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Sayonara Vegas Chatter!

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 27th July 2015 12:25pm
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The largest publishing company in the world Advance Publications (owners of Conde Nast) have pulled the plug on their travel blog aggregation network, sending Jaunted, Hotel Chatter and Vegas Chatter to the internet scrap heap.

We send our condolences to the folks who lost their jobs.

Thank you for that lovely and moving hymn, brother Barry.

I'm surprised Vegas Chatter lasted this long.

Taking the Arizona saguaro cactus as logo for a Las Vegas tourism blog proved at the outset that Vegas Chatter didn't exist for the right reasons. The content, tone, writing, editing and artistic vision provided daily reminders that the staff was doing little more than grinding out a stream of keyword targeted content instead of creating passion fueled art.

We all make choices.

This obituary wouldn't be complete if I didn't mention Vegas Chatter's steadfast dedication to rewriting, repackaging and republishing articles the VT team spent weeks researching, analyzing and crafting - claiming our ideas, concepts and information as theirs within hours of being published. If that weren't bad enough, their rewrites were riddled with errors and almost always posted without attributing the source. While not technically plagiarism... it reeks of theft and just isn't cool.

The economics of churning out short shelf-life clickbait blog posts targeted at a micro-niche isn't sustainable. Las Vegas may be one of the largest tourist destinations in the world - 40+ million people visit every year - but interest in the subject is incredibly transient. Of those 40 million people visiting, most will ask for advice from their friends and social stream first. Of those who don't get a satisfying answer, a percentage will engage in an hour of Googling and a little trolling of the booking engines. Of those looking for more granular information, you'll do comparison window shopping via Trip Advisor, then maybe dining research on Yelp. Of those still interested in learning, they'll bounce over to the Vegas forum on Trip Advisor looking at a hotel, where they might find a link to a blog post or website review. I'll guess this is where most of you folks found us. You didn't end up here because we tricked you with a snappy yet purposefully vague headline.

But, you're here.

Hi! I'm Chuckmonster! I founded VegasTripping.com with my lovely wife MissMonkay 11 years ago. We have three truly brilliant and funny guys on our staff - MikeE, JohnH and Misnomer as well as a very secretive internet researcher-slash-ferret named Mac78130. We're not only Vegas obsessed, we're design obsessed, food obsessed, gaming biz obsessed, architecture obsessed, luxury obsessed, gambling obsessed, shitty hotel obsessed, music obsessed, baseball obsessed, fashion obsessed, booze obsessed and one of us has a bidet fetish.

VegasTripping is a staunchly independent voice for true and honest Las Vegas news, reviews, analysis and discussion. If you are looking for Las Vegas infotainment that is little more than a megaphone for casino public relations, you have a universe of options to choose from. If you want the independent, ho-holds-barred, unvarnished truth, you just hit the jackpot. Now go sign up for a membership.

You may not see it from the outside quite yet, but this is a very very exciting time behind the scenes here. In addition to the ongoing flood of feature reviews we're working on some major major projects that are going to redefine the state of our art and power the next ten years of the VegasTripping mission.

Vegas Chatter
"So bright you can see it from space"

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Comments & Discussion:

I've been sending folks over here lol

Quality persists and prevails.

Chuckmonster, my Leige, although I have heard your story before, it is always a pleasure to hear how the success started and progressed. As you and your great wife and staff are obsessed about all things Vegas, we, your loyal followers, are obsessed with Vegastripping. I will look forward to hearing your long term plans. May the dice be with you.

I know i'l miss it. Sure its not as in depth as VT (which is why we love you guys), but for your daily dose of fluff (like knowing white castle is opening) it was good for it.

I actually found VegasChatter after reading a rant about it on this site a couple years ago. I've been reading both sites since (along with a few other Vegas-sourced websites).

As Diablo said, it provided a daily dose of fluff, with some writers being better sourced and more concerned about attribution than others. That said, I don't know I would have supported it as much if I knew it stole content from VegasTripping, which I've continually used for a more nuanced and informed analysis of the changes in Vegas.

Yes, its writers accepted and enjoyed lots of media-related perks, but they usually offered a disclaimer at the bottom of their food and entertainment reviews.

