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Second Nightclub Promoter Sues Hakkasan For Monopoly

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 17th August 2015 6:01pm
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Los Angeles-based nightclub promoter Ben Hakim has filed a cross complaint against Hakkasan LV LLC and Hakkasan LTD LLC in U.S. District Court in the State of Nevada.

In court documents obtained by VegasTripping, Hakim alleges that Hakkasan and its agents - Khalifa Al-Mehairi (Abu Dhabi Investment Council), Khadem Al-Qubaisi (managing director of International Petroleum Investment Company), Neil Moffitt (CEO Hakkasan), Danny Silberstein (EVP Operations, Hakkasan) Alex Cordova (EVP Marketing, Hakkasan) and their assistants have have engaged in a systematic and willful anti-competitive business practices, conspiracy to restrain trade and monopoly, by "exploiting monopoly power to control the market for nightclub services" and using copyright lawsuits to dismantle the third party promoter system.

In the claim (filed pro se - on their own behalf, without a named legal representative) Hakim states that his company Prime Nightlife, LLC have been acting legitimately as third party affiliate promoter for Angel Management Group (the precursor to Hakkasan Group LV, LLC) selling tickets and VIP access to HK owned nightclubs via direct contact with AMB management and also via AMG ticketing portals VenueDriver.com and TicketDriver.com.

In a previous complaint, it appears that Hakkasan LV LLC and Hakkasan Group LTD LLC sued Mr. Hakim for copyright infringement related to web properties he uses to facilitate his business of promoting AMG/Hakkasan/Light Group VIP sales. Mr. Hakim claims that the original lawsuit is part and parcel of a pattern of litigiousness, aimed to cut third party nightlife promotors out of Hakkasan's business.

Hakim is seeking permanent injunction against Hakkasan LV LLC and Hakkasan Group LTD to allow him to continue operating his business plus statutory and punitive damages of at least $5 million dollars.

This is the second report of Las Vegas nightclub promoter/operators in lawsuits with Hakkasan Group, alleging monopolistic business practices. Could this be the same suit that Page Six was referencing but with the players named correctly? Hard to tell. My inquiry in to New York Post's reporter of the MB BC article went unanswered.

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Fantastic Article. Very well written. I am glad to see someone is doing something about their alleged fraud and corruption. Its good to see that guy stand up for himself. Why would they sue him when he has emails from their company authorising him to use their license. www.HakkasanComplaints.com would probably love to hear about this. I think Neil Moffit is being sued for other alleged shady activities. Keep up the good work.

What else is Neil being sued for?

There are a ton of articles how he allegedly is monopolizing the vegas club market. Rumors are surfaces his "money backers" are pulling out. I don't think they are going to double down on him any more.

Here is one article. There are many more. http://pagesix.com/2015/08/03/nightlife-mogul-accused-of-monopolizing-vegas-club-scene/

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