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Queensryche and Dokken at DLVEC 8/29

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 3rd August 2015 12:28pm
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The rock and roll highway is littered with bands who attempted to replace an iconic lead singer. The list of successful singer switcheroos include Van Halen's Diamond David Lee Roth being replaced by Sammy Hagar, AC/DC's Bon Scott (R.I.P.) replaced by Brian Johnson, Iron Maiden's Paul Di'Anno replaced by Bruce Dickinson.

Enter Queensryche, formed in Seattle during the nascent days of power metal, who took the sound world of Iron Maiden paired it with the drama of Pink Floyd to create a unique vision of progressive rock for the fist-in-the-air set. Led by the compositional brilliance of lead guitarist Chris DeGarmo and soaring operatic voice of Geoff Tate, Queensryche rocketed from unknowns to bonafide hit-makers scoring several platinum albums in a row, including the political thriller rock opera masterpiece Operation: Mindcrime.

When grunge chopped the head off of metal, DeGarmo left Queensryche to become an aircraft pilot. The band continued, with Geoff Tate stepping into the leadership position, to consistently mixed results. One high point was a sequel to Operation: Mindcrime, that featured a guest appearance by Ronnie James Dio as Dr. X in "The Chase." You can't really go wrong when you put Ronnie Dio on your record.

Tate proved to be a megalomaniacal leader, charging Queensryche headfirst into a disastrous "Queensryche Cabaret" make up and bustier burlesque show. Dropping metal led to mutiny, with the band dismissing Tate's wife as manager before a concert in 2012. Tate acted out onstage that night, spitting on drummer Scott Rockenfield.

In a scene straight from a Rock Star, the band recruited Crimson Glory singer Todd La Torre to perform vintage Ryche material in a small club billed as "Rising West'.

Queensryche fans (including me) rejoiced. Tate was fired.

Thus began a two year legal battle with dueling Queensryches touring and releasing albums until a judge ruled that Tate would be forced to give up the Queensryche name altogether.

The "new" (old) Queensryche released a self-titled album in 2013 that returned the shine to the crown. It is this version of Queensryche that will be performing at the Downtown Las Vegas Event Center on Saturday August 29th 2015.

Dokken, no strangers to internal band drama or delicious guitar licks, will be joining them. The band this time around is Don Dokken (vocals), "Wild" Mick Brown (drums), "Current" bass player Mark Boals (who sang vocals on Yngwie's "Trilogy" album) and long-time guitarist Jon Levin.

Queensryche with Dokken
Downtown Las Vegas Event Center
Saturday August 29 2015
Tickets: $40

And here is a disclosure.

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Comments & Discussion:

Jon Levin does a really nice job in the George Lynch role for Dokken. He's got Lynch's style and phrasing down pat, and you can kind of tell he's paying tribute to him rather than ripping him off. Super nice guy too. Met him at a Hair Metal festival a couple years back, and he was just kind of hanging out in the common areas, kicking it with people.

Misnomer - I had never heard of the guy before writing this. He certainly has an interesting story - pursuing the metal dream until it was killed by grunge, then he got his law degree and opened a practice helping fellow musicians with contracts and divorces. HAHAHAH. He was always a Lynch-ophyte and Pilson asked him to play solos on a demo, which turned out the be a new Dokken album. He got the gig and has been there ever since.

He rips up that solo in the clip embedded above. He doesn't do that zigzag half-fretted glissandabrato thing George does... which i guess is good. Still gotta say a recent vid of Lynch Mob doing "Into the Fire" blowtorches the Dokken version.

FYI, you forgot that Tate pulled a knife on his badmates down in Brazil.

an interesting selection to say the least

weatherman -
you are absolutely right - i did forget that! guy is nuts!


"is there anybody listening?"

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