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Why Is Wynn Begging Customers For Trip Advisor Reviews?

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 23rd October 2015 1:31pm
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Shouldn't Las Vegas' self-proclaimed pinnacle property, one that treats all guests as if they were a Michelin inspector, be above concern for the random poop the charming Mary from Canoga Park shovels into the textarea on Trip Advisor's review page?

By the very nature of Wynn/Encore's awesomeosity, shouldn't impeccable, perfectly executed service just kinda/sorta trickle down from the top to the bottom before finally spilling out all over the internet? Wynn is, after all, the best hotel in Las Vegas, correct?

Apparently not.

Wynn Las Vegas has been asking guests who respond positively to their post-visit internal surveys to pop on over to Trip Advisor and give them some green dots.

Wynn Begging For Trip Advisor Reviews

I believe the technical term to describe this - in Wynn's native tongue - is "gauche."

But why would the crusty uppers be so concerned with their ratings on Trip Advisor?

Wynn Begging For Trip Advisor Reviews

When sorted by ranking, Wynn Las Vegas is #7 (Encore is #8) of 269 Las Vegas hotels. #1 is Mandarin Oriental (ok), #2 Aria Sky Suites (I'm down with A.S.S., BUT...), #3 Four Seasons (New rooms, peace and quiet), #4 Skylofts (Posh), #5 Hotel 32 (really?) and #6 The Palazzo (WHOA).

No doubt The Steve doesn't like this.

In his mind, Wynn is the best hotel there is, ever, bar fucking none - at least until his newest one is on the verge of opening. One notch below Palazzo? TWO notches below Monte Carlos fire sale suites? Can you imagine Steve engaging in a little travel website browsing, whereupon he arrives at Trip Advisor's Las Vegas hotel rankings? In addition to an elbow to the wrist, Picasso's 'Le Reve' would certainly need reparations from an iPad that smashed into the face cock.

Taking a closer look at the numbers, Wynn has the 2nd highest number of reviews - one of the highest sample sizes in the top 30 hotels. Due to this high sample size, it will require more five dot reviews to move the needle from their current 4.5 dot ratings. To get them closer to 5 stars, everyone who fills out an internal survey with high marks is parsed out and prompted to do the same on Trip Advisor.

For a resort so concerned with preserving their cocksure self-image, begging commoners for clicks is tacky. What's next? How long until Wing Lei, SW Steakhouse and the Encore Sky Casino sport "They Love Us On Yelp" stickers on their front doors?

OR is there something else going on here.... downward pressure on Wynn by 1) smarter competition in Las Vegas 2) Global expansion of casino gambling in every jurisdiction 3) The Chinese government ratcheting down on Macau or...

Nothing lasts forever. Even the longest, the most glittering reign must come to an end someday." - Francis Urquhart

*gulp*. Is it possible, that Steve Wynn's 40 year reign as Las Vegas' greatest impresario, with glittering crown and polished throne, is slipping from grip with the passage of every sand of time.

No drama or deed... just the slow washing or generational tides, churning cultural and technological waves that have rendered the once swanky swashbuckling sailor to revered elder warm and cozy atop a mountain in a castle insulated with cash.

Every generation needs their heroes, their pirates, their damsels and their villains.

The crown awaits a new prince. But who?

Big thanks to Mr. Giggles for the tip.

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Comments & Discussion:

On my last trip I had no interest in going in Wynn. I usually wander in and gamble a bit but this time nothing. The Encore sign on the side of the cabanas was even half on something I never thought I would see after seeing people stapling grass before the opening of Encore. Maybe they're losing the high end customers?

It's probably just something some consultant recommended.

I recall MO asking for TA reviews a while back as well.

Stevie realizes he needs the hoi polloi to visit his Vegas hotels now to make up for the high-roller money he's losing now that the Chinese govt is cracking down on all of his high-rolling Chinese clientele both in Macau and Vegas.

I think it's just a feature of the survey software... Montage had the same thing on a survey I recently filled out..I think Hyatt had one too

Just to add to the list, I have also seen this on Hilton Surveys.

As others have said, I think its just part of the Survey Software.

Last time I stayed at Wynn, housekeeping was a disaster. Upon arrival, sheets were stained, most of the room was covered with a thin layer of dust, tub was not rinsed after cleaned leaving chemical residue all over it, several hairs in the sink, under the sink where towels are placed and in the shower. For a property that want to achieve excellence, proper cleaning and inspection of guest rooms are a must. It took me 3 visits to the Front Desk and one request to have a housekeeping manager come to my room to have all issues fixed.
I have visited Mandarin Oriental, Aria Sky Suites, Palazzo, Four Seasons, and Bellagio and I never had any big issue with cleanliness of the rooms.
The issues I found in the resort room. I stayed in the Tower Suites a few times in the past and room was immaculate. Perhaps if they do what Aria does - separate the Tower Suites from the Resort, they can go up a few positions. But in my opinion, Mandarin, Skylofts and Four Seasons should always be the top 3.

