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The Trippies 2016 Nomination Phase Is NOW OPEN!

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 17th November 2015 11:56am
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Trippies 2016

The nomination phase for the 2016 edition of The Trippies - The Best (and Worst) of Las Vegas Readers Poll Awards is NOW open!

It is hard to believe that 2016 will mark the 11th year of The Trippies. Over the last decade (plus) we've seen fortunes rise and fall, trends come and go, the new kids challenge the classics, and the old guard render into dust. The mini-sites for the 10 previous years of Trippies are an amazing scrap book of Las Vegas history, changing tastes and occasionally head-scratching display of democracy.

And now, we come together to build another page in our history. A page (96 of them, really) full of our collected experiences, thoughts, comparisons, observations and debates that are part and parcel of the Vegas obsession that consumes nearly every moment of our days.

For those who have yet to experience The Trippies, this is how it works. Unlike the rest of the "Best of" awards, The Trippies are built on two heats of open and democratic polling, kind of like the primaries and the general election in U.S. politics.

During the first phase, we turn over the polls to everyone, and ask them to nominate all their favorite Vegas stuff in seven Super Categories - Overall, Hotel, Casino, Dining, Entertainment, Internet and Jackpot. We then take these nominations and separate the top 5 (or so) vote getters as official Trippies Nominees, who then compete in a final voting phase that determines the winners. Just like last year, the final voting phase will be limited to registered VegasTripping readers. We've found that this speed bump deters drive by ballot stuffers. Obviously, if you are reading this, you probably have a VT account already, so this shouldn't be a big deal. If you don't, you should.

The winners of the final voting phase, along with selections made by VT's crack editorial staff (Me, MikeE, JohnH, Misnomer and MissMonkay) are then unveiled with stellar low-budget fanfare via a gloriously boozy webcast with tons of discussion and hours of drunken storytelling. Bar none, Trippies webcast night is the best night of Vegas nerdery you'll ever have in the comfort of your own home. Plan your liquor program accordingly.

I'm specifically excited to see how the awards shake out this year... there have been tons of great upgrades to hotels, dining, gaming, entertainment and pretty epic news in the last few years, all of which should make the competition even more fierce!

A note regarding the poll itself. I spent a bunch of time trying to make it easier to fill out the ballot on a smartphone. Due to the sheer number of form inputs using a smartphone to vote in The Trippies is not an optimal experience. I recommend that you take your time and fill it out on properly (and completely) on a desktop, laptop or tablet computer. It should take about 20 minutes to complete.

Enough of my yappin! Bring on The Trippies!

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