All in all, VegasTripping remains my first and favorite Vegas-related site. I know it's tough to maintain standards (and servers) that trump the deep pockets of a well-funded conglomerate, but I would never cheer the demise of another media voice.

While I definitely appreciate that there would be some #notsogoodfeelings regarding the high jacking of articles etc that your team have labored over, there is this other thing called. Humility...... you should take a double dose.. While it is good to see a competitor brought down to size (and if what you've written is true - justly so) it proves that the better site won out - but you should remember that there will be a lot of followers (like me) of that site that was not privy to that information..... and listening to you bash them really doesn't do anything to raise your stock. If your staff are the ones behind the articles that I've been reading and loving on their site - then you're right, I'll love this one..... but there are a lot of their dedicated readers that are a bit sore about the site loss, even if you aren't... Humility goes a long in procuring future readers, since many are going to be looking for a new home to read from daily..... just saying...... think about it. Clearly there is a lot of emotion pouring out of your rant and I'm going to chalk it up to an emotional response. I'll hang around..... there is in fact some very good stuff here... and if not for the demise of the other site, I might not have found it...... see...... justice served up just right... glad that you're as obsessed as you stated...

What a vulgar, mean-spirited and unnecessary post. As one of the primary contributors at VegasChatter, I laugh at your accusation that we cribbed from you. Quite frankly, I forgot about this site years ago and only heard about your ugly POV from a comment on Vegas Message Board. Cheering the demise of a Vegas site driven by the passion of its contributors and fans only made you smaller...and more forgettable.

@chemicle You need a double dose of something called reality. Chuck has been running this site for over 11 years and could have cashed in his chips many times over the years and sold out to someone that would have likely turned the site into a content farm or a shadow of its' former self (Case in point, Cheapo Vegas.), but that's not the sort of guy he is. Chuck would be more likely to implode the site (along with its' sister sites) than to take the money and run. The reality is that running an independent travel site is a very difficult thing, and for a site like VegasTripping to still be around 11 years later is a testament to not only the work done by Chuck as well as the other current and former staffers. It's also a testament to a community of posters that also provide occasional content as well as tips that result in content for the site.

@sammasseur https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rm81LSKJC2k While you perhaps may not have cribbed from this site, others from Vegas Chatter have done so without attributing this site. Vegas Chatter is one of several Vegas sites that have posted articles that clearly would not have been written had VegasTripping not done it first. Even some of Robin Leach's "exclusives" were old news for anyone that reads this site. I'm personally not going to shed any tears over Vegas Chatter having the plug pulled by their corporate overlords. I find it funny that you posted on Vegas Message Board that you will never read this site, yet you came over here to post !

First time signing up just to post this comment. I have been a reader of both you and Chatter for few years. Chatter for longer. After this column, I'm now mourning the loss of two sources of insider Vegas news. Not knowing the true details of any stolen material on Chatter's part, and while I get very good info here, I still cannot abide the vitriolic sour grapes showcased here and will have to do my best on other outlets. Dance on graves in private, chuckmonster. Shame.

I came over here ONLY to see what garbage you spewed at us. I have no interest in following your site, not in the future and not in the past. Your negativity will be your undoing in the long run. Be amused all you like. Karma, sir.

Those of you that are offended by this post obviously aren't the sort of folks that get this site and never will. Unlike Vegas Chatter, VT isn't the cog in some corporate wheel and can say what's on their mind.

My three favorite Vegas blogs are Vegas Tripping, Vegas Chatter, and Vital Vegas. Chatter overall had good updates on projects (Lucky Dragon construction being a recent example), Vital Vegas has good stuff mainly related to the Fremont Corridor, and this site of course has the extensive room reviews and good analysis of upcoming projects (among other things). I also like Vegas Message Board, but the blogs tend to show the latest and greatest up front without having to make the effort to sift through a lot of stuff.

I will miss VC, but then again I'm starting to miss the Vegas that I discovered and grew to love in the 1990s. Between resort fees being higher than some room costs, the trend toward 6/5 blackjack at every Strip table under $25, and now the father of modern Vegas Steve Wynn reducing craps odds to 2x at his complex......maybe its just as well that a source of news goes away, since most of the news (regarding gambling on the Strip, anyway) is mostly pretty bad these days.