I hope plenty of the bros and dudes who triple up in a Wynn or Encore room so they can par-tay at the clubs oblige the man so everyone can learn how fuckin' fabulous fuckin' Wynn is, man. Oontz, oontz, oontz, fuck yeah, Wynn's the place. Give it some TA love!

Didn't get an email survey after my September stay. All I can report is my Resort Room was immaculate; housekeeping excellent; Country Club and SW outstanding. Wynn bashing is the new thing.

^ last sentence lol

Is it possible, that Steve Wynn's 40 year reign as Las Vegas' greatest impresario, is slipping from grip? The crown awaits a new prince. But who?


Names like Forbes, Michelin and AAA are becoming increasingly irrelevant to millenials.

That business model of employing professional inspectors and selling guidebooks is not sustainable in the 21st century. People simply don't see value in paying for a professional inspector's evaluation when they can go to TripAdvisor or Yelp for free and see what thousands of idiots just like them think of a place.

Soliciting reviews from your customers is definitely tacky, but if Steve still wants to be able to have a respected third-party he can point to that will confirm Wynn is "best", he may not have a lot of better options going forward.

Keep in mind the folks using technology are not always the people who are paying top dollar for rooms, meals, and cocktails. While the Steve could have the nicest rooms, prettiest casino, and more 5 star restaurants then any other property in Vegas. People still evaluate on value proposition of the resort in online reviews. If I am paying $300 a night, I am going to have a less tolerant perspective on minor inconveniences vs getting significantly discounted hotel room. Simply put, Wynn could be a victim of their own pricing causing guests to be more critical in their opinions and when writing online reviews.

I really don't put much stock in the online reviews from sites like Trip Advisor, as they hardly give you an accurate review. The thing is that everyone has different expectations from a property and what may be a trivial matter for one person would be a meltdown inducing situation for another. Granted, if the reviews tend to skew the same way over a period of time, chances are that the reviews are rather accurate. If there's a overly negative review or a overly positive review that seems out of place compared to the other reviews of a property, then something isn't quite right.

I think hotels asking guests to leave a review on a review site is bad form (similar to buying something on eBay and the seller sending you multiple messages asking for a five star review), especially from such an upper tier property.

There are three reasons why Wynn is having issues with their reviews.

#1 obviously is the clubs and the noise/crowd they bring. Correct me if I am wrong, but by and large the vast majority of the club crowd aren't the ones staying 1 or 2 to a Tower Suite. They are the 4-6 to a Resort Room or worse 4 to a room at TI while clubbing at Wynn. This brings a skeezier element into the hotel one that clashes with the luxury crowd aka people like me.

#2 is the economy still sucks. For the well to do they still have money. A lot of people don't. This is reflected in the quality of staff at the hotel, which while still good, is not at 2005-2006 levels. You can have 5 star rooms and restaurants, but if the service doesn't match you aren't a 5 star hotel. Which brings me to number 3.

People like me remember Wynn at its peak in 2005-2006. This is the metric on which I base all Vegas hotels/stays. Perhaps the villas are the same, and for that guest that gets a Fairway Apartment or Apartment Villa well Wynn would probably change the clock in the room to 2005 if it would make the guest happy. For the rest of the guests, including Tower Suite ones you aren't getting the same service. This is especially an issue as now Mandarin Oriental offers an all around 5 star experience for not much more than Wynn.

This all being said, Wynn Tower Suites is definitely on my book list for my next trip, along with Skylofts. Even if Wynn isn't the apex of Vegas luxury like it used to be, it is still a place I love.

What Funkhouser said:
"If I am paying $300 a night, I am going to have a less tolerant perspective on minor inconveniences vs getting significantly discounted hotel room. Simply put, Wynn could be a victim of their own pricing causing guests to be more critical in their opinions and when writing online reviews."
I get the same requests at various Four Seasons I stay at.

My experience with online rating sites is.... FUCK EM!! Owning a small pub in a relativley small market I have had the wraith of Yelpers, Trip Advisors, and all the rest. I used to call them out. Wondering why they didn't bring up the issue as it happened instead of waiting to go online and bash said establishment. I once caught a guy giving me a shitty Yelp review on his phone as I was asking him how everything was and he was all over me telling me it was awesome. I asked him to never return. I stopped caring a while ago, hasn't hurt business at all!

That being said there are many people who still use these sites to book holidays and they totally believe all the reviews. I think Wynn is trying to catch up and get back on top with the least amount of effort. It's easy marketing and since everyone askes you to do it no matter where you go people either do it or ignore it. I'm an ignorer

Jim Murren to inherit the crown?

Yelp and TripAdvisor are "omg I was drunk and didn't even see the room, but had tons of fun 5 stars all the way" and "I brought a 12-pound chip in on my shoulder and acted like an ass to every single employee I saw, and a couple of them didn't smile meekly and apologize. This place sucks!" Both are only good for distinguishing a 4-star from a 1-star.

The whole purpose of Michelin, Forbes, etc is to have qualified reviewers. Yelp and TA are *not* that. Yet I'm not sure what the replacement is. For me, for Vegas, it's been VT ... but fuck if I know how to find a nice place to stay anywhere else.

There's Fearless Critic (web & book both) for restaurants. Anything similar for hotels?

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