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Vegas Eats: 3940 Coffee and Tea at Delano, Baby Cakes at M Resort

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 28th September 2015 6:07pm
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Delano 3940

This is more an addendum than a full fledged Vegas Eats review. You may remember a recent review of Della's Kitchen at Delano, where a I mentioned their "doughssant" - a cronut without copyright infringement. Well, should you be interested in said pastry, you can get them at the 3940 Coffee stand thingy in Delano lobby.

Delano 3940 Pastry Case

They've got all sorts of pastries and juice and coffee beverages as well. One cool thing to mention is that the high top dining tables have power outlets tucked away below the table lip. I snacked on a donut and slurped coffee here for a half hour while charging up my shit.

Delano 3940 Doughssant

The coffee was good, not great and the doughssant was delicious. I peeled the layers apart.

Delano 3940 Doughssant Brok

You can see how the individual layers of filo dough. Crispy, airy, chewy and yummy like a croissant but sweeter, bolder and less crunchy. These things are great.

Another feather in the high marks I give to the Delano experience.

Delano 3940 Check

Doughssant plus a large coffee - $10.

On the way out of town, I stopped off at M Resort to kill time waiting for an accident at the California border to clear up (a truck carrying illegal fireworks caught fire on the side of the road!)

Natch, I moseyed through M's perfumed air towards the delicious Baby Cakes in search of... donuts. I found a Boston Creme (my favorite flavor) that was 60% the size of a Wham-O frisbee. It made the donut I recently had at Krispy Kreme look like Japanese miniature food (don't skip this link). JACKPOT! I ordered it and a cup of coffee.

This Baby Cakes Boston Creme donut weighed a ton. There was so much filling inside, it sloshed back and forth like a supertanker's ballast or some crazy large boobies.

The crust was perfectly cooked, crispy and covered in sugar... thick enough to retain the tensile strength required to contain the mass of oozing custard within and provide a degree of stability and textural balance. The custard and the dough were both truly INCREDIBLE... for the first 4 bites. The next 10 bites were a little less great. The last three were difficult to get down. This may have been a three person donut. I forgot to take a photo of the receipt. Sahree!

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How come the guy at a coffee counter looks like he needs to drink more?

At my first job as a teenager (Marie Callender's), there was a cook who used to make tiny food and he was damn good at it. Once in a while, as a gag, he'd duplicate your customer's order in miniature size and put it up in the window, pretending like he didn't know it was small.

I miss that guy. What a hoot.

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