I find this thread sort of fascinating. I imagine I'd feel the same way if a close friend told me they were supporting Donald Trump for president and actually meant it. Disbelief is probably the simplest way to explain it.

It's easy for me to believe that there were VC contributors that had no idea that their colleagues were basically re-writing VT stories. If you're a plagiarist, why advertise that fact? In retrospect though, the evidence is so clear that it's impossible for a reasonable person to come to any other conclusion.

I've been around a long time, way before VegasChatter started up. That was an era of grind-blogs filled with ads, churning out 10-12-13-15 posts a day to generate 'eyeballs', following in the same footsteps of joints like Weblogs, Inc from back in the early 2000s.

So it goes.

That may have been the classiest "Ef you ya lying bastards" I've ever seen.

Vegas Chatter:


I think this shows where I stand.

I find this fascinating. Please provide an example of VC ripping off an article of VT. Thanks.

Stay classy, VT.

sammasseur, good luck to you sir. Your reports were always my favorite.

I like both. VC was more fluff than insight, whereas VT is the reverse - good insight articles interspersed with some definite fluff. However, it is pretty bold to razz them on clickbait when your longer feature reviews span multiple pages...is that for SEO or advertising purposes? ('pagination'?) Reviews here would be far easier to read if not spread into multiple clicked pages (case in point - it is ridiculous from a reader standpoint that latest Linq review spread over 13 pages) Thanks.

" Chuck would be more likely to implode the site (along with its' sister sites) than to take the money and run. "
Please. Everybody has their price.

Gringo -

Here is a recent example of intentional obfuscation of content sourcing.

Last year when I was on an extended hiatus from blogging, VT researcher Mac78130 found a Resorts World animation video so cool that we just had to share it. Since the blog was offline, I posted it to the VT message board on October 9th (the post was edited due to video being moved to a different location on Oct 24, see timestamps in the comments to verify Oct 9.)


The next day, VegasChatter editor Becca702 posts an article about the video, and gives credit for the find to fellow staffer East Coast Gambler, linking to his blog post about the video and saying:

"Yesterday, a video posted on Vimeo -- first reported by our East Coast Gambler on his EDGe Vegas blog --"


Sharing a link is no big deal. Nobody owns a link. But VC going out of their way to cite East Coast Gambler as the first reporter and never ever give credit to VT is the real sour grapes in this story. Moreover, the fact that East Coast Gambler accepted these accolades and didn't fess up to Becca "I saw that on VT" proves how much regard he holds for 'the truth" and also his willingness to throw Becca's reputation as an accurate reporter under the bus. It is pretty apparent that the grand (and pointless) presentation of "first reported by East Coast Gambler" is a purposeful swipe targeted at us by the both of them.

I don't expect Becca702 to read every morsel posted on VT, but I do expect her as an Editor to always ask their contributors to verify and cite sources of their information. I always ask VT staffers "where did you find this information."

All of the post poaching revolves around MeltzVegas/EastCoastGambler. I've met the guy briefly at the VT10 birthday run up and he seems like a nice enough guy. To be clear, my comments here are not personally targeted.

Anyone who reads Vegas Chatter has no doubt read one of ECG's articles where he rewrites a page from WizardOfOdds.com. He gives link credit to WizardOfOdds.com, but the fact remains that he is basically rewriting someone else's blood sweat and tears, pick pocketing the Wizard on a page by page basis. The amazingly detailed and comprehensive content on WizardOfOdds.com didn't magically appear, it was culled from spreadsheets and documents the Wizard has been agonizing over for a dozen years or more. Then take into account the lifetime he has spent studying gambling, software, mathematics and statistics. Poof. Gone. A website stolen in exchange for a hyperlink back to it.

If I were writing about a specific gambling mathematics subject, I'd form a hypothesis and test it using multiple sources - books, websites, apps, my own math as asking the Wizard for a quote about the idea. I'd use my brain and resources to form, test, execute and deliver my idea. This takes time, and explains why - if I'm lucky - I'll post one article a day.

It is possible that Vegas Chatter has a content agreement with the Wizard - they pay a subscription fee to re-use his data. Or they asked him and he gave them permission. I tend to doubt it, though. While this isn't technically plagiarism, the intention is clear - take content from someone else's website and put it on our website. Sort of like when your neighbor plucks tomatoes from your garden then opens a tomato sauce store on Etsy.

