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Pictorial Evidence of Encore Room Renovation

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 3rd August 2015 2:48pm
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We've been watching the Encore room renovation project since it was barely a glint in Steve Wynn's eyeball. How could Encore possibly top one of the greatest standard hotel room designs ever created?

We've been hemming and hawing, awaiting any word whatsoever in the form of pictorial evidence, information leaks, proclamations from The Steve, press releases - anything. Feeling brazen I emailed Roger Thomas and asked him what he could tell VT about the Encore room renovations - on the record. We arranged a phone call. Roger called me, and took off like a thoroughbred explaining the whats wheres hows and whys of the direction Wynn decided to take with the Encore room refresh.

Instead of doing a large scale renovation of the rooms, Roger said Wynn opted to do pinpoint refresh - particularly targeting technology - as part of their upgrade.

We've now seen pictorial evidence of the actual new room designs.

A TripAdvisor user added this photo to the Encore listing recently which shows the new carpet and new black onyx desk tops clearly.

Honestly, I can barely tell the difference... which was their goal.

This couple is really psyched about the new carpeting pattern:

Relatedly news The Steve announced that Wynn Palace in Cotai, Macau is on track to open on March 25, 2016.

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This is how my Broseph, Chuck, rolls. Note the protein powder on the desk. Jacked. We've hit the gym, we have a good pump, it's time for an INTENSE Capoeria-inspired shit then onto Encore Beach! Shit's blowing up!!!!

That almost looks like a Control4 or Crestron by the bed bro!
Do you think it will allow us to order protein shakes and vodka red bulls from room service bro?

Yo, let's roll some 2x craps! I'm so stoked!

Ah, the typical nowadays Wynncore clientele.

The subjects of the photograph are so "cliché wynncore clubbers" it is literally painful to look at the photo.

Wait, are you telling me that's NOT Chuck and Miss Monkay?

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