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Caption Contest: The Encore Players Club

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 3rd December 2015 4:35pm
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Encore Players Club Original

The forthcoming Encore Player's Club unveiled their logo/marketing last evening (see above.) Naturally, we're going to make fun of it... and you should too. How's about a caption contest!?!!

We'll go first through fourteenth, then you go!

Encore Players Club Bettername

Encore Players Club Buffet

Encore Players Club Burgers

Encore Players Club Snakepeople

Encore Players Club Quark

Encore Players Club Phone

Encore Players Club Christie

Encore Players Club Poon Table

Encore Players Club Vimfp

Encore Players Club Eurotrash

Encore Players Club Blackfriday

Encore Players Club Odds

Encore Players Club Couches

Encore Players Club Twice

Big thanks to MikeE, JohnH and Misnomer for the team effort.


Comments & Discussion:

Because you'll never hear someone say, "Hey, I just came from SLS".....

Gotta love that slogan that's Just On The Right Side Of A Lawsuit from the Hunger Games people.


"An Airline Rewards Program Blog Thinks We're The Next Big Thing"

"If you do not have a fedora, we will issue you one!"


Odds are, your're a douchebag.

Odds are someone wet themselves on this couch last night

Encore Player's Club
Singular Possessive for the One Actual Player in the Club

Encore Player's Club
Our Doormen Are Steve Wynn's Ho Stoppers

Encore Player's Club
Big Six Isn't Just the Number of Bros Sharing Your Room

Clamydia or double zeros are the same odds.

"Where Bromance Begins"

+1 on the Quark one, that's gold. She does look like a Dabo Girl!

Encore Player's Club
Another exciting new Wynn experience, where we still don't comp you for your play.

Encore Player's Club
I Changed The Casino. I Raised The Price!

Encore Player's Club
Yes, the resort does, actually, also offer gaming.

"No, I won't have sex with you. I cost too much"

"Please don't actually read the odds rules"

"Daddy? Sure, I'll call you Daddy....pay up"

"Something is this picture has no STDs"

Blah blah sex sells blah blah money blah blah lame photoshopping"

"Don't think too hard about the movie/book we just ripped off"

"The Player's Club... Because Telly Savalas was my hero."


(Maybe I'm the only one old enough to remember that... And his hookup with the Riv back in the day.)

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