We have complained to Vegas Chatter multiple times over the years via social media and their response was always sass & disregard. When VT readers alerted them in comments on their site that the news/content/information in their articles was poached from VT without attribution, they did the same. From my (obviously) outside perspective, it seems like their editorial staff has been encouraging this behavior. Other Vegas blog/website/newspaper publishers i've spoken with have complained about this very same issue. Never once did they perform due diligence, issue updates, clarifications or retractions.

Wow that is shady. Thanks for posting that response. Very eye-opening for someone like me who knows nothing about the business.

Jimmybond -
That is a great question. Our feature pagination has existed since we launched the site in 2004 based on best practices for publishing long form articles. We paginate because a) reviews are extremely long and detailed b) we use large images saved at higher resolutions c) we want pages to load without delay d) we don't want to crush our server when reviews are posted due to high demand e) tons of folks read this stuff on their phone and it would be a jerk move to force massive bandwidth charges on them after one click.

Unfortunately pagination has been given a bad rap because of purveyors of clickbait. Our content isn't click bait (obviously). I can look into implementing a "one page" version in future versions of the software, but I'm not sure what that, if anything will accomplish. Additionally, I don't really know what other UI alternatives we have without sacrificing the heft of detail. Is the Linq review too long? Too many photos? Too many pages? I'm very interested in hearing feedback. Get in touch via contact box if you want to take this offline.

sammasseur -
I think you are mistaking bold critique for negativity and unfortunately taking my analysis of your bosses business failure as personal attack. this was not my intention, but I understand... i'd defend my team too. obviously you are upset, and i can see by your smoldering rhetoric that you are certainly able to express your passion.

In the interest of discourse, I find your statement "Your negativity will be your undoing in the long run" to be quite poetic. Here we are on VegasTripping - having a yummy discussion, oozing with intrigue, salt, discord and just the right amount of acid. We're living, breathing, thinking, typing and thriving through a fascinating discussion about the impending death of the website you worked for and fucked us over. What is being undone isn't this. I have a hunch when you get past the loss and frustration, you're going to love it here. We argue like this about wallpaper colors FFS.

WOW.......this is an interesting thread. For the past 3 years or so, I have checked both sites almost daily. A few times I did notice that I saw something VT the day before and wondered a bit......I think I usually just assumed it must have been the same source that contacted someone from both sites. Therein lies the rub for the original author/researcher.

I will say, in my mind, I viewed the sites completely different, even though they were covering the same subject (Vegas). VC was Nattie Light (sold in stores everywhere-ie lots of articles-but if you are really thirsty....), while VT gave me the same feeling as a good local microbrewery (where even the busboy could tell you in detail which beer he liked and why). Both quenched some level of thirst I had for the subject.

I do not believe VC writers were unaware (or had forgotten about) the VT site. Anyone with an inkling of their work is always tuned in to what else is going on. That being said, I will miss the volume of data from VC.......you had to weed through and often overlook grammar/proofreading errors but about once a day on average I found something that was of interest to me. However, if they were scamming......that is unforgivable.

Keep bringing the good brews to the table Chuck.

appreciate the comment back. maybe some like the paginated version, I for one find it annoying on any site not exclusively here (albeit, your implementation given each page has a good deal of content means it is not as egregious as the clickbait list-type sites. for example some sports sites who run feature articles on ranking, say, the top 30 MLB teams with each number/team given its own page and a short paragraph and photo so you need to click through 30 times to read the full feature)

If there is a way to do a one-page version please consider adding that in future. I appreciate the concern for readers' bandwidth and load speed but in this modern internet age I would hope some readers can handle it, even on mobile? maybe I am blessed with fast high speed but certainly I think the bulk of your readers enjoy better quality speeds than back in 2004! (never mind the data restrictions!) Additionally I don't know how your site is run on the back end and I am no web guru but I thought some modern web coding allowed for sites and blogs to automatically rezize uploaded high-res photos to smaller versions for initial page load with full version available upon clicking, might be something to consider. That web publishing software may also make the site responsive so that your mobile users would be fed a bandwidth-friendly version of the webpage anyhow (maybe you already do that? I only visit via desktop). Thanks!

