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Update: Jimbo Gets A Twitter Account

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 26th October 2015 11:43am
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First came @JohnUnwin, Cosmopolitan CEO who hyped his properties, made fun of Steve Wynn and engaged in VT comedy via Twitter. Second came @DerekJStevens who took the Social CEO concept even further with behind the scenes Periscope tours and actually engaging in conversations and discussion via social media. And now, here comes @Jim_Murren.

Late last month, MGM Resorts International CEO (or more likely a PR flunky) joined Twitter as @jim_murren.

This is the second time a flunky has Jim-joined Twitter on Mr. Murren's behalf. I did it five years ago as @JimMurren but some doofus reported it as spam and Twitter suspended the account before I had a chance to finish the creative parody project that was to be attached to it.

But now, Jimbo is here. He's lean, mean and ready to engage us social media Vegas nerds with hashtags and selfies and retweets of Rob Delaney, Rob Oseland and Robin Leach. Bring the PR Jimbo.... BRING IT. BRIIIIIIIING IIIIIIIIT.

Yeah, that won't happen.

True to cardboard CEO form, Mr. Jimbo only follows MGM Resorts International accounts. Twitter Jimbo has no tweets and is followed by 30 MGM PR employees, five casinos, MGM corporate accounts plus a handful of other Twitter lunatics and retweet bots.

It is obvious that that this account has been created with the intention of instantly abandoning it. They couldn't even be bothered to click the #firsttweet prompt without sending it through committee first.

I can hear the discussion now:

"Mr. Murren, we have read many studies that say that simple engagement on social media by a CEO can drive corporate brand engagement metrics by a considerable amount. Business leaders heading other companies in our vertical have effectively leveraged corporate personality via social media in cost effective ways that generates profitable response when amortized over the life span of the consumer and the consumers' effective follower base. This could be a net win. Literally."

"So you are saying that by rerouting corporate communications through a corporate figure head, say a Burger King in a sharp suit, we could drive customer interaction and engagement with our brands, virtually... and eventually brick and mortar results?"

"Yes, Mr. Murren, that is precisely what I am saying."

"Does Steve or Sheldon do this?"

"No, Mr. Murren, Steve and Sheldon do not do this. They guy who ran Cosmopolitan did it."

"McBeath? That bastard."

"No, Mr. Murren, the first guy, Unwin."

"Oh, the surfer. Bobby, get your team to run a pilot program on this. And circle in the heads of PR. Get Absher - not Feldman - Gordon is the bigger nerd."

"Consider it done, Jim."

Update: within 10 minutes of posting this... the MGM lackeys de-Murrened the @jim_murren account. Here's a screen grab:

Wonder how many phone calls that took.

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Comments & Discussion:

Already on it.

Tom Twedell ‏@Frostbyte_CA 2m2 minutes ago
@jim_murren Please, for the love of God, don't start the paid parking on the Strip domino reaction. History is watching and judging.

Is it odd that as soon as I read "And now, here comes @Jim_Murren." the opening bars from the theme from Dragnet popped into my head instantly?

so on the bright side, someone in PR at MGM has VT on an RSS feed? (or they sit in the cubicle clicking refresh all day?) Nice to see we have the ear of the insiders...maybe now we just need to clamor louder about free parking and 3:2 blackjack. Actually, I might come out ahead if they did paid parking but got rid of 6:5 blackjack...win win in getting the gamblers what they want while also taking a piece from the casual resort visitors who are there for a show/bite/drink. Let the parking have the house edge, not the tables! :)

Am I being a silly monkey thinking that maybe.. just maybe.. parking will be covered by the resort fee for guests of the hotel?

^ wrong topic?

Doh, sorry Chuck. It was a stream of consciousness from my first post and made sense in my head at the time. But you're right, it veered off topic. Apologies.

But on topic, I wish other owners were as accessible and engaging on social media as Derek has made himself. They could learn a lot from him.

Yet, when I happened to meet Jim at Sensi's Bar om Labor Day weekend, he was as open and interested in talking with me, a stranger, just as much as Derek does at LONGBAR.

When Jim nodded to me at the bar, he introduced himself, "Hi, I'm Jim. I work here." That was it. I told him that I knew who he is, and that I follow his company. We had a 20 minute chat where he answered all my direct questions about The Mirage, TI, Bellagio and every other topic. He was very friendly and forthcoming without any corporate handlers around. I have a new respect for him after that chance meeting.

