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Introducing The Wynn Palace, Palace Queen

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 24th August 2015 10:53am
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Wynn Palace room photos (not renderings) have been published by Asian travel retailer Agoda.com. Agoda lists six room types available for booking - Palace King, another Palace King, Palace Queen, another Palace Queen, Lake Suite King and a second Lake Quite King. The duplicate listings are most likely place holders upcoming Resort Suites/Tower Suites demarcations. Based on the presence of two beds and limited other options, this room must be a Palace Queen.

Resort policies state that check-in starts at 4pm with 12pm check out. The hotel will be 28 floors and contain 1700 rooms. Additionally, children under 1 years of age are not allowed to stay at Wynn Palace. Yes, folks, Steve Wynn hates Chinese babies.

These rooms were designed by Roger Thomas and his Wynn Design & Development studio.

Wynn Palace Palace Queen

Wow. A teal and cream surprise!

Wynn Palace Palace Queen

The beds feature seven pillows, two tall pillow backs, two sleeping pillows and a decorative Wynn crest bolster. Headboard is square white satin frame with cream padded headboard with decorative floral embroidery that matches the floral theme of the resort. Mattress frames match the dark 'forest' cyan of the foot bench cushions, wallpaper and the carpet accents.

The glass topped bedside table features two scarlet floral accents against polished silver lamp and contrasting gold wall mounted reading lights. Silver and gold together. What once was a fashion faux-pas, here is as natural as the fade of creme and crema in the froth of an expertly crafted latte.

Wynn Palace Palace Queen

Above the bed is a ceramic frieze containing a quaint vignette featuring two deer as they frolic on the desert floor. A brilliantly subtle and sexy depiction as well as a fantastic 'real art' evolution in hotel room decor. The uplighting will accentuate the three dimensionality inherent in frieze as well as provide compelling ambient room atmosphere during private moments. Bravo.

Furnishings are all finished in white lacquer and feature decorative Greek scrolls that evoke Asian shapes. The porte holes in bench support add light and lightness as well as give them strength to handle a decade of hotel room abuse and the illusion of having four legs.

Wynn Palace Palace Queen

Upon further inspection, the carpet is not dual pinstripes, but instead an optical illusion of stripe + tint + shadow, that looks like a staircase heading towards those massive floor to ceiling windows. Whoa.

The ugly curtain track system has been completely hidden inside of a ceiling compartment between the room proper and the window. Great.

Shocking? Bare? Sparse? With all great artists, true brilliance is found in the subtlety. Like an album by Pink Floyd or a truly gourmet plate of food, every piece and flavor has a deliberate function that enhances the whole. Wynn Palace's Palace Queen rooms are full of Roger Thomas' post-Encore style, first seen in the stunning 2010 renovations of the Wynn Parlor Suites. Whereas the rest of the hotel room design world is screaming towards the 1970's hyper contrast of patterns and colors, Roger Thomas has turned within... and found a minimalist subtlety that is passionate, emotionally evocative and simply stunning.

Big thanks to VT reader Bajablastgod_ for the tip.

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No problem at all!
These rooms look great, was a little surprised about the color choices, though.

I'm not usually a fan of Teal, but that room looks very nice. I can't wait for Macau Internet Mafia Family Picnic at Wynn Palace.

I love it. So light and airy...other than pillows. I pile them all up on the floor except one for my head,

Well its a far more soothing color choice than the horrendous magenta eye-gouge of Encore Macau.

I think it looks pretty good.

Wow. This is the first hotel room design by Roger I didn't like. Looks too 1970's and the color scheme is just blah. Feels empty too. I really hope they don't do this to Wynn Vegas during the next renovation.

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