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Make Your Own Steve Wynn Guitar Sweater

By Misnomer on Friday, 23rd October 2015 3:27pm
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Just before Garth Brooks played his final show at the Encore Theater, Steve Wynn appeared in a photo with the singer wearing a ridiculous Rock n' Roll guitar sweater by A & G Cashmere. We have it on good authority that nightclub proprietor Victor Drai was offering wardrobe advice to Steve Wynn at the time, because sexagenarians always think septuagenarians dress like a grandpa, don't they?

Misnomer Wynn Guitar Sweater

The original guitar sweater.

Unfortunately, the original sweater no longer appears to be commercially available. Needing something to wear to walk the red carpet at VIMFP's Main Event, however, I endeavored to make my own.

Misnomer Wynn Sweater 02

My guitar sweater. Tim Hundy graciously stood in for Andrea Hissom.

If you'd like to make your own Steve sweater, here's how I did it.

Misnomer Wynn Sweater 03

I bought a cheap-ass black sweater from Amazon for $8. I covered my kitchen table with black plastic, but you may want to set up a table outside. Crafting, like ironic mockery, can get messy.

Misnomer Wynn Sweater 04

This is actually more of a warning. Don't attempt to make a stencil out of blue painter's tape...

Misnomer Wynn Sweater 05

I carefully covered the front of the sweater in painter's tape, freehand sketched the guitar, and tried to peel the whole thing off. My plan was to cut out the guitar shape and return the tape to the sweater to use as a stencil. The tape immediately collapsed onto itself, and crumpled into a sticky, inseparable ball. I cursed the tape. I cursed Steve Wynn. I cursed Rock n' Roll sweaters.

Misnomer Wynn Sweater 06

But Rock n' Roll will never die. I attempted to compose myself and regulate my blood sugar with a snack. In the pantry, I plucked down a can of cocktail weenies from my 2-month supply. There, in my kitchen, eating tiny wieners straight from the can, it hit me. With a swipe of my arm, I flung 59 cans of mini-franks onto the floor, and ripped out a large piece of shelf paper from where the cans once sat. I redrew the guitar, cut it out, and stuck it on the sweater. We were back in business. \m/ \m/

Misnomer Wynn Sweater 07

The pick guard blue tape thingy was salvageable, so I stuck it on the sweater. My breath reeked of sausage... and hope. This just might work.

Misnomer Wynn Sweater 08

I sprayed the sweater with aerosol fabric paint...

Misnomer Wynn Sweater 09

...which kind of, sort of worked ok. It was very light, and didn't look much like Steve's original.

Misnomer Wynn Sweater 10

So I started painting with a sponge brush and more fabric paint. At first, this looked really shitty. It was going to take a LOT of white fabric paint to get good coverage on a black sweater. I painted a lot. I called in my 12-year-old kid to work on the project, figuring if child labor could build iPhones, it should work on sweaters too. We'd paint, then let the paint dry for 24-48 hours. Then we'd paint some more. This cycle went on for about two weeks.

Misnomer Wynn Sweater 11

At some point, I started freehand drawing the details on with a white paint pen. Again, coverage was shitty, so again, we had to apply multiple coats with a brush and more white fabric paint.

Misnomer Wynn Sweater 12

Finally starting to look like something.

Misnomer Wynn Sweater 13

I stenciled on the Old English lettering with a black Sharpie. I also used the Sharpie to clean up some of the lines on the stars and music notes and other douchey filigree nonsense.

Misnomer Who Wore It Best

The finished product. Who wore it better?

All told, I estimate I have about $200 in the project, between paint (lots and lots and lots of paint), brushes, stencils, and cocktail weenies. The sweater weighs 46 lbs., and makes audible cracking noises when I move around in it. But it was a lot of fun to make, and if this inspires you to make one of your own, please do forward your pictures!

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Comments & Discussion:

First, you look nothing like your VegasTripping avatar. That said, your sweater has a remarkable resemblance to The Steve's epic wreck. So we'll call this round a push.

(RELATED: How can someone whose fingerprints are all over Mirage and Bellagio have such horrible taste in style? Is that a guitar or a puddle of drool?)

I'd definitely wear Misnomer's sweater before I wear The Steve's. BONUS: Misnomer's $200 in expenses is probably cheaper than what the esteemed Mr. Wynn paid for his.

I didn't hear you crackle when you walked. Maybe next year we can have a Wynn sweater contest?

Genius - and wasn't there a recent discovery of a white version? That would maybe be easier. But I don't know how you'll top this.

I admire your dedication to futile gestures! Especially considering how many hours you could've enjoyed with Willy Wonka with that $200. I will look for this sweater on the walls of Hard Rock next time I visit.

P.S. The weenies look good on you, too.

IMO you did one hell of a job creating a guitar sweater…much better than what I could do since I have no artistic talent and cannot read/interpret artworks…so do not wait in anticipation of me posting pictures of my guitar sweater production…love the sentence, “I called in my 12-year-old to work on the project, figuring if child labor could build iPhones, it should work on sweaters too.”

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