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Peekaboo: The Mirage Center Bar

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 8th September 2015 9:26am
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We've been tracking the changes in process on Mirage casino floor that have come to be revealed as a new center bar.

Now, thanks to super sleuthing VT reader Hillbilly, we've got a teeny tiny little bit of insight as to what the new center bar at Mirage is going to look like.

Construction materials firm EXYD has posted a project page for the Mirage center bar. Amidst the the dummy text and placeholder images EXYD gives shout outs to interior design firm, construction contractors and names their specific materials being used in construction of the center bar.

Fire up your imaginations and hold on to your hats folks.... this is one of the main building blocks of the future center bar at the Mirage:

Like, whoa, man, that is some shiny shit. I'm seeing reflections of the atrium during the day and an explosion of light and activity at night - a perfect antidote to Mirage's dim and dark casino floor. I hope the dueling pianos are chromed as well.

The heat rises off the desert floor.... is that a center bar or is it a mirage? Yeah, dude.... it is The Mirage. The New Mirage.

These shimmery, aperiodic, rippled reflective metal panels can be used as wall or ceiling treatments. EXYD outlines many different sizes and use cases on their website.

In semi-related news, the boards are up announcing the new California Pizza Kitchen that was displaced by The Pantry. Pizza + poker seems to be a thing.

Big thanks to Hillbilly for the most excellent tip! Thanks dude!

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Sweet. Chuck said my name. I'm a star.

I didn't realize the California Pizza Kitchen was also under construction. Are they just redoing the existing one or moving replacing it? It has always been there by the sports book. The Pantry is on the other side by the elevators in the old BB King space. BTW, I ate at the Pantry back in February and I give it a solid 3 thumbs up. Tasty.

Also, I would like to say I'm really excited for the new Center Bar. Mirage has really been suffering for lack bars since they took out the Baccarat Bar (AKA Hooker Hangout) a few years ago. Let's hope this is something that appeals to us in the 40 something crowd.

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