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Vegas Eats: Rx Boiler Room at Mandalay Bay

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 10th November 2015 2:39pm
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Rx Boilerroom Review Sign

I've had my eyes on Rx Boiler Room at Mandalay Bay since it opened, but one thing kept me away. No, it wasn't Chef Rick Moonen, tv's Top Chef Master and heavyweight champion of sustainable seafood practices. Chef Moonen, from what I can gather, seems like a super nice guy. The simple truth is that I hate everything steampunk. Steampunk is a silly trend turned art movement that launched a thousand boutique moustache wax startups.

Rx Boilerroom Review Sculpt

I get it. In these days of sleek and seamless, geo-aware, time saving, persistently connected, information abundant yet clutter reducing technology, taking a moment to wink back to the earliest days of the steam-powered industrial revolution and its resplendent plumbling, gauges, rotors, cogs and doohickeys is certainly worthy. By adopting steampunk's technoretroism as a raison d'ĂȘtre, Rx Boiler Room's first whiff is not of exquisitely inventive comfort food by a truly great chef but instead Fred Sanford's pick up truck d/b/a trendhopping.

I arrived at Rx Plumbing Outlet ten minutes before they opened. I used the time to try and read the menu as it made its way through quickly rotating array of screens on their digital marquee. Eventually a hostess arrived at the podium, who, upon seeing my difficulty reading the menu 12 seconds at a time, offered up a paper menu.

Eventually, the time came. "Table for one!" I said to the hostess with phosphorescent hair. She led me inside the restaurant to a two-top table facing the bar. Inside the restaurant, the steam punk decor was slightly more muted... no waxed moustaches or bicep garters.

Rx Boilerroom Review Bar

Staff scurried about doing pre-opening preparations. Bartenders stocking supplies, a manager conferring with team members, and casual discussion regaling tales from the previous night.

Rx Boilerroom Review Ipad

A waitress came by and offered me an iPad that contained myriad booze options. Funny that this steam punk restaurant is using a $600 iDevice to show me their beer list. I chose a Deschutes Obsidian Stout ($10), which arrived quickly.

Rx Boilerroom Review Cp

The actual menu arrived, with Rx Boiler Room sprockets and cogs logo embossed in copper cover.

Rx Boilerroom Review Menu

Sorry, "Nourishment Chart." Knowing that I had a full half day of eating ahead of me I opted to keep it simple and order two items.

Rx Boilerroom Review Oyster

The first, buffalo fried oysters ($24). Six shucked oysters, breaded, deepfried and covered in tangy spicy buffalo wing sauce, a sprig of celery and spot of blue cheese. It was absolutely fucking delicious. The buffalo wing experience distilled down to one single solitary bite, then smacked upside the head with juicy briny oyster flavor. Perfection.

Rx Boilerroom Review Mac

The second dish was a BBQ Smoked Mac & Cheese ($10) - pinwheel (sprocket) pasta, Jalepeno, bacon and cheddar cheese.

Rx Boilerroom Review Mac2

The BBQ Smoked Mac & Cheese was creamy, quite spicy and adorned with big honking chunks of bacon. Outraaaaageous.

Between the Buffalo Oysters and BBQ Smoked Mac & Cheese, dinner at Rx Boiler Room left me feeling dazed, like I just powered through an extensive soul food restaurant chow down. I can't say enough about how absolutely delicious these two dishes were. Wow. Can't wait to go back and eat the rest of the menu.

Rx Boilerroom Review Check

Dinner for one with one beer came to $47.56 including tax.

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Comments & Discussion:

Looks delicious. But come on, $48 for two small dishes and a beer?!?! Or you've got the cut of the week at Charlie Palmer Steak next door for $48 where you get steak, 2 sides, salad, and endless wine. This absolutely blows my mind.

The oysters are the big ticket here. $3/oyster (raw) is the going rate at top shelf joints (Bouchon etc) without preparation.

Have wanted to eatr there for a while but never seem to make it. i think we are staying at Delano next trip so will make it then for sure.

Those oysters....so amazing. They're on the happy hour menu too at a nice discount, but you only get 3 of them. My next favorite is the chicken pot pie balls.

Boiler Room to me is the nice, fancy place to get dinner before going to get smashed at Ri Ra next door.

haven't been back to Charlie Palmer in a while but agree about the value there BUT either word is getting out or they are having to pass on high beef costs, because the prix fixe is now up 10 bucks to $58 (still steak + 2 sides + appy + dessert + unlimited wine....for the price of your meat alone elsewhere)

on the bright side they now offer it all week, whereas I'm pretty sure when first introduced it was only Monday or Mon/Tues? Now looks like you can get it on a Fri/Sat which is awesome value for a weekend full steak dinner ($116 for 2ppl + tax/tip)

thanks for the review of RX - I have been curious about this place but hesitant to try especially for the price point, glad the food lives up to it.

The food looks great. Not a major oyster fan but the mac and cheese would be something I would try in a heartbeat.

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