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VegasTripping: Ep. 11 - Money

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 16th September 2015 1:16am
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VegasTripping Podcast

Ep. 11 - Money.

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"So I have a question..."
You fellas have nailed it with this VT series of podcasts. I just love listening to stories I can identify with so closely.

@Hillbilly - Thank you! We're having fun with it.

Great topic - one we all wrestle with. I use the room safe and a money belt to ration my bankroll. I also do one substantial non-gambling thing per day. On my next trip in Nov. I am golfing Wynn's course one day and seeing Ka the next. Though not cheap, they are nomgambling entertainment I can't get at the same level at home. Someone said it 55 minutes in that it comes down to the per minute value of being entertained, whether it's craps, blackjack, or a $500 round of golf that takes up your morning.

What a great episode. Really, really amazing to hear everyone's different perspectives, strategies, and responses to an issue we've all dealt with.

My first couple of trips to Vegas included late night casino ATM runs (ouch!) and spending money that I really shouldn't have. Since learning that lesson the hard way, I'm now on a strict budget when I come to town, at least for gambling. A daily ration for each day that I'm there goes into a labelled envelope in the safe. I *never* touch the next day's envelope (even if it's after midnight!).

During pool season, I can stay entertained fairly cheaply with a towel, a lounge chair, and a good book by the pool (always a great place for people-watching, too). Of course, food and beverage by the pool isn't cheap, and I've occasionally been suckered into paying for a daybed or a spot at a "premium" pool. Still, 6-8 hours at the pool is cheaper (for me at least) than 6-8 hours of gambling!

During non-pool season, I don't visit the hot tubs of sadness. So I tend to either (1) gamble more; or (2) get in the car and go somewhere -- whether that's Hoover Dam, Red Rock Canyon, or an in-town attraction like the Neon Museum or the Pinball HOF.

I've also been fortunate enough to come to Vegas for work conferences a dozen or so times. Something like CES or FOCUS can fill the daytime hours pretty cheaply (especially since I'm not paying for the conference registration!). Work trips are also great because generally the room nights and most of the meals are covered, so the gambling expenses are almost all I pay out of pocket.

Again, great episode.

Thank you sir!

When John spoke about driving to Red Rock when he ran short on cash, I assumed he meant Red Rock Canyon until he talked of walking into the casino.

If you are short on cash and have a car I highly recommend doing the scenic loop at Red Rock Canyon. Seven dollars per car and beautiful.

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