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The Rio's Facebook Problem

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 18th August 2015 9:42pm
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By now, you've probably seen that folks often put a disclaimer on their social media profiles that say "My tweets are my own and not a reflection of my employer" or something like that.

We've never seen employers put a disclaimer on their social media accounts that say "Our employees, we love em, they work hard for us, we pay them... but they say stupid shit in person and on social media - don't hold us accountable, mkay?"

The other day an employee of the Rio posted his thoughts to his personal Facebook page, thoughts that celebrate the death of a law enforcement officer Carson City.

Understandably, some people were infuriated by what this guy posted. Scouring his profile, they discovered that he is an employee of the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino and promptly clicked their outrage over to Rio's Facebook page, demanding head on a social media platter. And by head, I don't mean pleasure, I mean someone getting fired. Which, well... I guess could be pleasurable, with, like hot wax and stuff?

The Rio's marketing interns - deft with hashtags and selfie contests - wake up to find an angry, blood thirsty mob storming the auto scheduled late-nite posts about the buffet. They do what every PR flunkie does, they release a vague statement in the hopes that everything will go away:

It has come to our attention that an employee may have posted insensitive comments on his personal Facebook page relating to the recent tragic death of a police officer. Such comments in no way reflect the opinions of the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino, its management, or its affiliated casino resorts. The Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino supports and respects first responders and deeply appreciates the sacrifices these brave men and women make on a daily basis to keep us all safe.

The mob collectively sighs, releases their anger and says "OK Rio, we know it is impossible for employers to vet each and every utterance made by an employee on their private time via platforms known or unknown to this or any other light, dark or multicolored internet. Nor would it be fair for us, as free people, to require fellow citizens to act in accordance with our employers wishes at all times even when we aren't on the clock. We are free people and with freedom comes disagreement, knit cardigans and many flavors of Slurpees." The mob peacefully disburses.

OF COURSE NOT! They keep raging at the Rio until the hotel is forced to release a second, slightly stronger statement:

Please note that we are aware of a recent incident involving insensitive comments by one of our employees on social media. The Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino takes this matter seriously and is investigating. We will take appropriate action after all the facts are gathered. As this involves an employee of the casino resort, we cannot comment further at this time, but rest assured this matter is being investigated thoroughly.

Assuredly, the mob refuses to rest, instead types themselves into a frenzied froth - debating free speech, the Truman Doctrine, Theodor Adorno's treatise Negative Dialectics, the pan-Socialist ramifications inherent in the early etchings of Cy Twombly as well as firing cannonballs right at Penn and/or Teller's twenty story tall titties:

We love the Rio we got married there 7 years ago and we are saving hard to come back to visit and stay it costs a lot from the UK but we'll make it one day

One guy dropped off this flaming bag of dogshit:

You mean people actually stay at that dump regularly??

Ooooof - right in the Loveman!

Finally, a Rio fan comes to the rescue:

Please update rooms and fix stained carpets. Very disappointed last visit. But I'll be back soon. Willing to pay for a decent room even tho I am a diamond player.


I guess the point I'm trying to make is that for the first time ever, I kinda feel bad for the Rio. Their employees get them into trouble, angry mobs seek vengeance at their door, their PR mouthpieces make the trouble worse and fans come to their aid with insults and faint praise.

Will someone pleeeeeeease buy the Rio?

Big thanks(?) to vegaspilgrim for the Tweet tip!

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Chuck if I ever come into a great deal of money I am going to buy the Rio and give Metallica a residency.

The Rio's only good thing is Penn and Teller.

That said, incidents like you described above are one of the many reasons I hate social media.

It turns the internet into a giant high school playground, but with even more catastrophic results.

The Rio needs to apologize for their valet service and parking. Dozens of people grow old and die every year waiting for their cars.

"Ooooof - right in the Loveman!"

What a line ... that's the kind of stuff that keeps me coming back...

The only good things are Penn and Teller and the Palazzo Suites, though for that money you are better off elsewhere.

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