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Help The Vegas Gang #DesignDereksCasino

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 8th October 2015 1:11pm
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The Vegas Gang podcast is proud to announce that our guest for the live #VIMFP show will be the one and only Derek Stevens owner of The Golden Gate, The D and a forthcoming property where the Las Vegas Club stands (for now.)

While the Gang will surely have questions for Derek, this episode is really about YOU the greater Vegas Gang, VT and VIMFP community.

We need you to help us #DesignDereksCasino. You ask. He builds. We're serious.

Design Derek's Casino Las Vegas Club

From now until The Main Event, the Vegas Gang and Derek Stevens want to hear what you think should be built into his new casino. Attractions, rooms, dining, activities, names, soup, nuts.... you name it. If you have an idea, Derek wants to hear it.

Post your ideas in the comments below or tag them with #DesignDereksCasino on Twitter. We will gather all of these up and present them to Derek for discussion, LIVE on stage at The Showroom at The D during the Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic's Main Event at The D.

This is the very first, and possibly only time, that a casino owner is turning directly to casino lovers via public and social media forums and incorporate their wants and desires into the planning phase of a their new hotel casino.

Fire up your desires and help us #designderekscasino!

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Comments & Discussion:

I wish for the following features in a casino:
1. A large circular center bar (w/ video poker, comfortable sturdy bar stools); Perhaps some eye-catching signature feature above the bar (ala chandelier, 3D display) to make use of high ceilings and draw people in.
2. A small stage area w/ bar and seating for maybe 30 people in a back corner;
3. A hi-limit table area w/ its own small (mixology) bar;
4. A sportsbook w/ 24hr deli;
5. A distinctly apart hotel lobby area w/ its own bar and seating area;
6. At least one higher-end restaurant open for lunch (ala Chart House);
7. At least one category of rooms with separate shower and tubs

Good sized bathrooms with separate tub and glass shower. Suites that have a 1/2 bath in addition to the Master. 24/7 room service!

1. A craft beer bar.
2. The return of the Great Moments Room.
3. A pool deck along the lines of the Downtown Grand.
4. Some sort of roof top bar/lounge.
5. 24 hour pizza place.

An independent bookstore.

Neon, Neon, and more Neon!

Great comments so far. My two cents:

Casino: Top notch sound throughout with a great, eclectic playlist - all eras of rock, funk/soul, hop hop, jazz - just not at 100+ dB, please?

Notel: Big TVs - none of that 32" ish. And, if possible, whatever can help mitigate noise through walls/doors.

I'm repasting my comments on a prior Board thread here

I'm going to second the suggestion from @joekollar about making LVC a classic-car themed joint, complete with some vintage metal available to view like the old Imperial Palace's collection.

-- The facility's concert venue can be called The Garage (garage bands, get it?)
-- People can race slot cars on tracks that thread through the gaming floor (slot machines, get it?)
-- The all-night cafe could be called Grease Monkey and the buffet can be called Filling Station.
-- Show "drive-in" movies at night from the rooftop pool (yeah please PLEASE add a pool and call it the Sunroof, especially if you can look up through it from the casino floor)
-- Get Corvette or Shelby or a company in that genre to co-brand the high-limit room(s)
-- And in that vein, I bet there's a use for a "Lincoln Lounge" or a "Caddy Corner," too.
-- Dancing dealers can wear checkered-flag-themed costumes.
-- Set up driving simulators so that people can "drive" Vegas streets during the decade of their choosing.
-- Add a car themed fast-food joint like Sonic, Rally's/Checkers, etc.
-- The sports book should always have some TVs tuned to some form of motorsports, or failing that, the nearly ubiquitous car-restoration shows on cable TV.
-- In-casino tattoo parlor, maybe paired with a barbershop.
-- All the elevators should be called Lifts (yes, I know the British already do that).
-- I'm still playing around with names for a dance club, but maybe Four on the Floor ... or Racers

Want more puns? I'm available for consultations

Chuckmnster mini golf

I would suggest that it would include providing services that are not the specialty for Golden Gate or The D. Spa services, pool, fitness, would compliment all 3 properties if they were made available to patrons of all 3. I think D owns the hip crowd with the two most fun joints on Fremont. As those demographics change, they will be looking for something else while still wanting the gambling experience that downtown offers. Golden Nugget can be beat at this game if competition did it right. The problems with DTG are well documented. The opportunity is there.
If not that, then please include a Jack In The Box on the property.

I do like Anawas' mention of a barber shop. While there is a barber shop at the El Cortez, it's not widely known. I've been to Art of Shaving for shaves a few times and really like treating myself to that sort of thing. As for a tattoo parlor, there's one that just opened up on Fremont Street in the recent expansion to the Pioneer building.

A few suggestions:

1. Be first to market with on-machine cocktail ordering. They've tested this at Venetian and one or two other spots, but no one has fully committed. It's win win win. You save on labor because you only have drink runners, and fewer of them. You ensure that only players that have given you the minimum action can order a drink, and those players are happy because they are being served faster. Be the innovator here.

2. If you have a poker room - put the waiting list online and let people monitor it and join it remotely.

3. Instead of room service, make every restaurant a delivery outlet. Believe me, I don't want a wildly overpriced plate of wings, made in your kitchen, brought up by a uniformed guy on a cart. I want to order from your restaurant, and have it brought up in to-go containers by a delivery guy. I save money, the food is much better, you don't take a loss, everyone is happy.

4. Five words: Hands Free Interactive Washroom Gaming. http://www.captive-media.co.uk/test-games/

5. The Las Vegas Club had one thing I would like to bring back: the lobster vending machine! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFdgUBXScu0

I'm a big proponent for the return of the classic Vegas lounge and lounge entertainment!!! Live music nightly where I can enjoy some drinks and watch and listen to good musicians. mix it with jazz, indie, country, blues, rock. piano....etc. A nice lounge with good service / drinks and live music.

3:2 blackjack at reasonable limits. that is what I would like to see in a Vegas casino.

Hooker bar and firm beds.

I'd love to see another high end restaurant, a spa, and maybe a poker room. The spa and restaurant are desperately needed, if for no other reason then to spend comp dollars accrued at the D.

I don't think you have to reinvent the wheel here though, a couple new amentities to round out the current offerings, maybe a live stage/lounge area inside the casino and a focus on spacing on the tables and machines, to not make them feel overly crowded.

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