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The 2015 #VIMFP Hangover Casino Challenge Cup Recap

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 20th October 2015 1:56pm
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I've been wanting to have a multi-table gaming tournament since the germination of the #VIMFP idea. This year, thanks to the great folks at Golden Gate Hotel & Casino - we had it. The #VIMFP Hangover Casino Challenge Cup took place Sunday morning at 10am in the High Limit room at the Golden Gate.

Vimfp Cup 2015 Players

(L to R: Gary, Rico, Gordon (back) Jason, Al, Mark, Bill, Dramman, Crishna(front) Dr. Mike, Donnymac)

Vimfp The Cup

Eleven heroes ponied up $250 buy in to compete for the opportunity to #reachforthecup - an actual cup - and become #VIMFP's reigning grand champion gambler.

There were three rounds of tournament play with players switching between Blackjack, Ultimate Texas Hold 'Em and Three Card Poker each round.

In a weekend full of extreme insanity, drama, hysterics and lunacy the #VIMFP Hangover Casino Challenge Cup was one of the highlights for me. The camaraderie amongst contestants, the rapt attention from the crowd, the intense drama of the final table, and the breathtaking final hand was incredible! I've embedded a video of the final hand at the end of this post.

Vimfp Cup Bill

Jersey Bill applies a little mojo hand to his 14 vs. dealer 10.

Vimfp Cup Gordon

Gordon, all in on the button!

Vimfp Cup Mark

Mark measures his bet.

Vimfp Cup Jmike

Dr. Mike mulls his strategy.

Vimfp Cup Jason

Jason grimaces at a hard 16.

Vimfp Cup Crishna

Crishna intrigued by her three cards, as are Travis and Sparkles.

Vimfp Cup Donny

Donnymac mounts (yet another) comeback.

Vimfp Cup Gary

Gary lights up a bigger bet.

Vimfp Cup Dram

Dramman George ponders a play.

Vimfp Cup Al

Al goes into the tank, post flop.

Vimfp Cup Rico

Rico puckers for the cup.

The top five players moved on to the final table, a 20 hand round of blackjack.

Vimfp Cup Final Table

L to R: Gordon, Rico, Jason, Dramman Geo, Mark

The final table was silent and cautious with players exerting intense amounts of patience as they waited for others to force the issue or make mistakes. One by one, players making big bold bets were eliminated until only two remained - Jason and Dramman.

Vimfp Cup Head To Head

Jason had Dram by a 2-1 chip count going into the final hand. Jason, on the button, bet the minimum, Dram bet it all. This is how the final hand played out:

Wow. What a fantastic and exciting end to such a great great event. Heroes!

Congratulations Jason on securing the victory!

Vimfp The Winner

#VIMFP Hangover Casino Challenge Cup 2015


Winner: Jason

Runner Up: Dramman

Third: Mark

Fourth: Rico

Fifth: Gordon

Runner Ups:
6th: Gary
7th: Jersey Bill
8th: Crishna
9th: Al From San Diego
10th: Dr. Mike
11th: Donnymac

Congrats to all participants. That was a blast!

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Comments & Discussion:

I'm sorry I missed this. Looks like it was fun to watch!

This event was so much fun, playing at the final table was such an incredible feeling. I can't wait to do it again at next year's VIMFP. I'm still dreaming about that incredible trophy.

I still believe in my horse in VIMFPtucky derby, and the hangover challenge... even tho he pulled off last in both (I think) Thanks to all that put on VIMFP and DonnyMac for actually waking up to take part!! He's a great guy

As a spectator, the intensity was palpable. Unlike watching live poker, which can be dull as dirt, the ability to look over the players' shoulders and see their cards made this a great way to shake off the previous night's cobwebs. I should start saving my pennies in case there's a similar event next year. It was a fun event in a weekend of fun events.

Thanks again Chuck for putting this on. Can't wait until next year! -jason @prioritytech

Great time. Thank you for put it on, and thank you to all the competitors for putting up with my shenanigans.

Outstanding! (I'm ready for next year.) Thanks, Chuck!

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