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BSOD Dept: Aria Completely Hosed Their Casino Floor

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 5th October 2015 9:19am
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We've received multiple reports that Aria's casino has been suffering from several outages over the last week.

VT reader @sideswipe70 reported via Twitter that the entire asian gaming table section had been shut down.

Bsod Aria Slots6

Additionally, all ATM/TITO/Change machines were also offline for an extended period.

Bsod Aria Slots7

Yesterday, VT reader Jay1979 reported on The Board that large banks of slot machines were blue screened. Eeerie.

Bsod Aria Slots Bsod Aria Slots2 Bsod Aria Slots3 Bsod Aria Slots4 Bsod Aria Slots5

This definitely means that Aria is in serious financial trouble and will probably be closed or sold in the next few weeks. It is most likely that these machines were taken off line as part of Aria's continuing re-jiggering of their casino floor for new restaurants and thoroughfares.

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Comments & Discussion:

The last paragraph is the high point of my day. I'll be smiling all afternoon. Thanks!

I was in Aria and saw all of the machine 'out-of-service' also. I asked a slot person and received a standard response of 'maintenance/update'.

These machines were up and running fine Friday afternoon thru Sunday when we left.

Aria also took out a bunch of machines. They are doing construction behind a wall that runs from Javier’s to the front enterance. I asked a few craps boxmen and they said a high rollers’ lounge being built.

It hasn't affected their really high rates for this week and next. Even with my players discount, my VIMFP warmup had to be booked at Monte Carlo /Park. (First time at M.C.) See y'all at VIMPF!!!

Probably upgrading to Windows 10. :D

If they are upgrading to Windows 10 make sure the TITO printer is recognized because Windows 10 doesn't recognize my printer...

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