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XTrain Rail Service From L.A. to Las Vegas Starting In Sept

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 12th August 2015 9:23am
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The Xtrain, a long planned and longer rumored rail service aimed to connect Los Angeles and Las Vegas has announced via a Facebook that they will begin releasing details about schedules and ticketing in September 2015.

Hiawatha Xtrain

The Xtrain - a vintage Hiawatha - features sky cars, bar and dining service in an attempt to recapture that that classic train travel feel. The trail will depart from Fullerton, CA and arrive at a newly constructed train station to be built in the parking lot next to the Plaza Hotel and the Union Pacific rail yard.

Theoretically, of course. We've seen no signs of a train station rising from the asphalt.I suspect they'll start with a guy sitting at a folding table under a tent selling tickets with a Square-enabled iPad.

Xtrain Station at Plaza Las Vegas

We've been jibberjabbering about a Vegas party train for a decade. From slow speed dining cars to high speed magnetic levitation bullet trains to the ultra futuristic get-there-in-25-minutes Hyperloop.

Truth? Fiction? A little bit of both?

Did someone say SoCal to Vegas VIMFP party train?

Big thanks to my lovely Vegas party train service obsessed wife MissMonkay for the tip.

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Comments & Discussion:

They just need to open a gaming car the moment they cross state lines.

This really is the dream that won't die. I moved to LA in 1999 and remember hearing such a service was upcoming once a year.

On the Xtrain Facebook page they make some silly assumptions. They looked yesterday at pricing for a SW LAX-LAS flight for this Friday to Sunday, and contend people typically only plan their Vegas trips days in advance, and still pay to fly. So they then list the price as $240 each way, setting it up as the expensive option. Then they argue with posters in the comments about pricing.

This is from another gem, "but one of the interesting options was to make high quality fast food available. I'd like to know what you think about that. Some options would be Der Wienerschnitzel, Taco Bell, Subway, McDonalds," Are these high-quality fast food? Is Chipotle then haute cuisine?

If it did take off, then it should concentrate on the booze and more eclectic food. It would be fun for a novelty.

In one of my previous incarnations, I was a charter tour bus driver out of Los Angeles.

We did a lot of Vegas trips. Some were all weekend long. Another popular option was the 'turn around', which meant loading up and leaving L.A. at 5:00 Friday after work, driving 4 hours to Las Vegas, everybody gambling and partying all night, then heading back to SoCal at 6 in the morning.

The bus was always buzzing on the way to Vegas. Everybody already gambling with each other, yelling at me to drive faster, and all heck about to break loose.

The drive back was more akin to a funeral procession. Every body broke and passed out.

Heading back home on my last trip, there was crazy back up into Victorville and down through Cajon. I took a weird alternate through Hesperia that took me through gorgeous canyon roads, a good portion of which were paralleled by the rail line. I don't know much about trains, but I thought to myself how much of a shame it is that only freight conductors and the few living off these back roads get to see this incredible landscape.

If this dream actually comes to fruition, I'm looking forward to sitting under those glass panels and taking it all in again.

I remember moving to CA in I think 1990 as a kid and the train stopping at the Plaza station for a break.

I love trains but 5 hours from LA to Vegas in anything but a car is too long. Do it in 1 or 2 and I'd be interested even if it was slightly more expensive than flying. LAX just sucks so bad.

As a person who has been advocating the stalled HSR projects for a while: there's no point to regular rail service. You can buy a ride from Megabus or another number of operators pretty affordably, and the bus doesn't have to sit on the shoulder for 45 minutes anytime a freight truck wants past

I'm for it.

I would actually overfly Las Vegas to flight into John Wayne Airport in order to catch this train just once, as you don't get too many chances to ride on old train cars like these.

Frontlinewinner did bus runs LA-LV on Fridays after work in 4 hours? When? 1965?
And anyone who thinks this antiquated train would get from Fullerton to LV in 5 hours must also think the California "High Speed Rail" will be built. And for $60B.
Freight trains have right of way over Amtrak passenger. Where will this scam be in the queue?
A major problem is the climb on the grade.
If you think it sounds great, go ahead and "invest" with the scammers. If you'd never do that? Well, neither will any of the other people they hope to get $$$$ from.
Sorry missmonkay and Mike, it's never going to happen.

$480 RT per person? For a train ride from LA to LV? Then another $70 for RT taxi to a strip hotel?

That's insane. Price it at $200 RT and maybe you have something.

@vespajet...if you're interested in old trains, check this out. Renting a car is expensive but, I'm told, not a crazy as you might think.


They have an annual convention (where they hook up a bunch of cars, hire an Amtrak engine and do a week long trip) and last year it ended in Napa Valley and the company I work for catered a party for them...in the cars! They were interesting people and the cars quite varied, from perfect historic restorations to Home Depot grade cabinets and carpet.

@Malibugolfer AMTRAK is supposed to have right of way under the law that created AMTRAK, but some railroads tend to ignore that. As for X Train, the likely scenario is that they're going to pay the Union Pacific a premium for right of way priority.

@NeverJustJ There's a pretty good railroad museum over in Boulder City that runs excursions on the weekends out to Railroad Pass and back. I went there a number of years ago with a group and some of us missed the last excursion of the day but ended up getting a special trip after one of the guys made a donation to the museum. They brought out an engine that was used on the railroad at the Nevada Test Site (The railroad was called the Jackass & Western.) and hooked it up to a caboose.

@Drake, the simplest solution would be to stay Downtown.

@vespajet, well actually the simplest solution is to jump in your car and drive to Vegas for the cost of a tank of gas.

I wish them well, I really do, but the idea of paying nearly a grand per couple RT is kind of mindboggling, that's all. I don't see it succeeding at this price.

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