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Society Cafe To Become New Encore Poker Room

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 15th September 2015 2:38pm
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As you may have heard, Society Cafe and Botero at Encore are closing in domino succession this fall. The two restaurants will combine services into a single, all-day dining destination. Insiders are telling us "imagine Tableau with dinner service."

Brotero's fat lady will sing her final song in mid-November and then close for a month-long revamp. When it opens with new name and concept in mid-November, it will take over breakfast and lunch duties from Society Cafe which will then fold, permanently.

Sources are also telling us that Society Cafe won't be replaced with another dining destination, but will instead be used to expand the casino footprint. Possibilities mentioned for the expanded casino include a dedicated Encore poker room. I wouldn't rule out high limit gaming salons as another possibility.

Given Steve's plan to re-jigger the casino floor by moving the lower profit games further away from the center of the action, could this project really be about relocating the Wynn Poker room to a corner of Encore? As everybody knows the key to a good poker room isn't the spread of games or the lovely Roger Thomas decor, it is proximity to parking, the Society spot fits that bill.

If all of the above rings true, that means that Wynn Poker's prime thoroughfare location might be the next item up for bid. Hrmmmmmmm.

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Comments & Discussion:

I'm staying at Encore in November. Bummed because we were going to try Society for the first time.

It is a weird cool room. Roger Thomas described it as a place he thought Oscar Wilde would salon, write and rendezvous. The food always missed the mark for me.

Wynncore cannot support two full-time poker rooms. Also, penis.

Never really liked Society. It was always too stuffy and just off for me, I would run to Terrace Point or even the Grand Lux in the Palazo. My one beef with Encore is the lack of a cheaper/plainer eatery. I like the dining at Palazo/Venetian must better.

@nodeuces exactly.

@mnvegasguy i liked some of it at the start, sinatra and wazuzu, but the rest didn't do it for me. i've spent a lot of time at palazzo/venetian lately and concur... their dining offerings are pretty incredible.

Grand Lux is a great place for a decent experience at a decent price. Count me as a fan. Late night burgers in the bar area were lifesavers more than once.

agree with nodeuces, if it is in fact turned into a poker room, I'd expect they'd close Wynn's room, plus with Encore a bit more isolated, not sure that is a good move anyway.

Society Cafe is somewhere that I kept saying I was going to make a return trip to but never did. I guess the meal was memorable enough to keep the place under consideration, but never enough to actually go back. I could have easy dined there again (as well as knocked La Cave off of the to-do list) last year when I was within walking distance (or short drive via the hotel shuttle bus), but it never was on my radar.

Considering how many properties have shuttered their poker rooms in recent years, I tend to agree with those who thing putting a poker room at Encore will mean that the one at Wynn closes.

I really do need to seriously explore the dining options at Venetian/Palazzo beyond Public House (which has been one of two reasons why I set foot on the property, the other being the barber spa at the Art of Shaving). The only other places I've dined at there were Delmonicos and that was 9 years ago and Bouchon about 4 years ago. I've looked at menus of the various options there, and some do interest me, but I always have some of my favorites I tend to fall back on instead.

Regarding parking- Wynn's poker room is already considered a gold standard when it comes to parking access, which is why the crustiest of all crusty locals like that room. I also wonder what they would put in the place of the Wynn poker room. Mini-Walgreen's?

Hopefully the number of tables doesn't decrease. wynn's room is great, especially during the WSOP season. Who knows, maybe they even add in additional tables? It's a tough spot, because every room runs at 100% capacity during the WSOP span but after that it's a mix-up.

I'm trying to remember...is there a real difference in square footage between Wynn's room and Society's space?

What do others think: is this (i) a move to reconfigure space inside Wynn properties; or (ii) a reaction to play at other properties on the Strip?

^^^Well, I now know Chuckmonster's prediction....he's like a wizard--answering questions before I ask them.

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