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100 Days Until #VIMFP

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 7th July 2015 12:13pm
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We are 100 days out from our annual gathering of the tribes - the Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic. This years event will take place Friday through Sunday October 16, 17 & 18 2015. We will once again be hosted by Derek Stevens at both of his hotels, The Golden Gate and The D.

For those who have never come, heres the deal. If you've been reading VegasTripping, listening to the VT podcast (new episode soon - I promise), the Vegas Gang podcast, Five Undies By Midnight podcast/Facebook joint, you have no doubt met a metric butt ton of smart goofball crackpots on the internets. The Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic is your opportunity to turn emoticons into actual smiles, hug your internet best friends and forego the LOL for cheek cramping non-stop stream of laughs.

For those who worry - "I don't know anyone... isn't this going to be awkward?" We've all been first timers at one point, and I can guarantee you that this is most certainly a non-issue, you'll find your running posse instantly at the Ice Breaker meet up, an hour before our official Opening Ceremony at the Golden Gate.

We've got a ton of goofball activities planned through out the weekend that range from highly esoteric intelligent discussions and criminally obnoxious displays of public buffoonery. There will be drinking, gambling, vogueing, partying and general debauchery. There could be some really loud music too.

So far we've announced b>The 777th Running of the VIMFPTUCKY Derby, a signature (and epic) Sigma Derby tournament wherein teams of VIMFPIANS battle in bets as the plastic ponies go round and round. Real money gambling. We will be posting full rules and sign-up instructions in September.

You'll have your chance to strut your satiny stuff in the only competitive fashion show for Vegas casino marketing nerds - The World Series of Satin Casino Jackets. Don't have a jacket? eBay! All are welcome. The only rule: NO DENIM.

The winners of the Satin Casino Jackets will be announced at the VIMFP late show The Undercard in the Showroom at The D.

Fivehundog Eating Contest What better way to show Tim & Michele of Five Hundy by Midnight the depth of your love by mustering (mustarding?) all the greasy panache and style you can to competitively eat an American Coney Fivehundog?

And that is just the first day.

The point is simple... in 100 days, about 300 hundred of us will be flying into Las Vegas to throw it down in the beautiful and amazing city that has brought all of us together - Las Vegas. We hope you'll be there.

The full schedule of VIMFP events, generous hotel discount codes from The D and Golden Gate, instructions and tips are continually being updated at VegasInternetMafia.com.


Comments & Discussion:

I'm booked and ready to Party! Thank you Chuck and Hunter for all your hard work. See you all that VIMFP!

1. "Vogueing"? I don't recall signing off on that.

2. I think I can speak for most people with regards to first-timers. Those of us fortunate to have become repeat offenders love the new faces and the energy they bring when experiencing it for the first time. And don't worry first-timers, it's not like pledging a frat house, there is no hazing involved. Only warm greetings and chilled drinks.

3. 300? Two podcasts have been added. Granted there is a LOT of overlap among the fan bases, but I will be shocked if that number isn't significantly lower than the actual.

I do not remember and vogueing of any kind. I do remember the guy passing out at the Hagar concert but he wasn't with us. I was a first timer many years ago and felt comfortable to the point that I have been coming ever since. You meet people and run into them after the event and give them the "hey i know you head nod" all over the Strip.

I was lucky in the fact that the first VIMFP I went to (2012), I was there with some of the Canadian crazies I hang out with in Vegas and had previously met Chuck the first trip I hung out with the Canadian crazies. There were a number of folks there that I knew from here as well as from Twitter, so I was meeting a lot of people for the first time.

Anyone that is on the fence about going because they may not know anyone (other than online), it's a friendly and crazy crowd. You'll run into folks all over Fremont Street the entire weekend. You go into Du-Par's , Pizza Rock or American Coney Island and you're likely to run into other #VIMFP folks. While there are planned meet ups, there are a lot more spontaneous happenings, especially late at night.

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