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New Rooms: Caesars Palace Upgrades To Julius Tower, Mr. Chow

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 23rd October 2015 11:28am
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Caesars Entertainment announced this morning that they are renaming and renovating the old Roman Tower at Caesars Palace.

Names and Locations Of Caesars Palace Hotel Towers

The new "Julius Tower" is a long needed refreshing of the vintage and funky Roman Tower hotel rooms. The new (and still small) Julius Tower hotel rooms will start coming on line in January 2016. The Julius Tower at Caesars Palace renovation is the final piece in a decade long process. This process added two new towers (Augustus and Octavius) rebranded the Centurian Tower as the Seafood Tower Nobu Hotel, renovated two others (Forum and Palace Tower) and now, finally, rebranded the Roman Tower as the Julius Tower. Wow. That is a helluva lot of work.

There are renderings!

Caesars Palace Julius Tower Rooms

The giant block of cheddar is a nice touch.

Caesars Palace Julius Tower Bed

Don't be fooled by this renderings optical illusion of spaciousness - these rooms are teeeeeny tiny by todays standards - 350 sq ft.

It is striking to see the Wynn-spiration in these rooms. The browns, the cremes, the stripes and the furnishings certainly echo the Roger Thomas aesthetic minus the subtlety, the avant garde juxtapositions and... well... the taste. Really, the block of cheese and the cheese ringed pillowcases are sort of ridiculous.

Almost as ridiculous as the photoshopped gleam on all the shiny stuff in the room. I'll bet that the door opens to a harp glissando as well?

The Wynn connection makes sense since the current Caesars Palace hotel boss Ramesh Sadwani worked for The Steve during the awesome years at Wynn & Encore. Ramesh is one of the best hotel operations guys in the business. Ramesh is so great... ... he is so great that Caesars Entertainment have dumped operations tasks for their lowest tier hotels - Rio and Harrah's - onto his very capable ____blank____.

Caesars Palace Julius Tower Rooms

A two seater couch is tucked in front of the window (a la SLS' tiny but awesome Story Tower rooms). The adjoining wall features a ginormous television set, desk and entertainment center stocked with mini-bar snacks and dresser big enough to fit a booze filled fridge.

Caesars Palace Julius Tower Rooms

The bathroom has been given a Cromwell-esque makeover - giving a small space a modern and airy open design. I'll wager that the camera is mounted in the corner just above where the toilet is.

Caesars Palace Julius Tower Rooms

Dual sinks countertop - a rarity in rooms this small - feature cheese inspired trays and tissue boxes, Gilchrist & Soames toiletries, ample storage and some rock hard abs reflected in the back lit mirrors.

Looks great!

Caesars also announced that Mr. Chow will be landing at the Julius Tower as well. This is the FOURTH location that Mr. Chow has been attached to in Las Vegas. The first was at the base of the Harmon Hotel, second was the old Silk Road space in Vdara, third was somewhere in Cosmopolitan.... and now Caesars Palace Julius Tower. It'll be a crack up if Mr. Chow uses the old interior designs Mac78130 ferreted out way back when.

I've got to say it is a great surprise that Caesars Entertainment - bankruptcy and all - is still making investments in their properties. The Roman tower has been a sore thumb at the joint for years, even with the periodic upgrade of soft goods. Yay!

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Comments & Discussion:

Made me look. Another new word: Glissando.

Bathroom looks great. Looks larger than I expected. If it's similar in size to the ones at The Mirage, Murren should take a cue (if it's really not for sale).

Dual sinks are a must when in Vegas for work or a convention. 5am call times after rolling in from a client dinner/outing at 1am means me and my wife can get an extra few minutes of sleep before leaving for work. When we select a room,differentiators are big factors. In the old days you would see signs bragging about color TV, free HBO. Then those same, exciting signs became sad when these amenities were no longer differentiators because everyone has them. I know lots of rooms have double sinks now. But it has me pondering, what could be the next big differentiators on a room level (micro) and property level (macro). Parking included as part of the resort fee? M life just did away with (the expressed benefit but rarely executed) turndown for Platinum. But there are opportunities for hoteliers to make the potential guest say "yeah, but if I stay here they have xyz".... These "yeahbuts" are different for me as a visitor depending on whether I am there for work or for leisure.

Personally, I think it looks great. Slick, stylish, and gold is used sparingly, as a highlight. The look is generally modern but the geometry and patterns are Romanesque enough to carry the style without being over the top. I think this was very well done.

Aside from the luggage rack, I see no Xs in the design scheme. I see some Greek keys (Roman keys?) in the curtains. Otherwise, there's little Roman about this design.

That said, I like everything about the redesign (including the cheddar), especially considering that these are the rooms directly above the casino.

Cromwell has interesting/notable design. Linq has distinctive design. Now this. Maybe Big C is turning a corner with its room inventory

Thank you for that "Guide to Towers" at top. That hotel makes my head spin. I never had a clue.

At least now if you overpay for a standard room at Caesars, you're not getting completely hosed. They look okay to me.

If you use the measuring stick of 5 star hotels, then yes one could comment these rooms are 'small', even by Caesars Palace standards. If you compare the rooms based on the majority of room inventory in Las Vegas. Surprise, they are pretty normal standard room size. 40 to 50% of standard room inventory in Vegas sits between 300 and 400 square feet. You guys should really get around more. You would be hard pressed to find standard rooms in Downtown LV above 350 sq ft except at Golden Nugget as well. These rooms will most likely end up in the hands of convention goers, consolidators and CET lower tier players as comped or discounted rooms. If I am a regular LV tourist, no way I am ponying up $149 for this room when there are so many other great choices in that price point, then again the market demand sets the price.

with those colour tones they are definitely aiming for a rank of AT LEAST seventh overall on TripAdvisor. Aim high!

Harp glissando - not to be confused with the trombone glissando one hears upon opening the door to a Circus Circus room!

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