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Lucky Dragon Gets Curtain Wall Glass

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 6th November 2015 10:24am
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Earlier this morning, the first panels of curtain wall glass were attached to Lucky Dragon's hotel tower, continuing the North Strip project's rapid rise from rendering to reality.

Lucky Dragon Curtain Wall Glass

Just last week, VT reported that construction materials had been moved inside of the hotel tower and that framing construction of their incredibly sexy hotel rooms had begun on the lower floors.

Lucky Dragon Curtain Wall Glass

I suspected that curtain glass panels would be arriving quickly, but didn't expect them to get here this fast! Stacks of Drywall + El Nino weather pattern predictions = seal the hotel pronto!

The Chinese-themed, Chinese-targeted, Chinese EB-5 US visa funded Lucky Dragon is helmed by former Las Vegas Sands Corp honcho William Weidner and real estate developer Andrew Fonfa.

Big thanks to Dunebug81 the steady stream of updates!


Comments & Discussion:

they should have coordinated with Resorts World, doing a bulk order of the same colour orange curtain glass as both look to be using would have brought down project costs on each.

This is going up much faster than I expected.

RJ reports that developers are threatening to stop progress on the LD unless they get additional EB-5 funding or tax increment financing.


Possibly a horrendously over-optimistic thought, but could it just be that they're bluffing? Pretend they don't have the cash in the hope of getting some public money but if it doesn't work out they do have the cash after all?

Being just a tiny bit less optimistic, if TIF doesn't work out and they really don't have a Plan B, surely there's a good chance of someone else stepping in, either to finance the current developers or buy it out.

If they're over a barrel, someone could get a tasty deal out of it, and I'd have thought raising $10Ms to finish a 200 room project with the current growth ought to be infinitely easier than raising $100Ms or even $Bs to finish a 4000 room project in the dark times of 2009.

On a related note, anyone care to give odds on MGM building CityCenter Mk2 on the Circus Circus and City of Rock sites once LD, RW, Alon and the Convention Centre expansion (and maybe even FB???!!!) are up and running? Both properties were left out of the REIT after all.

Yeah, the city council rejected the request for TIF:


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