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VegasEats: Northside Cafe at SLS Las Vegas

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 15th July 2015 11:54am
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SLS Las Vegas Northside Cafe Review Entry

The casino cafe. We've lamented them, we've praised them, we've dedicated an entire podcast episode to them.

With a new resort comes a new cafe. As fate would have it, SLS' Griddle Cafe and its sugar bomb pancakes (see: Vegas Eats Preview) turned out to be the first fatality at SLS, being ousted to make way for Northside Cafe, a more traditional casino coffee shop with expanded hours and menu.

I arrived to find no line and a hostess eager to seat me. The cafe was probably less than half full on a weekday morning. I was seated at a two top table in the middle of the restaurant with a view of the kitchen and the bar.

SLS Las Vegas Northside Cafe Review Menu

Gone from the menu are Griddle Cafe's signature oversized and outrageous pancakes, banished back to Hollywood. The pancake menu now limited to Classic Buttermilk, Blueberry, Caramelized Banana, Carrot Cake, Red Velvet and Whole Wheat. Breakfast also includes French Toast & Waffle variations, traditional egg scrambles, omelettes, benedicts, hash and an assortment of Mexican options - Huevos Rancheros, Breakfast Burritos, tacos, carnitas and Chilaquiles.

SLS Las Vegas Northside Cafe Review Cocktail

It wouldn't be an sbe food joint if they didn't have a breakfast cocktail menu.

SLS Las Vegas Northside Cafe Review Coffee

I ordered my food and a cup of coffee, which turned out to be a French press. I'll admit that I'm an equal opportunity coffee snob. I only turn my nose up when you offer me tea. The coffee was tart and slightly fruity, I'll guess (probably wrong) that the beans come from Costa Rica.

SLS Las Vegas Northside Cafe Review Syrup

This was my view during the meal. Periodically an extremely tall gentlemen (a bartender, and a basketball player, I presume) would hang out here attempting to look busy. Twice during during my visit a porter came out from the door on the right and pushed a large industrial garbage pail filled with trash through the middle of the dining room, and then disappear via the door on the left. Another time he wheeled a with a trolley containing crates of freshly washed glassware stacked to the sky through the dining room. The whole affair - the basketball bartender, the young wait staff, the porter wheeling trash through the dining room - lent the proceedings a college dining hall air, not a purported four-star resort hotel on the Las Vegas Strip.

Of course, it wouldn't be SLS if there weren't an attempt to work in some acronym word gags right?

SLS Las Vegas Northside Cafe Review Benedict

My food arrived - the Eggs Benedict. You can pretty much judge the skill of the chef by how well they can poach an egg. This egg was poached perfectly... soft, steamy runny yolk sealed in an egg-white pillow. Yum. The hollandaise sauce looked great but was lacking the tang and acidity of lemon juice. The Canadian bacon and English muffin contained no surprises.

The potato side struck me as a monochromatic, seared with onions and garnished with more onions.

SLS Las Vegas Northside Cafe Review Check

The check. Breakfast for one came to $20.43. The server Wendy gave me a to-go cup for the remaining coffee in my French press.

SLS Las Vegas Northside Cafe Review Siplatte


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Comments & Discussion:

Got in line one fairly busy weekend, looked through the peepholes into the dining room. Raucous noise under what appeared to be the casino non-ceiling.

Just a little too much of a mess hall for us on that afternoon. Sounds like the food is good, though.

Re: the food, it isn't destination cuisine. But if you are hungry at SLS, you don't need to hoof it to Encore to get a decent breakfast.

I had their Carnitas Hash skillet thing. It was really, really good! I went back the second morning I was there to grab another.

Vodka....Mojito? Da fuq?

The food looks good but I don't know if it's worth heading down to that end of the Strip to eat there.

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