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Vintage Vegas Video: Excalibur's Grand Opening

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 23rd September 2015 9:47am
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Speaking of Excalibur, check this out:

Big thanks to the couple who got married on the day Excalibur opened and preserved this pastiche of home shot and news footage video marking the occasion of Excalibur's grand opening.

The interviews with guests are priceless.

"It looks a lot like a mall though" says a guy with a Trump-meets-mullet whooshover.

You can almost hear the Price Is Right losing horns when the woman in the flowery blouse answers the "Are You Staying Here?" question with "No, we're staying at the Maxim."

At 2:58 you can see the Marina Hotel Casino - which is now MGM Grand's West Wing - through the drawbridge.

I'm also amazed by the timeframe and cost quoted by the news caster - 16 months and $300 million dollars! That is just a little more than half of what the SLS renovation cost.

Big thanks to VT reader @TPainRad for the tweet tip!

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Comments & Discussion:

One thing to remember about Excalibur is that Circus Circus Enterprises was known for building properties on the quick and cheap. The hotel towers are the basic concrete block towers with decorative elements like the towers at Circus Circus are. To give you an idea at how profitable Circus Circus Enterprises was in the early 90s, when they built Luxor, they didn't have to arrange any financing for it and had more than enough cash in the bank to pay for it and not affect the operations of their other properties. It wasn't until they built Mandalay Bay and Monte Carlo did they start down the path that led to MGM's eventual purchase of them.

Say what you will about Circus Circus and the cheap, tacky properties they built over the years but the one property they got right was Mandalay Bay. Just an all-around phenomenal property which makes me feel good every time I walk thru it. I just wish it had a more central location which would make me stay there much more often than just visiting for drinks and dining.

@Blakjackkid - I wonder the same. I imagine what if Mandalay Bay were picked up and placed right where PH or Bellagio is. The foot traffic would be great for the casino and I think more people would realize how awesome of a property it is. To me, Mandalay Bay is my favorite property on the strip. The beach concerts, the green trees, the gold towers, the amazing stone work above the casino floor and in the common areas are something not seen nowadays. Next time you're at Mandalay Bay, walk around to the Beach level or convention hall. The property is huge and you can tell a TON of money was put into it!

How dare that person rip the Maxim! I'll date myself, but I was married in Vegas back when the Maxim was still around. Loved the place, cheap food and the Playboy Girls of Rock and Roll show. Excalibur didn't exist yet and really feels Circus Circus like, Agreed with others, Mandalay rocks, loved The Hotel when it opened.

At the 1:00 mark, you see actual moving sidewalks, the last time they were fully functional. Neat!

1:47 - that is one fine Mullett.

It's wild to think about it being the largest hotel in the world when it opened...

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