete with those neighbors. This is a post-recession boutique concept. Basically it's the same thing that SLS, Cromwell, and Delano all aspired to be but couldn't quite get a handle on. Alon has the capital and the people in place to execute it far better than any of those places have, but it remains to be seen if that model is really what people are looking for in Vegas these days.

Actually Delano is a good comparison in terms of room numbers (1,100 vs. 1,200), though I kind of see Alon becoming a North-Strip version of Mandarin Oriental. The challenge for Alon might be that it can't piggyback off its neighbors for its pool (as Delano does) or its infrastructure (as Mandarin does).

Alon will poach a few high-end customers from Wynn and Sands every night, though probably not enough to seriously ding those properties' bottom line. And it will be busy - at least early on - with people like us who want to experience the latest and greatest hotel. But it will need something to give it staying power.

Might I suggest a permanent animal exhibit? We've seen fish/sharks, lions, exotic birds, dolphins, big cats, and panda bears (wait, never mind on the pandas) come to the Strip. Giraffes would pair well with all the people craning their necks to see inside and are a reasonably low-maintenance animal. (Or Alon could install a whale exhibit, if management is a fan of heavy-handed metaphors.)

Australian analyst indicates Packer trying to sell some of his stake in Alon:


Also found it interesting that the project cost wsa cited as a bit under $2 billion, which is substantially different than the $4 billion that has been associated with the project, but seems more in line with the size of Alon.

"Australian analyst indicates Packer trying to sell some of his stake in Alon:"

Hmm. That kinda throws a new inflection into the question "What's next?", now don't it?

Me? I say less Mandarin Oriental, more Cromwell. [ducks and runs for cover]

the article linked by hailtoskins is pretty misleading. Not sure why Stutz and others put such faith in "analysts." They speculate to sell subscriptions.

Alon is operating (and financing) like an early stage tech start up... Founders sell stake at higher valuations as funds are needed. Lather rinse repeat. This is mitigating risk while still holding the reigns.

Additionally, the investors angle is more about the Chinese economic bubble bursting than any concern about this specific project.

I've heard exactly the opposite re ālon financing rounds.

The Crown resorts in Perth and Melbourne are nothing short of amazing. Stayed many times. They lure the Asian gamblers in great numbers to these resorts and have for many years. Any reason those connections couldn't bring them to Vegas?

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