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Vegas Eats: 800 Degrees at SLS Las Vegas

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 16th July 2015 1:53pm
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SLS Las Vegas 800 Degrees Pizza Review - Sign

Breakfast complete, I headed back to my room in the hopes of napping off a persistent migraine headache. I woke up 90 minutes later, a little confused and a little bit hungry. I headed downstairs and walked the casino looking for some food. Northside again? Nah. A pastry at Perq? Nah. Some dim sum at Jose Andres' Ku Noodles? Sounds lovely, but they're closed today. Katsuya and Cleo? They won't open until later. Bazzar Meats? Not at those prices, plus the whole Bazaar casino area was roped off.

I guess I'll give 800 Degrees, the burgeoning fast-casual built-to-order pizza chain, a shot.

SLS Las Vegas 800 Degrees Pizza Review - Table

Fortunately for me, there is no line, which gave me plenty of time to stand there and be baffled by the menu that was written on the wall. I gave up trying to decipher the process and said to the pizza maker "I want a pepperoni pizza." She proceed to explain to me that they don't have a pepperoni pizza but I can order a Margherita pizza which they will add pepperoni to as an "additional topping."


SLS Las Vegas 800 Degrees Pizza Review - The Pizza maker

She grabbed some pizza dough, spread some sauce on it, tore apart some basil leaves and spread them around, then tore apart a ball of mozzarella cheese and spread that around then tossed ten slices of pepperoni on top of all that.

SLS Las Vegas 800 Degrees Pizza Review - The Cook

The pie was then transferred to a cook, who tossed it in a domed pizza oven with large flames visible in the rear. He very intensely mumbled something at me which I couldn't comprehend. I said "What?" ... he mumbled again and turned at his co-worker in the doorway nearby and snickered at him. It felt weird. Another very intense guy, probably a manager, took my money and tried to sell me a soft drink.

Sls 800 Degrees Shoe

I sat down in looked around. There is a giant red shoe painted on the ceiling with a ring of vintage looking photographers around it, taking photos. You are looking at the photo I took of this. Interesting how social sharing has impacted everything in Las Vegas over the last few years. Everything is built with social sharing in mind.

SLS Las Vegas 800 Degrees Pizza Review - The Wifi Poacher

Speaking of social sharing, in the darkest corner of the restaurant was a certified wifi poaching encampment. Dude displayed all the characteristics of the dark dorqnet - nursing a reusable bottle of water he brought from home, strategically sitting near the only visible outlet, alternating between scuzzy Vaio and sweaty smudgy Samsung, trolling Reddit for snark and snickers. Employees seemed scared of him. I wondered if I recognized him from #VIMFP.

#57... your pizza is ready.

SLS Las Vegas 800 Degrees Pizza Review - Margherita Pepperoni

My first thought... would Ace Rothstein approve of the relative geotargeting of my pepperoni? I should - in theory - get some essence of pepperoni, or the spicy molten orange juice baked pepperoni produces, in every bite or whiff thereto. 100% of my pepperoni is concentrated into 30% space of this pie.

Pluck and replace is seldom a successful strategy. Maybe if I just take the plate and tilt it around, redirecting the run off. Ah, hell. I'll just eat it.

And eat it I did. The sauce was hot, but not scalding. The crust was crispy but not burnt, thin but not leaky. The cheese had that snappy spongy chew. The pepperoni added heat and salty spice. Basil... who cares. This is a goddamn good pie that only took 5 minutes to make.

I'll readily admit that I'm not a fan of personal pizzas. The smaller size means you're going to get more crust ring than the sexy sopping center. Often times, restaurants use the same size dough balls to make small pizzas as they do big ones. The crust ends up thicker, more doughy with less of the good stuff. I could nit pick a complaint that the sauce and cheese should go further to the edge, but I won't, it tasted great.

SLS Las Vegas 800 Degrees Pizza Review - The Check

Lunch for one with no drinks came to came to $9.89.

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The pizza looks good aside from the pepperoni. What is it about pizza places that refuse to make a pizza the way the customer wants? I mean you can make a freakin' pepperoni pizza, you have to adapt another style. That alone would make me walk out.

Nice price actually, and not just "for Vegas".

The size works for me and the price but I'm from Chicago where we like our pizzas big and chewy.

Apologies for the obvious reference. Wonder what was the over/under for how long it would take for someone to pull this out:


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