Jimmybond -
You've pretty much pieced together the massive project i'm working on right now. As you might expect being the one guy who does all the server side, database, front coding, design and content is a lot. I've been chipping away at this bit by bit for a few years, just starting to get somewhere. Along with the new mobile friendly interface, new bells and whistle... the entirety of the guide content will be completely refreshed. it is a little crusty now, but i had to sunset updating it to get the new stuff rolling. wish i had a team of devs to bang this out but bootstrappin is what we do here.

i truly appreciate your input.

chesteronriver -

thanks for the beers! to be clear, i don't have any issue with the gravity of vegas chatter's content. as diablo pointed out, it is useful to know that White Castle is open and other bits useful things. I did beat/calendar reporting here for the first four years... posting everything and anything. Eventually, I got tired of it. I like writing reviews, interior design, architecture, food, the business end and figuring out reasons why stuff happens and predicting what might happen. A small fraction of Vegas tourists are interested in that stuff too. I know full well that VT is only useful for a small slice of lunatics. Thank you for being a lunatic!

*flips hair*

Maybe I have been married to Chuck for too long to be objective, but it just did not seem that mean spirited to me. It just seemed like accurate reporting. Again.

The goal here is not page views (although we appreciate them). If Chuck wanted to just get page views, then he would be posting any old piece of work several times a day.

The truth of the matter is, he cares about this subject. A great deal. Sometimes, too much, but to see him doing the leg work, digging around to find sources to back up his theories, reading the Wall Street Journal end to end daily to fill in blanks of these puzzles, ferreting out details from this place and that person to put together an article only to find another site has taken that data and theory and repackaged it as a 2 paragraph article hurts me as a co-founder, but more importantly, as a wife.

Chuck is an artist, in the truest sense of the word. His deep down squishy insides are only best articulated in an artistic fashion. When he plays the guitar, when he writes music, when he landscapes our garden. And when he writes for VegasTripping.

Aside from being offensive when his art is taken and repurposed, it's hurtful and dismissive.

Maybe this was mean spirited and I just don't see it. Maybe he is dancing on their grave and it isn't obvious to me. What is obvious to me is the amount of effort, tears and money that he pours into this site. It keeps him up at night. He dominates many of our conversations. It dictates our social circles. And it takes up most of his time.

We are not getting rich off of this site, trust me, I do the books. This truly is a labor of love and nothing else. If that isn't clear to the readers here, then, I just don't have anything else to say.

Vegas Rex would rollover in his grave :)

Holy shit, Chester on River nailed it perfectly. I mean, I'll drink just about anything while sitting in a lazy river or on top or Binions in its pool. But when it comes time for serious drinking, you put down the kiddie stuff.

My cooled response is similar to hail2skins, I guess. I began occasionally visiting VegasChatter because someone who updates there was the only other person other than me to notice Luxor's short lived "No Photography" policy reinforced with signs everywhere. This concerned me because at the time I was making Strip Walk columns and frequently ran around the place with a camera.

When Cheapo Vegas went down the drain, I gravitated here because much of what's written retains their sort of snarky dry comedy mixed in with information. But the content here over time (particularly when Terri Lanni and Gary Loveman consolidated the Strip into a duopoly and Steve Wynn returned) has focused increasingly on the business/executive aspects of the casino corporations themselves. That kind of business times coverage is sometimes interesting, especially when it's delivered with a punchy attitude, but I don't think it encompasses all of Vegas.

VC and Vital Vegas have been taken to task here at times, but they do a lot of Man On The Street daily grind stuff. The kind of stuff that made me realize that one photojournal of the Strip every two weeks wasn't going to cut it anymore. VT posts incredibly in-depth features when after it's staffers take a trip here, that are blunt and honest and not necessarily relevant for everyone but fascinating to the people it appeals (I'll never stay in a Grand Lakeview Suite, but I'm glad to know what it looks like.)

Some people may only need one or the other; if you're not in Vegas all the time, you may not care about the daily minutia), but the two are not a substitute for each other. However, it seems like VC was run on HuffPo economics, and those aren't going to last, either.

