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Hey Millenials, Grampa Steve Is Building You A Clubhouse!

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 1st December 2015 5:27pm
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Y'know the Encore Party Pit thing that we've been talking about for a few months? Well, today Wynn Resorts trotted out the press release explaining it to the local newsies. Essentially, they're building what we suspected they were building - a couchy clubhouse with TV's and casino games, booze and oontzy audio wallpaper. Wynn nightlife dude Sean Christie says the whole thing is targeted towards millennials.

The name? Encore Players Club.

You spelled playa wrong. Y'know... as in beach. As in "yo be'ach, don't be playa me." Y'know. Encore Playa Club.

Wynn's understanding of millennials is worse than my nonoglot wordplay. Make no mistake about it, the Encore Players Club little more than a high priced teen center, a gilded club house wrapped gizmos, doodads, chillaxin grooves and an assortment of soon-to-be-jizz-covered couches directly from the The Roger Thomas Collection. Is the Hitchcock apropos?

Even better, there will be a shuffleboard game, completing the circle of theft that started in Cosmopolitan's 3rd floor dining district den, moved to exo-Yusho loungerie at Monte Carlo and now sloppy thirded by the Wynn brain trust who claim to be "the first to offer a new experience in gaming and entertainment on the casino floor."

Apparently, every CEO named Steve owns reality distortion field.

Erin Ryan's rewrite of the PR puff for the Las Vegas Weekly brilliantly and subtly oozes sarcastic disdain for Wynn's millennial aspirations. She may be my new favorite local writer... hero!

Big thanks to Misnomer for the tweet tip.


Comments & Discussion:

Sounds like the new thing lavo recently opened?

Every CEO has one. Including Lord Elon. Visionaries see the world differently.

Yeah, but it will have one gorgeous pool table.

Glad you confirmed my read of Erin Ryan's sarcasm. She essentially spit back the PR verbiage, with a wink/nod that it was all BS. I'm not sure how they convinced themselves this was a good idea, especially after failing at several other properties.

So a couchy, loungy place to watch sports, starting at 8 pm. Sure hope the Encore crowd likes watching west coast baseball, hockey, football and basketball. We can only hope for MLS Cascadian derby clash!

Silicon Valley millennials have plenty of money and are still dumb enough to blow it. And there will always be rich kids.

Mock it? Yes, and mercilessly please. I need the laughs. But since this is building on an already successful franchise, I wouldn't write it off so fast. It may have legs.

I feel during VIMFP we should just take over that lounge one nigh and scare all the millenials with our Gen X charm..... wait, did I do that right?

Ugh, and I thought Wynn was bringing back standards. Looks like I was wrong.

The comments at the bottom of the LV Weekly article mentions Lavo at the Palazzo. Anyone ever been? What is it like?

You forgot about the STD's for the couch....

Guess the place is supposed to open tonight. Any updated pictures?

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