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Second Time Is A Charm : Derek Buys Las Vegas Club

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 14th August 2015 12:48pm
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After years of rumors, Derek and Greg Stevens d/b/a Desert Rock Enterprises have succeeded in their second attempt to purchase the Las Vegas Club. Tim Hundy pegged the price at $40m, confirmed by the Clark County Recorder's Office.

Yes, Derek is the one who I alluded to in the Trippies 2014 "Worst Hotel Las Vegas Club" write up linked above. When I asked him about the LVC deal (tipped to us by VT reader ChrisRobbins1980), Derek's face lit up, he put his drink down on the bar and spun the yarn about how a deal to purchase LVC was done - signed, sealed and the cash delivered to an escrow account - only to have Tamares back out at the very last possible minute.

It appears that they've since realized that the gift shop and bruise covered strippers strategy wasn't working out.

I'll wager $8 bucks that the forthcoming rebranded property will be called Grandissimo in honor of the project that legendary Las Vegas developer Jay Sarno never built. Desert Rock Enterprises registered and has been renewing the Grandissimo trademark since January 2014.

Some other good ideas:

(in reference to this:)

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Comments & Discussion:

Congratulations Derek and Greg Stevens on finally closing the Las Vegas Club purchase! I can't wait to see what they do with the property.

Thanks for remembering my tip from a couple years ago. I'm super pumped that the Stevens brothers are buying this place. First things first, rip out that god awful gift shop.

The renovations are likely going to be extensive, as unlike at The D and the Golden Gate, the property is not going to remain open during renovations (Rumors are that it will be closing within days.) and the hotel rooms have been closed for quite some time.

If the room renovations at The D and the Golden Gate (not to mention the Golden Gate Suites in the new section of the hotel) are anything to go by, the renovated rooms at the Las Vegas Club (or whatever name they change it to) will be quite nice.

The only downside I can think of is the dilemma of what will be Vegas's new punching bag? Which property will now have the coveted distinction of "Worst Casino"?

Very cool news. It will be interesting to see what they do to the place.

Grandissimo sounds better as a name for a combined D/GG/LVC Slot Club than as a casino name.

Any word on my pitch for a batting cage on the roof? No pun intended. Actually, I do mean that pun. Not bad, right?

Look forward to 40.00 rooms with 50.00 resort fees.

Las Vegas Club will be closing Wednesday at Midnight. Once PlayLV vacates the property, Derek will be sending his engineering staff in to assess the structures of the property and from there come up with a plan for the buildings.


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