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VegasTripping: Ep. 16 - Rewards

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 4th November 2015 1:52pm
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VegasTripping Podcast

Ep. 16 - Rewards

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Danke schoen fellas. Vielen dank.

Great podcast fellas! Glad I was there next to you 4 at long bar Saturday night! You guys rock and throw a helluva party.

Wow. Never would have considered Casa de Shenandoah, but it sounds fun in a quirky way, plus I like penguins.
Didn't know about Le Thai. Now, that's on my list.
Like the tram between Mandalay and Excalibur. Much more warm/friendly than austere Bellagio to Monte Carlo tram.
$8K? I would have asked for a check.
Thanks all for your memories of VIMFP. Fun stuff.

Well done. It was great to see you all out there for VIMFP. Thank you for taking my Las Vegas experience to a different level. With the exception of my dog, no one else including co-workers, friends, family, etc, understand the spirit of Las Vegas as it relates to me. But thankfully I discovered several hundred other new friends who feel the same as I do. Thank you guys for bringing it all together. Listening to this show and the other post VIMFP shows had me grinning like a lone rat in a garbage dump. Cheers.

I saw Wayne at the Stardust (RIP) circa 2004. It was one of the best times I have ever had in Vegas. His voice was certainly on the downslide by then but his band was terrific, everyone was having fun, and he walked around kissing every woman that would let him.

I really mean everyone was having fun. It was just a laid back riot in a fairly smallish setting. No pretension at all from Wayne and I know I said it but he really did have a top notch backing band.

Saw Wayne at Stardust also in 2004 and his voice wasn't that bad. He was taking pictures with fans and made his entrance in a space suit. Was dragged back to see him 1n 2006 and his voice was going then.

Great episode, thanks for recapping the VIMFP madness. Next year, I'm there!!

Regarding jackpots, and safe transport, and reckless spending....about 5 years ago, I hit a $6500 prize on a progressive VP machine at the Mirage sports bar. This was on the second night of a three-night trip, around 10PM or so. First hand-pay ever, and I was in a bit of a shock as the slot attendant (overseen by a floor supervisor) counted out six and a half grand in bills to me.

I wasn't sure how the procedure worked, and I offhandedly mentioned that I wished I gotten some of it in a check. The supervisor, to his credit, immediately offered that they could do so. I asked for $5000 in a check, the remainder in cash, and they took care of it quickly. I hurried up to my room (fortunately, was staying at the Mirage) and stashed the check and most of the cash in the safe.

Did it change my trip? A little. I'd already splurged for a one-bedroom Tower suite at the Mirage, so wasn't going to upgrade there. The check ensured that I was at least taking $5000 home. The remaining $1500 certainly made the remainder of my trip more fun (I'm normally on a $300-500/day kind of budget). I did a lot more higher-limit gambling than I would normally do, and brought home a pair of earrings for my wife. (I also proceeded to get utterly, and absolutely, and completely shit-faced at the pool the next day, maybe because the pool drink prices didn't faze me?)

That high-limit gambling spree also pushed me into MLife Gold status for that year, and got me a host at the Mirage, which was nice. Sadly, I only kept up that level of play for one additional year, before dropping back down into the MLife slums....

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