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VegasGang #122 : Kirk, Loveman, SLS Poop, Apple, Alon, Booze, Trump, Macau

By Chuckmonster on Saturday, 4th July 2015 11:45am
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On the latest (and greatest) episode of the Vegas Gang Podcast we talk about the legend that was Kirk Kerkorian, Gary Loveman's legacy, SLS's crappy situation, Bellagio vs Technology, the ālon renderings, why booze is better than betting, Macau and Donald Trump.

All that PLUS a brand new VIMFP event announcement.

It is a jam packed episode that clocks in at nearly two hours long. Yowza!

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I found this recent review by "Chapper3103" to be quite informative:

I listened to three of these podcasts. What a BORE!!! I mean it was EXCRUCIATING to sit through them. Yes it is a business Pod, but God do they all have to be A COMPLETE BORE? The most common reply on this cast is 'Oh I havent heard about that, or "I'll have to look into that". were these guys 'the last man out' on the sale of the Riviera? Don't waste your time...much rather listen to 5Hundy by Midnight! Good riddance Vegas Gang, you should go the same way as that Hotel!!!!

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Comments & Discussion:

I guess I like excruciating and boring. Don't change!

So I guess "Chapper3103" will be skipping the Vegas Gang portion of the Main Event at VIMFP?

Tied for my favorite Vegas podcast with the VT pod.

The $64,000 question:

Chuck, are you more or less excited about Alon then you were two weeks ago?

Re: Alon Design, for what it's worth, I redrew the plans from the Fox story and made what changes I thought would be needed, while filling in the blanks of some of the sections that aren't very clear.

@rangerkeeper - I was always excited about this project, they've got a great team working on it. The leaked renderings tell a portion of the story.

@stevecovington - fascinating take, as usual.

Chuckmonster 2016! (Nice politician's answer, I appreciate the limited insight so far and am very excited to learn what you discovered from the Alon team.)

@rangerkeeper - Andrew was very very very candid with me about all of the topics I inquired about, under the agreement that our discussion would be off the record (for now.) This whole situation is sort of bizarre and more than a bit frightening. We've never had this degree of access before - being walked through the entirety of a project's concept and plans by the CEO this early in the game - i'm honored to be involved in this but there are certainly tradeoffs. Instead of blurting factoids based on leaks, half-truths and assumptions, we get to tell and analyze the actual story based on concrete information and first hand knowledge. Andrew invited us because he truly respects our work, our instincts and our fearlessness in calling things how we see them - good or bad. It might be a little while before these seeds sprout and bear fruit, but I can guarantee you that having a front row seat, backstage passes, access to rehearsals and the script is going to enable us to tell the entirety of the Alon's resort creation story in a way nobody ever has. I hope. Unless I fuck it up.

I accept your nomination.

can't wait. Once again, Nice get. Awesome, and a tribute to your work on this site.

(Part of me feels nostalgic; this would've been a TwoWayHardThree kind of thing a few years ago...!)

As for Chapper’s review:

I tell ya’, I’m so bloody sick & tired of over-produced, phony “Aren’t we having FUN?!?” shows all over TV (I’m looking at you, Jimmy Fallon and nearly all of info-tainment TV), that Vegas Gang is an unadulterated breath of fresh air. There was another review that said simply, “This makes my head hurt!” My reaction: F*cking Airhead!”

Vegas Gang, especially with the occasional bigwig interview, are the Charlie Rose of Vegas podcasts. Don’t ever change. Especially for some douchey f’ing airheads that wanna hear the latest celebutard nightclub sightings — you know they’re not your audience, anyway.

Maybe Hunter can identify with this analogy: There used to be a show on TechTV called “The Screen Savers,” a computers & internet show hosted by real tech people that was informative and entertaining. Then TechTV sold to G4, the show became an entertainment show that just happened to be about tech, the original hosts were replaced with comedians and actors and it totally sucked balls. (Thanks again, Paul Allen. You’re buggering our Trail Blazers again, now, too. Schmuck….)

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