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Vegas Eats : White Castle Hamburgers at Casino Royale

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 21st August 2015 12:38pm
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Shortly after checking in to a really well designed room at the Linq Hotel I headed out in search of penny slots food. Casinos may as well just throw the slot machines into Lake Mead as far as I'm concerned. This millennial has absolutely no interest in gambling when all of Las Vegas' delicious is whispering "oooooo eat me" so gently in my ear. I slipped on my Crocs and hit the concrete. Upon realizing it was hot outside, I purchased the nearest, largest Lime-A-Rita for instant refreshment as well as a back up in case of First Aid.

I unsuccessfully sniffed around Caesars Palace, walked The Mirage and Treasure Island (Seafood Shack got a second look) then headed across the street to Casino Royale before finding something I could really sink my dentures into - White Castle.

This is only the second time I've eaten at White Castle, with the previous being a quick stop off while visiting my ogre-in-law in Kentuckleberry. For whatever reason, White Castle never existed when/where my hat was hung.

Fortunately for White Castle, and probably for me, I've arrived here covered in summer Strip stroll sweat which, when given a litmus test, measures out at 97% Lime-A-Rita. Technically, by Canadian measure, I'm "liquid drunk."

The White Castle is located against the northern wall of the Casino Royale and features a dozen tables and other nooks to eat at. The dining room is loud, busy, full of life and surprisingly clean. I hop on line behind a couple who are reading and discussing the menu while multi-tasking a little cock-to-butt dry humping.

We aren't ready yet, you should go ahead of us."

Take your time, dude.

I break through the slip stream to the front of the line, look up at the menu board and am instantly overwhelmed.

Casinoroyale Whitecastle Cooks

The kitchen is a sight to behold.... staff moving around in clockwork synchronization as grills are being loaded with strips of sliders and buns that will slowly be heated, stuffed in boxes and sent out to customers. Wow.

Casinoroyale Whitecastle Staff

I ordered a Combo #2 - four cheese sliders, fries and a soft drink. I added an order of chicken rings. The woman at the counter flirted with me as I paid the bill. I suspect she'll have better luck with the next customers in line.

I found a table amidst the chaos, sat down and the phone rang - it's my lovely wife. Say hi, everybody!

Where are you?" she said.

"I'm at Casino Royale."


"Never mind."

"Are you sticking to your diet plan?"

[ORDER 385! 385 Pick up!]

"Yeah, I'm doing my best... I just ordered some food and they called my number so I gotta go, ok, guhbye."

"Ok, talk to you later!"

She loves me.

Today, my diet included a pound cake, two donuts, three glasses of juice, four cups of coffee, a mountain of bacon, chicken and waffles covered in whipped butter and maple syrup plus two gigantic cans of Lime-A-Rita AAAAAND this:

Casinoroyale Whitecastle Wholemess

Honey see? The honey mustard sauce is fat free!

My esteemed colleague Misnomer wrote up a truly incredible deconstruction of White Castle hamburgers which is not only hysterically funny, it is pinpoint accurate. My thoughts here are essentially his.

Casinoroyale Whitecastle Cheeseslider

I ate all four of these cheese sliders. They tasted like a steamed (non-grilled) cheese food sandwich with a half slice of Steakumm and a pickle on it. Not sure I understand what the fuss about "craving" these is all about.

Casinoroyale Whitecastle Fries

The fries were run of the mill krinkle cuts. They weren't piping hot, and certainly could have been improved by slathering them in molten cheese food sauce as Misnomer suggested.

Casinoroyale Whitecastle Chickenrings

The chicken rings were the primary reason why I was here. I looove deep fried chicken in every shape or form.