Ultimately, I recognize that all fan sites are endangered species, and eventually will be replaced with social media accounts and a subreddit. All of these places will, in time, join my ancient high school project web sites in the great big archive.org in the sky.

Seems this struck a cord. I just flipped by VC and they actually quoted VV directly in a stroy about the Mirage....

Speaking of site economics, I've always wondered: why doesn't VT have an Amazon affiliates advertising link like so many other websites do?

I'd be happy to do my Amazon shopping through you so that a few shekels would come your way with every purchase, as a small way of saying thanks.

Drake -
we've Amazon stuff somewhere. i know five hundy does this and since we've got a huge overlap of folks, I don't want to be a punk. i'll tuck something away on the homepage down by the shirt promo. did you email me?

Spyder -
The Vitals and the Chatters are pals. VC editor was MGM PR, Scott was Caesars in-house blogger and now works doing marketing/social for the casinos in the Fremont Street Experience federation.

^^ Nope (per email), I just commented above. I'll look for the link next time I shop...:)

Hi, I'm another VC refugee. Enjoyed that site immensely.

Wasn't aware of this site, sorry. A VC comment pointed me here.

What I've checked out so far is quite entertaining and informative; Love pictures!!

Look forward to hanging out here!

Noticed my comment didn't post immediately. Is there comment moderation here? NP, just checking.

Frontline -
We sandbox first time posters for review. Once you get approved you're good. Welcome!

Geez, LVA reported in their news section today about the VC shutdown and their comment about VC "always providing credit" for their sources could be taken as a swipe at this thread.

hail2skins -
Las Vegas Advisor also published a report that stated me and FiveHundy were part of an insider cabal that allowed the Riviera to be sold to the LVCVA. Their managing editor was on Vegas Gang for a year before he quit in protest of my referring to LVA boss Anthony Curtis as a "pornslapper" the week they announced the launch of their Topless Vegas newsletter, guide and website products.

........cabal? Wow, do good posters get a cut of whatever lucre you got for somehow having black magic to get in on that deal?

To clarify, there was a third-party commentary suggesting that part of the reason for Riviera's decline had to do with it drawing no attention or interest from the usual assortment of podcasts and blogs.

I don't think Riviera was a favorite of anyone in the present company here, but at the same time Vegas resorts are not houseplants that need you to sun them and coo to make them grow. And I don't think anyone here is big enough to make or break a company yet. And hell, since 2010 the only news story about the Riviera was either "it wasn't sold again" or "it was eventually sold."

We gave love to Riviera!! I though @Spyder and i did a glowing review of Kadys!

VC provided good quick an dirty Vegas topics Mon-Fri with a few pictures. And as Chuck said VT no longer does the "beat/calendar" reporting anymore. So where do we go to get that daily stuff now? Just read the online Las Vegas Sun? The Review Journal? Five Hundy does a great job summarizing the week's new relevant stuff, but we have to wait a week to listen to that.

Bill - Twitter.

Great. My first read over here is how another Internet site gave this guy short dick.

Hopefully it gets better.

Rooster - How could it not?

Can a take rolls from the buffet in my Ziploc?

*runs away*

Thanks for explaining about the Vegas Gang Podcast situation. I was foggy on why that original panel member left the show, and think about that from time to time as I muse on how, like Genesis, your five-man band became an even more successful threesome.

For my part, I discovered the late Two Way Hard Three blog immediately following our first stay at Wynn, which had inspired a hunger for more info. Along the way I noticed this site (VT) back in the early days when there were zero comments. I guess I really started reading here when Hunter’s “Worst Vegas Podcast” expanded to include you, Dr. Dave, Jeff Simpson and the aforementioned former co-host to become “Vegas Gang.” Gradually more comments began appearing here at VT, and many of the names were familiar from TWHT. And now, here we all are — continuing & expanding upon that conversation (which included MinVegas’/mike_ch’s “Strip Walks” and some epic MikeE trip reports.)

I only ever gave Chatter an occasional look, as it was clearly for a different audience. Some of the articles from a female perspective were interesting as this Vegas blogosphere is, like much of tech, heavily male. Cheapo was always a fun read but Vegas changes so quickly, that kind of info has a very short shelf life.

