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90 Days Until #VIMFP

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 17th July 2015 9:35am
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Recently, I regaled future tales of drunken shenanigans we're looking forward to at The Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic - our not-so-little-anymore caucus of the clans which will take place 90 days from today, in Las Vegas at our incredible host hotels The D and The Golden Gate.

We got as far as far as the end of day one in that missive... and jam packed it was. We mentioned the Ice Breaker cocktail hour, the Opening Ceremony, public buffoonery, general debauchery... there was some concern expressed in the comments to said run down about "vogueing." We talked activities, The 777th Running of The VIMFPTUCKY Derby, The World Series of Satin Casino Jackets, the VIMFP late show The Undercard and an event I'm very much looking forward to - the Fivehundog Eating Contest.

Good morning campers and welcome to day two of VIMFP. Today is going to be a long one, so sleep late, rest up, eat a good breakfast and hydrate.

Our day starts at 1:57pm sharp in the Showroom at The D. Live! On stage - The Vegas Gang a round table discussion about the global gaming industry featuring the moderator Admiral Hunter Hillegas, Director of UNLV's Center for Gaming Research Dr. David G. Schwartz and me! There is a possibility we will have a special guest unless they flake out and cancel on us at the last minute.

This will be followed by discussion and Q&A session with Dr. Dave on a subject he hasn't yet shared with us (Bob Stupak!!!)

Then the legendary Tim & Michele Dressen will dazzle your ears with ranty raucousosity with a live recording of Five Hundy By Midnight, the original Las Vegas podcast episode number six-six-six.

And putting a giant cherry on the proceedings (and maybe some cream) the outrageous VegasTripping Match Game featuring VegasTripping's unpredictable cast of characters - MikeE, JohnH and Misnomer. And I get to pretend to be a game show host!

By the end of The Main Event, all of your cheeks will hurt - from laughing or sitting down for three hours.

Immediately following The Main Event will be the final round of The 777th Running of VIMFPTUCKY Derby and then a break. We strongly suggest you make a reservation at Joe Vicari's Andiamo Steakhouse for dinner, because that is pretty much were everybody is going to be, some will be wearing brightly colored hockey jerseys.

After dinner, drinking and gambling and then The VIMFP Afterparty, dancing, drinking and a little live music under a waxing crescent moon. And then the after after party, with more drinking and no-holds barred gambling in the casino at The Golden Gate casino.

Goodnight campers. We start bright and early tomorrow and bring your hangovers!

Before you know it VIMFP weekend will be here. If you haven't yet decided to come, now is the time to make your plans. We are only 90 days away, three months, a fiscal quarter, eleven weekends. six paychecks. In the next few weeks, as summer fades and attention turns to Las Vegas' great weather in fall, prices for hotel rooms and airline tickets will start creeping up. We've still got a few coupon codes left for discounts at our host hotels The D and The Golden Gate on VegasInternetMafia.com.

90 days!!!!!

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Comments & Discussion:

Chuck, I can't imagine how much work that you, Hunter, and the rest of the team have to put in to make this week-end possible. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. While the events are great, just being there, chasing the dragon, with the great community you helped organize is worth it. I have a Las Vegas trip planned in August, just to take the edge off, but rest assured, I will be ready for October.

@skyyontherocks after a coupla years doing this with the great partnership with The D, it has gotten a lot easier... they trust us and are more than happy to say yes. If it weren't for Derek's trust and encouragement of the madness, this event would still be The Main Event and a flash mob cocktail meet up the night before. can't wait to see you.

I was just thinking the event was 90 days away and found this. As Chuck knows I appear like a ghost on day two then run into people on day three on the Strip but this year I may partake in the Friday madness since I will be in Vegas that Thursday.

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