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The Casino Marketing Selfie Game

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 17th August 2015 6:00pm
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Time to play that classic walk around dizzy and blindfolded with something sharp in your hand game "Pin The Narcissist With The Selfie Stick!" I'm putting my money on the actor in the blue polo surrounded by actresses not in his league.

What better way to do some social media marketing than appeal to the wave of narcissism that has over taken cyberspace since the advent of the front facing camera. Damn you Sony Ericcson!

Caesars Entertainment doesn't give a shit what your selfie looks like. If anything, they're laughing at the ridiculous over-rehearsed selfie faces and even worse clothes. When the snickering subsides, a wave of high fives echo through the social media marketing office congratulating themselves at how easily they've pulled the marionette strings on your vanity to get you to spam your social stream with an autoerotic advertisement starring you.

A website called "Marketing Donut" (!) says:

For business of all kinds, the selfie is a fantastic way for brands to show a human side. Encouraging customers to post selfies with a brand-related hashtag also gives your business free marketing. What could be more powerful than hundreds of social media users posting images with your product or making use of your #brand?

Total Rewards' summer selfie hashtag campaign has had ~12 engagements on Twitter and ~110 on Instagram, with a handful of participants posting times in multiple locations. One woman has posted six times. It is unsurprising that her profile lists her occupation as "real estate agent."


There have been multiple psychological studies that have researched the possible connection between selfie taking, narcissism and psychopathy. A 2014 study of American men concluded:

Results showed that both narcissism and self-objectification were associated with spending more time on social networking sites, and with more photo-editing. Posting numerous selfies was related to both higher narcissism and psychopathy, controlling for the overall number of other types of photos posted.

A second study from 2015 surveyed both women and men and concluded that "there is a consistent, if small, link between narcissism and selfie-posting" particularly for men. Men who take and share selfie photos without editing them are more narcissistic than those who spend time editing, cropping and retouching them. The more the photos are retouched, cropped and edited, the lower the selfie taker's self-esteem. Is there any social media hell more Sysyphean than being a selfie addicted narcissist with low self esteem? Researchers also found there were connections between specific types of selfie taking and a specific traits of narcissism. Women are more likely to take and share selfie photos, and the narcissistic of them primarily doing it to satisfy their exhibitionistic demand for admiration. (See the above photo - one man, four women)

This selfie nonsense is just a garden variety take all comers hashtag engagement tweet game. However is not outside of the realm of possibilities that the casino marketing selfie game is (or could become) further granulation of psychological targeting aimed a groups prone to react and participate. Casino bosses make no secret of the way they target specific ethnicities with specific games, offerings, dining, interior design and marketing language. Is it unfair business practices to target psychological profiles by dangling triggering fruit in front of their psyche - those with penchant for vanity, gluttony or addiction perhaps?

But how would Total Rewards (or M Life etc) receive, parse and act on this total information? Is their information gathering skills as exceptional as their investor hype machine promises?

Is there a computer learning algorithms in the social technology space that can read a social graph - who your friends are, what you like, what you share, what you say, what you take photos of - and spit out a psychological profile to be marketed at.

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Comments & Discussion:

This period of human history will be taught to future generations as a moment of extreme narcissism and selfishness. It probably concludes with something like: "After the impeachment, charges, and subsequent trial hearings over the the conduct of President/Supreme-Chairman Trump, humanity began a new era of empathy and giving. Also people began valuing their privacy and stopped putting cameras on everything."

If Vegas still exists by the 23rd century, I expect a goofy themed casino celebrating our stupid excesses and head-up-our-ass self importance. Call it "Selfies Palace".

But what about those people who posts pictures of the food they're eating at Vegas?

Like me?

There certainly are excesses (say, taking selfies at a disaster or posting a hundred photos of yourself in front of your bathroom mirror) but vacation selfies? I don't see the problem with that.

Not that I could ever be a "selfie stick" kind of guy myself. I do have some standards, however low they may be.

Selfie sticks are starting to be banned at certain places but they aren't going anywhere. i have found that people are more than happy to hand their phones to strangers so they an take a picture for them and avoid using selfie sticks. I do take pictures of the food I eat while in Vegas to show friends but the food doesn't mind since I give it a good home.

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