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Update: Sayonara Botero, Hello Jardin

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 2nd November 2015 1:44pm
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Encore's once great steakhouse turned vibe dining outpost Botero closed yesterday. Today, construction workers have set up construction curtains around the entrance and have begun to remove the iconic chubby signage.

Encore Botero Closed

They put the same type of curtains around a horse that comes up lame at the racetrack too. Y'know, like Lurveman.

Encore Botero Closed

I wonder what is going to happen with the letters that made up the sign. I'd be honored to have one of these letters hanging on my wall. Roger?

Update: a source tells us that Botero replacement will be called Jardin, Chef Joe Zanelli (an alumni of Alex) will be the boss.

As part of the giant sliding Wynn/Encore tile game, when "Jardin" opens with breakfast service, Society Cafe will promptly close to become a new poker room. The Wynn poker room will then close to make way for better usage, most likely as part of the new shopping Esplanade that will connect to the forthcoming Ālon resort across the Strip.

Crazy huh?

Big thanks to VT reader @ErikMHummel for the tweety photo tip!

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Comments & Discussion:

It's a shame what's happening to the Wynn complex. I was in complete and total awe when I walked through Wynn for the first time back in 2006.

I loved the early days of Wynn & Encore as well, you'll get no disagreements from me... it was a truly beautiful artistic statement in the form of casino resort design - deep, thoughtful, graceful, brash, emotional.

I've come to accept (kicking and screaming) that change is inevitable and almost always for the good. I ate at Botero three times. Once at opening, once during an media week and once just because. All three of these visits were within the first year of Encore's operation. Society Cafe too. Other than the art at Botero and the chocolate cake at Society, I have no inclination or desire to return to either of these restaurants. I'm glad they're closing.

Steve has been coasting for years... riding high on bottle service and Macau profits. Now that the shit has hit the fan in China and a new neighbor is on the horizon - a neighbor who knows every trick Steve taught him - Wynn has kicked off an internal expansion and rejuvenation project. By the time alon opens, Steve will be as ready as he can be. If he doesn't do this, then his 2008 era resort is competing against a 2018 era resort.

Steve Wynn's Jardin is finally going to happen! Atlantic City will be revitalized! Wait... what's that you say?


Tried to dine at Botero once. Arrived early at 5:20PM. Opening posted as 5:30. Host at door brushed me off and said to come back at 5:30. Waited until 5:40. Still not open. Indifferent host said to come back at 5:50. Said Screw It and walked back to SW where I had an excellent experience.

Will Intrigue be the replacement for Tryst?

I'll be staying at Encore in a few weeks. Will be interesting to see how Wynncore 2.0 is progressing. I'd actually planned on eating at Botero. That's out.

Does anyone else think that Wynn is setting himself up for another takeover? I just don't see the EDM/ nightclub phase in Vegas lasting too much longer and I'm a total fan of EDM. Then what will the Steve do? The Ferrari dealership is gone and the frog show needs to go or be updated.

I just don't see what's so special about Wynn/ Encore anymore. I think once Steve divorced Elaine that, that was the final nail in the coffin as no one is left to keep him in line. When you listen to the conference calls you don't hear the confidence in Steve's voice anymore. I think he knows his time is at hand.

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