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The New Resort Room Bathrooms At The D

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 2nd November 2015 8:51am
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A few months ago, Jinx73 started a discussion on The Board about The D upgrading bathrooms in their standard rooms. As anyone who has stayed at The D during its transition away from the Fitzgeralds brand can tell you, the bathrooms in the resort rooms needed a helluva lot more than the scrub and paint refresh to meet modern standards.

During VIMFP weekend, I got to stay in one of the rooms with an upgraded bathroom. The difference is dramatic and brings the resort rooms more in line with the modern Gensler designs of the The D Suites (peep my homie Misnomer's hilarious review of The D Suites at The D from 2013.)

I did a little Periscope tour of the bathroom shortly after I arrived and thought that I'd post a few pics of the upgraded bathrooms for the hotel room obsessed maniacs.

D New Bathrooms Interior

Big, bright, modern and white.

D New Bathrooms Sink

The sink is massive. The mirror is massive too. The oil rubbed brass fixtures are consistent throughout the bathroom - shower head, shower controls and the tp holder.

D New Bathrooms Toiletries

Toiletries "Rain Kissed" are by Bath & Body Works.

D New Bathrooms Tpstash

Towels are stashed underneath.

D New Bathrooms Can

The throne. Yes blackjack, no shatphone.

D New Bathrooms Showerdoor

The shower door is fixed glass... it does NOT slide. Due to its size and immobility, they've carved out a little window in it to access the shower controls without subjecting onesself to an icy hello surprise.

D New Bathrooms Showerhead

Shower head is square and mounted at the absolute top of the stall, for those of us who are tall. The square thing around the handle wasn't secured properly. I spun it around and made the boop boop boop boop Showcase Showdown noise repeatedly. The best I could do was 63 cents.

D New Bathrooms Showershelf

There are some little shelves in the opposite corner. The top one is for soaps and stuff, the bottom one is too low for that. I suspect most folks are going to use it as an ankle washing foot shelf and snap those things right off the wall. Not me. I'd never do that.

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Comments & Discussion:

The D really did a great job on the new bathroom. I love how Derek Stevens and his team are continuing to upgrade all areas of the hotel.

My room still had the old school bathroom. It was a handicapped accessible one, as the tub as well as the toilet had grab rails. The shower head was one of those removable ones and the counter seemed to be lower than the typical counter. The sink knobs were also configured in a way to make it easier for someone in a wheelchair to use them. It also explains the short distance to my room from the elevator. It should be interesting to see what sort of updates/upgrades those sort of bathrooms end up getting.

Hope they upgrade the corner king bathrooms. The only really good thing about the corner king bathrooms was the high pressure shower. No water saving shower head, just full-pressure showers, clean guests -- drought be damned!

This was a nice surprise during my VIMFP stay. Absolutely loved the shower (my handle plate thing was installed properly, so no Showcase Showdown for me). The sink is so flat that draining sometimes takes encouragement, but it looks great, as does the bathroom overall.

Gotta love showers made for us tall folks. Looks like one of the nicest bathrooms I have seen.

sniff, sniff, it was Jinx's post that kicked it off, Rico just responded :)

Very nice review though and in truth exactly what I hoped they would do with the bathroom, love the shower only rooms. And the old sink had to go.

@jinks Oops. Sorry man. My mistake.

No worrrie, thanks for the correction :)

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