Perhaps now would be an opportunity to ask about why I got the stink eye from both you & Hunter when I thanked you at VT10 for Sure Betting the 360Vegas podcast. That guy clearly shares the passion for the subject and a similar work ethic. Of course, he’s buds now with Mr. Vital Vegas with whom you've had your issues, and I notice that he no longer attributes stories to VT — though he used to, quite frequently, and still leads the show with a VegasMate review-of-the-week. Not to mention the epic interview/guest host stint by Dr. Dave. I’m truly curious and know I’m missing something important here. But all I can say is, I enjoy their adolescent humor and well-structured show, and get a bigger weekly dose of energy from that than from garbled, unintelligible listener calls on another favorite Vegas podcast — whoever invents an app/algorithm to clear up over-compressed cell phone audio deserves a Nobel Prize! Just sayin’.

Here’s to another decade of VT. And another.

Oh dear. This:


moto - mr mckee did a short "i quit and here's why" preamble with hunter he explained he didn't want to "laugh it up with chuck and the boys" after I insinuated that A-Curt was selling sex.

I miss Jeff Simpson every single solitary day. Just yesterday I wanted ask his advice about how I should research some incredibly juicy but as yet unsupportable tips I've gotten recently.

Re: 360: So Hunter honored them with a Sure Bet - and we stink eyed you about it? Did this happen before of after you fell on the ground in the middle of a casino, wrapped both of your arms around my thigh and offered to give me blowjob? Or was it when you nearly got 86'd from the Golden Gate for being a drunken mess?

All of my beef has been aired out.

Hoooo.... blowjob... Apologies, I was certain I turned my head enough to indicate "hug" not... oh dear... That was when you were expressing some burnout and mentioned possibly retiring

Wasn't me getting 86d for drunkenness. Though a suit certainly tried when I took a picture out the door of Golden Gate toward Fremont Street.

And sorry for any misunderstanding re:360. I did some mental extrapolation based on the subsequent "STFU" Trippies nomination. I honestly thought they had earned a place on the shit list and figured I wasn't privy as to the reason(s).

I was nearly heartbroken when I discovered after the fact that I had been in town the day you & the gang had Mr. Simpson's memorial. Yes there's Twitter, and i (try to) dabble, but it's really truly a bridge too far yet. Life is full of offline commitments and this place is my (almost) daily refuge from that reality....

motoman -
actually the circumstances were different. i was responding to a rumor that I was shutting the site down. the 360 nomination was readers choice. i just count the votes.

Reading this tread I get a true understanding why Chuck sometimes has to take a hiatus from this site and all the crap he must deal with on a daily basis. This is a great site and community and I'm truly excited for all your upcoming projects. I look forward in buying you a drink at VIMFP.

I have often been inspired by what I have read on Vegas Tripping. Gaming is all about passion, and you can not write about gaming and casinos unless you understand and have lived that passion. Most of my casino passion lies with and is currently experiencing a slow death in Atlantic City. I appreciate the snark here. It is not my style, but I do appreciate it. It is my Vegas equivalent of the Delta-Points blog (which, nobody but an #avGEEK #deltaFANboy would understand....)

Jeez, you make it sound like the arms-wrapped-around-the-thigh-offer-of-a-blowjob is a bad thing.

this :
"So bright you can see it from space" was indeed a brilliant reference. Sparked some memories of Vegas things I have not thought about in years.....

"The economics of churning out short shelf-life clickbait blog posts targeted at a micro-niche isn't sustainable"

OK, sure, I won't contest that. But everything else you list isn't what I do when I go to Vegas. I'd would [i]like[/i] to read an article at a well-curated site listing the 3 best steakhouses, 3 great new restaurants since my last visit (which has a 6-12 month timespan; which isn't short shelf-life), and I'd love to be tempted with different room ideas. I'd like to stay at the Cromwell, for example, due to posts here -- but I only know that because I hang out here.

The "top 3" stuff isn't done here. Even going to the Dining page and clicking on Steakhouses lists 54 joints. VT is well-curated, but it's also very niche and relatively unstructured. I think you could expand your reach while still retaining your exquisite curation standards.

Luckily, with unfortunate family issues resolved, I will be resuming my quarterly trips to Vegas, and, given what I say above, I'm going to start posting link-baity top-3 trip reports in the forum when I get back. BECAUSE I CARE.

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