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Vegas Eats: Tom's Urban at New York New York

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 8th September 2015 12:54pm
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New York New York Tom's Urban Las Vegas Review

Today, my stomach leads me to New York New York, specifically the new alfresco dining at slowly growing boutique eatery Tom's Urban. There are two other locations of Tom's Urban, Denver CO, Los Angeles and now here at NYNY.

I arrive to be greeted by a hostess and am quickly escorted through the dining room to an outdoor table in the shadows of the faux-Brooklyn Bridge and the roar of the Las Vegas Strip. That is the largest mister I've ever seen.

New York New York Tom's Urban Las Vegas Review Bridge

Mmmm breakfast. I love it. Pancakes, coffee, eggs, coffee, bacon, waffles, coffee, donuts, bacon. You name it, bring it. I want it all, always, all the time. I can eat breakfast for breakfast, lunch, mid-afternoon snack, dinner, dessert, midnight snack, drunk second wind meal, pre-bed room service... it is always pancakes and sausage o'clock in my mouth.

New York New York Tom's Urban Las Vegas Review Menu2
New York New York Tom's Urban Las Vegas Review Menu

The menu has big fonts and colored illustrations. Breakfast, pancakes, benedicts, omelets, street tacos, pop tarts and... spiked shakes? Mmmm.

The waitress came by, asked if I had questions and then took my order.

New York New York Tom's Urban Las Vegas Review Seating

Another beautiful warm day in Las Vegas, I'm surprised there aren't more people out here enjoying this truly lovely weather. Thanks to atomic sized misters cranking out an insane amount of water vapor, it is incredibly cool in the shade here. These misters are so insane, three maintenance workers and a restaurant manager have gathered beneath one of the devices, taking turns pointing, talking and looking at the device. Five minutes later, two guys wearing suits and name tags arrive and continue the conversation. The tallest suit gets on the phone and within seconds a guy in a San Diego Chicken costume arrives with a ladder and a screwdriver (the tool not the drink) then goes back in side.

New York New York Tom's Urban Las Vegas Review Coffee

The waitress arrives with my coffee. Mmmm.

New York New York Tom's Urban Las Vegas Review Skylofts

I grab my camera and start pretend that I'm a paparazzo peeking in on Skylofts celebrity. The waitress comes by and hovers by my table and asks "so, are you a photographer?" "Yeah, I like to take pictures of stuff," I reply. "Oh yeah? Like what kind of stuff?" she says. "Buildings, food... tourist stuff." "Oh, that's cool. I'm a photographer too," the waitress says. "Oh really?" "Yeah... I like to take pictures of myself," she offers. "Oh yeah. Selfies?" "Yeah, and other stuff... I'll go check on your food."

I fibbed about the San Diego Chicken costume.

The waitress returns with my eggs benedict and mades no further mention of her penchant for photography.

New York New York Tom's Urban Las Vegas Review Eggs Benedict

Mmmm. Eggs benedict. Two large nook & cranny encrusted toasted English muffins, topped with huge slabs of thick cut, seared Canadian bacon, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce and diced ripe tomato and chopped scallions. A pile of ignorable hash browns takes up the other half of the plate.

New York New York Tom's Urban Las Vegas Review Eggs Benedict

The poached egg was perfectly cooked... warm and oozing.

New York New York Tom's Urban Las Vegas Review Eggs Benedict

This eggs benedict is supersized. The english muffin was supersized... almost biscuit like. The Canadian bacon was thick cut, smoked and seared. Oh man. The hollandaise sauce was buttery and full of lemony acidic tang. Awesome.

New York New York Tom's Urban Las Vegas Review

Other than the boring hash browns (not a big fan of breakfast potatoes) I ate almost everything on the plate. There are a lot of interesting options on the menu at Tom's Urban, and I will definitely re-visiting in the future to explore them. Tom's Urban had great service, great food and great location on the outside patio watching the Las Vegas world go by. I liked this place!

New York New York Tom's Urban Las Vegas Review Prices

Breakfast for one came to $17.57. Kind of a steal considering how Vegas prices food and drink. A similar breakfast, of infinitely lesser quality, service, flavor and atmosphere at SLS' Northside Cafe cost three bucks more.

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Comments & Discussion:

This is a place that this hotel needed, given that in six visits in the past fifteen years I've had a string of disappointing experiences at the America coffee shop.

Although between that place, this place, and the old burger fast food stand being turned into a "Burger Bar" concept with waiters and cordoned off dining room, there is maybe an overabundance of Simple Food Served Fancy at this hotel. I guess the hockey fans have to eat somewhere, though.

I like reviews like this. But, I must say the thing that caught my attention was the Skylofts picture. There are some great angles and lines there......even the telephone wires somehow add to it. For some reason the massiveness and angles of the building really grabbed me. Nice shot!

Whoa, have I been a colossal asshole in assuming that only the top one is the "skyloft" and the rest are simply basic terrace suites? I went to a party at one last fall and it was less than skylofty feeling...whatever the cornbread hell that means. The view was hardcore. I need to find those photos masturbate to them.

@nodeuces I've yet to go inside a Skyloft or the Mirage, Bellagio or Wynn villas. I better hurry up and do it before I drop dead.

I've been in the Skylofts and Mirage villa, but I haven't humped in them, so have I truly been in them? Most would say no.

^^^ correct conclusion

Looks tasty even with your hating of hssh browns. This is one of the places I am going to try when I get to Vegas next month

Why all the empty tables at 10:16 am? The heat?

@drake midweek maybe? it wasn't that hot out.
@levans i didn't hate those hash browns, I'm just not a fan of hash browns in general.

Chuck i am kind of the same mind on eggs benedict and yes, that early in the middle of the week means less tourists and less traffic. That's why i get to Vegas on Thursday's when the place is less crowded.

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