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Vegas Eats: Krispy Kreme Doughnuts at Circus Circus

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 7th August 2015 12:59pm
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There is nothing more helpless and irresponsible than a man in the depths of a donut binge.

That man is me and the donut binge is now. Or a succession of nows spanning from now now to the Bush Administration now. You pick the Bush. Not now now, but then, now.

When it comes to donuts, all bets are off. Decorum, patience, common sense... gone. I'm glad I'm at Circus Circus and not a dignified place like Excalibur. Donuts!

Circus Krispykreme Donuts

I arrived at Krispy Kreme Doughnuts at Circus Circus by submarine a little before at 1:30am on a Tuesday morning. There were two employees working, smiling and laughing actually. I was greeted instantly by the smiling and lovely Donna who offered her assistance and asked if I had any questions.

The key to good donutista service is to be available but not pushy. Drooling at the donut case is 95% of the donut shop experience.

Circus Krispykreme Case

I already knew what I wanted but I still had to look. Old fashioned, kreme filled, glazed, frosted devils food, strawberry glazed, sugar, sugar jelly filled, glazed jelly filled, chocolate dipped with sprinkles, double chocolate, Peach Pie, Lemon pie. Oh man.

"Boston Creme."

Donna snagged it from the case (they call Boston Creme a "chocolate iced custard filled"), dropped it in a bag and we exchanged the booty for the cash. I made my way to one of the cafe tables, reached into the bag and pulled it out.

Circus Krispykreme Dn

A perfectly shaped donut, with crispy crust and splurt of chocolate forming a perfect dome over the top. This is one neat and organized donut. Almost too neat.

Broke it in half to peek inside.

Circus Krispykreme Bostoncr

Oooooooh yeaaaah. I am surprised to see that the dough is very very bready with huge air pockets where the shortening/butter vaporized during the cooking process. The custard was dense enough to hold its shape versus gravity, but still... creamy.

Circus Krispykreme Creme

I put it in my mouth. The crispy crust and bready dough melted into the lush, sweet custard and mixed with the slightly bitter notes of the chocolate topping as a finish. Oh man.

Donuts man.

Circus Krispykreme Check

The check - for one donut, no drinks - came to $1.61.

I floated back to SLS.

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Comments & Discussion:

The only downside to the Krispy Kreme locations that are inside other places is that they have their doughnuts shipped to them as opposed to making them in the shop. I remember the Krispy Kreme that was located where American Coney Island is at still had the "doughnut theater" setup inside of the store, but had not used it in some time. At some grocery stores, they quit making doughnuts in the stores and the self-serve doughnut case in the bakery is stocked by Krispy Kreme. Nothing like a fresh glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut that has summoned you via the "Hot Doughnuts Now" sign. Some of their filled doughnuts are good, like the dulce de leche doughnut.

Damn - those look good!

There's a smaller shittier version at the Ti Gift Shop by the tram.

When will then be now?

Mouth watering piece, thanks for sharing.

Dunkin Donuts, at least the ones in West Los Angeles have their donuts made in a warehouse in Inglewood next to Carmax. The more that you know....

I'm a fan of the glazed jelly filled Donuts.

You are killing me Chuck. Still remember when Krsipy Kreme was expanding around the country and I'd walk in and see the donuts being made and would get them fresh off the line. Much harder to find now and my belts, cardiologist, and ass appreciate it.

I've got a Krispy Kreme location several miles from me (There's been a Krispy Kreme in that spot for over 30 years, except for a several month period about a dozen years ago when they tore down the original building and rebuilt a newer design on the site.), but I haven't been to it in years. The think is that in pretty much any city, there are small mom and pop shops that do better doughnuts at a better price. During the weekend of VIMFP last year, I ventured over to O Face Doughnuts, about a five minute walk from The D and they have some awesome doughnuts (and excellent coffee to go with it).

Have you ever done a feature on Ronald's Donuts? Haven't been there but sent my neighbour on one of his trips and he said it was tasty, apple fritters are their thing apparently

Your description of all the donut varieties reminds me of a phrase in the song "Too high for the grocery store".

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