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VegasTripping: Ep. 15 - Match Game VT (Live from #VIMFP with The Gazillionaire)

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 22nd October 2015 1:31pm
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VegasTripping Podcast

Ep. 15 - Match Game (Live from #VIMFP with The Gazillionaire)

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Vimfp Matchgame Guys

JohnH, Anitamartini, MikeE

Vimfp Matchgame Gaz

Misnomer, Crishna, The Gazillionaire

Vimfp Matchgame Chuck Micaela

VT Match Game host Vdara Rayburn blanks contestant Micaela (who won a two night stay in a suite at Golden Gate Hotel & Casino).

Runner up Dr. John L. Basketball, took home this fabulous prize:

Vimfp Matchgame Trenchcoat

...plus a fabulous dinner for two at Joe Vicari's Andiamo Steakhouse at The D Hotel & Casino. Yes, he shipped the dirty sticky trash can home via UPS. Enjoy!

Big thanks to MattUK, Chris, HanChoi and Lin for the photos/video!

Big thanks to Derek, Nicole and the staff at our host hotels for supporting this madness and kicking in great prizes!

Big thanks to Chrishna and The Gazillionaire for joining us on the panel!

Big thanks to Hunter for judging and sound effecting!

Big thanks to The Voice of God for making a special guest appearance.

Hugest thanks to AnitaMartini, John, Mike and Misnomer for unmentionable unmentionables.

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Comments & Discussion:

Don't forget to thank AnitaMartini?? As usual she had some great lines. You should also thank Knob Creek for providing the lubricant!

Oh, Man! You should have told everybody that the Gazillionaire was going to be there. The Gazillionaire is the star of Absinthe - the best show in Las Vegas.

@donny thanks man. i'm a dummy!

@jucifers if I told folks, then it wouldn't have been a surprise! you never know who might show up at VIMFP.

It has always amazed me that people would leave before Match Game VT and this year was definitely no exception!

@don it is a long show. by that time, folks have to pee or want to gamble or whatever. also, when the lanyards come out, people grab them and split. also, tons of folks only come to vimfp to see my pals five hundy do a live podcast in front of their eyes - no events, no nonsense, no other stuff. also, until now, we've never released any recordings or video of match game and don't do much explanation about what it is. finally, i've accepted a long long time ago that VT's odd creativity just isn't for everybody.

The Vegastripping Match game was great this year. I had a blast watching you guys.

This is so awesome. On behalf of all the shmucks like me who've never been to VIMFP, thank you for posting Match Game this year!!

@erz & @rico thanks dudes! i'm counting the days until next year.

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