Plus, he picked up my bar and food check :-)

^ i was 98% positive that this story was going to end in a blowjob by the way you started it out. "When Jim nodded to me at the bar...." had me reaching for the wah wah pedal.

^ You have really changed in the past year or so.

^ Yes. I actually started singing praises of Jim Murren and stopped making fun of him. Amazing huh?

If Jimbo would just go on Twitter and be as natural as he was with me at Sensi, he could add to MGM's luster. As it is, MGM appears as a cold, impersonal corporation.
P.S. No blowjob :-)

The @jim_murren twitter account is followed by 20+ MGM PR people including some of the higher level folks like internet marketing boss Jenn Michaels (whom, I believe, manages all the social media folks). Without a doubt this account is (was) legit.

The unintended take away is that MGM Resorts PR department is directionless and reactionary. Did they not clear it with Jimbo? Obviously they did, because they did a Periscope interview with him attached to this account. And why did my posting about it cause them to take it down within nanoseconds? They already advertised the Periscope discussion with Jim Murren!?! Why not get the account verified and USE IT like other captains of industry do - Tim Cook, Carl Icahn, Donald Fucking Trump. If Jim doesn't want to tweet, fine, then park it like a domain name you may wish use in the future. MGM owns and pays annual fees to renewing a few dozen web domains related to their current and former executives' name including JimMurrenSucks.com, BillMcBeathSucks.com, BobbyBaldwinSucks.com etcetera.

MGM probably has more PR people than Baccarat dealers (excluding Macau).

If Jim Murren were smart, and I think he is, he'd take a long hard look at the self perpetuating PR bureaucracy in the context of a very rapidly changing technological world. Being that he loves stats and metrics, I would encourage Mr. Murren to hire two consultants to do independent analysis of their PR departments - org chart, process, role types, costs, assets, infrastructure, technology, liabilities.

Next, I'd ask Mr. Murren if his PR department uses a ticketing system (sort of like software engineering does - Bugzilla, Asana, Jira, Confluence etc) to track and log issues, assign tasks, track project progress, assess user productivity and man hours and delivery times with verifiable metrics. You can learn a lot about efficiency, bottlenecks and wasted hours with workflow process software.

Then, I'd suggest that Mr. Murren bring in some bonafide non-Vegas experts in the broad spectrum of technology/messaging/social media to do a hard as nails analysis of MGM's technology touch points - email, social media, digital advertising, press bulletins, messaging impressions. I'd even suggest adding a captain of social technology to the MGM Board of Directors if he's really serious.

Then take all this information, crunch the numbers, get out the machete and hack 40% off the top of the PR department. Yes, top.

Horrors! The opportunity here to re-invent and streamline the alchemy between pr/social media/marketing/advertising/loyalty programs is massive. The time is ripe to transition MGM PR from a group of liberal arts word doc writers to a forward thinking, nimble and automated mobile tech swat team. Take all the PR and social media folks out of the dungeon BOH offices and put them onto an open and bright corporate campus with new computers, a small smart fast creative team and a digital art studio. Their mobile office is their always upgraded iPhone.

No more property silos. Everybody works for all properties. One agent may love writing about food, let them do food. Another person my love architecture, let them do architecture. Some may love service, let them address guest concerns. Associate level team members work on assignments from leaders until they mature. Project tickets come in, people get assigned, tasks defined, projects completed, ticket closed. You'll know at the end of every day what happened, who did it, for what property as well as all the spikes and trends. This gives instant total insight into PR operations via technology.

I have been told that MGM is in process of hiring a new agency (McCann-Erickson, the folks who inspired Mad Men) to handle an across the board rebrand/refocus of all their properties advertising, messaging, websites, you name it. Perfect time for a clean sweep.

I'm pretty sure there's a pretty good ticket in/ticket out joke to be made here.

Jeez, Chuckmonster. You can't give MGM all your good ideas.

Anyway when MGM hires you to run their PR, will you still have time for this site? :-)

@john haaaayooooooo
@anawas HAHAHAHA

The account is now suspended. It's the first self suspension in Twitter history.

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