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Introducing The ālon Logo

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 18th August 2015 2:11pm
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ālon, the forthcoming resort from former Wynn Resorts executive Andrew Pascal and Crown Resorts Chairman James Packer, have unveiled their logo.

alon las vegas logo

The logo type is modern, sleek, chiseled, well-balanced and spacious in a deep bronze. A light blue macron sits atop the a, further emphasizing it's pronunciation. Imagine Battlestar Galactica and Happy Days had a love child born from the leathered loins of the Fonz and a lubed up Cylon motherboard.


alon las vegas logo

In addition to the logo, ālon have launched their corporate website located at alonleisure.com. Another domain, AlonLV.com also resolves to the same service. I presume that AlonLV.com will eventually become the home base for hotel information, reservations and the like.

Technology is HTML5, using Twitter's Bootstrap with Jade, jQuery and responsive CSS to scale the image. Simple, clean, efficient... maybe even overkill for a simple splash page. Probably could use some analytics tracking, even at this early stage. There appears to be hooks in the code to launch an image slideshow lightbox doohickey at some point.

ālon has yet to procure @alonlv or @alonlasvegas on Twitter and unless I hear from official channels, my gut feeling is that the @alonvegas account is a fraud. No doubt whomever controls it will add the above logo as an icon in the next few hours.

ālon is targeted for a Q1 2016 groundbreaking, eyeing a grand opening in 2018, which I'm going to guess will be in Q4.

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Comments & Discussion:

My thoughts: good to know it lets me see that I won't be able to afford it!


dj - can you explain? the macron prices you out?

Funny choice of font for the alonleisure page. Does anybody else read it in monster truck rally announcer voice?


I can't get Battlestar Galactica's Cylons voice out of my head after reading this.

I don't want to shit on an entire concept just based on a gut reaction to a logo, but it does make me think of facial cleanser. Or the myriad of cosmetic logos you hurriedly pass by in Macy's to get to the meat of the mall (Wetzels Pretzels).

I can only hear this being screamed by Frau Farbissina...


You say Battlestar. My mind drifts to Katee Sackhoff and Grace Park and huh? Was there something about a casino in here?

^ i'm with you here.

Not that crazy about the name yet but the logo has a sense of style to it even though it has a Caligula vibe to it

they paid someone money to make this logo...

Looks boring....

I'm not a fan, I think Hank nailed it, it reminds me of a facial cleaner or pimple remover. Having said that, it matters little, there is nothing concrete to associate with the logo yet, when that happens, perhaps it will feel different

At least it isn't in Comic Sans or Papyrus......

More square footage info on Alon:


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