One summer day back when I was a young millennial, out of school and armed with a brand new drivers license, I hopped in my 1964 Buick Special (convertible!) and went on a chicken nugget bombing run. I went through every fast food drive through in town, ordering whatever chicken nuggish item they had in succession, eating one order while driving to the next location. I saved one nugget from each chain - Burger King, KFC, McDonalds and Roy Rogers - for a final side-by-side taste test and dipping sauce showdown when I got home. Perhaps I was born to be a binge eating pig hiding behind the excuse of "research." (Best Nugs of 1986: KFC)

Anyways, these slightly crispy, slightly spicy, slightly salty, slightly greasy and superbly tender thin rings of white meat chicken shaped like a donut were goddamn good. Next time I'm going to take these rings and stack them onto the buns epic beef chicken pickle cheese slider.

This was a lot of food. I definitely didn't finish the fries and the last slider was tough to get down. I think I might be done eating for the next month or so.

Casinoroyale Whitecastle Check

Lunch for one at White Castle at Casino Royale came to a whopping $13.82. Yipes.

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Comments & Discussion:

My body has never rejected anything as fast as White Castle. I will never try that food again.

When visiting from Italy there is only once place in the west coast where I get my burger fix : In-N-Out. That stuff is so good that I find myself eating it even if I'm not hungry. Based on what I read around I yet have to find someone that truly likes White Castle stuff but ehy...I will try it no matter what . It looks disgusting and I'm sure it will be disgusting,but I bet I will enjoy every single bite of it.

as a lover of all deep fried chicken as well, I have to recommend Raising Cane's if you've never been there. Unfortunately they do not have a location in Cleveland, just Columbus and I know they have one in Vegas, but not sure about Caly. I cannot recommend them enough, deep fried chicken tender goodness and get the sauce and extra crinkle cuts, coleslaw is unnecessary.

When White Castle was still here, and I was younger, my choice of eats there was the chicken slider, always found it much better then the steamed burger, not much taste but crispy.

Jinx73 forgot to mention Raising Canes' other secret weapon: the garlic toast. Fuhhh. And sweet tea, if you like that sort of thang. Theirs is very sweet.

Funny thing is, I like White Castle better than In and Out.
I also like Shake Shack better than In and Out.

I'm a White Castle fan but find as I age that my body is rejecting it too - The trick is getting a White Castle burger with cheese - or at least finish with one. It acts as a binding agent...

The trick is to fight tempataion and avoid the onions. I am four blocks from one and I know that you have them every once in a while-four month intervals work for me. That gets it out of your system. The fries should have never been cold and work best with marinara sauce. My binge is usually four double cheeseburgers, a large fry (but they have added mac and cheese nibblers here) and maybe some mozarella sticks. The tend to last in your system for hours and it's best to sleep with the windows open after.

To me, White Castle is all about the hot,steamy buns and grilled onions.....

White Castle has been in fly over country long before I was born. It is not exactly 5 star dining....... but it is very popular with drunks and stoners. Just sayin'.

Being a lifelong Southerner, Krystal is the Southern equivalent (although White Castle has "invaded" parts of Tennessee, the state where Krystal originated at and was headquartered at until a few years ago). Much like with White Castle, Krystal has long been one of those places you tend to go to late at night after partying and don't feel like Waffle House. Over the years, I made many a stop at Krystal at 4:30 in the morning for a few cheese Krystals to put in my belly before going to bed.

I do want to try White Castle (My only White Castle experience was with the frozen ones, which are not a good representation of the product.), mainly to compare it with Krystal.

The gastronomical testimonials I've read through the years will probably keep me from trying the burgers, but my first impression as a Californian is that, as far as quality goes, it appears to be Der Wienerschnitzel-adjacent.

Co-signed on Shake Shack. I walked past this place in March and since it was referenced in HIMYM I had to give it a shit. Legend - wait for it - dary! Legendary.

Maybe not as good as In-n-Out, but in the same ballpark.

Your mistake was cheese. I love a good cheeseburger, but White Castle is 1000x better without the chesse.

Last time I had White Castle, three days of heartburn...................

White Castle..........When every other place else is closed..

Shake Shack is in the In-N-Out ballpark due to the fact that it's right there on the Strip. I would say the meat quality of Shake Shack is better.

A place to satisfy extremely desperate munchies when in college...today, no thanks, I will go hungry!

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