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What Is Up With Mirage's Casino?

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 30th June 2015 11:57am
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Hot on the heels of the rest of the work MGM Resorts International has done on the Mirage comes a complete rejiggering of the casino layout. If you've walked through recently you've certainly noticed tarps, plenty of tarps.

There are three areas of the casino that are covered in construction tarp - Atrium adjacent, Love adjacent and at corner of the casino floor near Revolution.

VT superfriend CanadianCrapShooter (we missed you!) got the scoop from an array of Mirage casino persons and provided us with an explanation and a map as to what they've got cooking. Take it away CCS:

So far they have shrunk the poker room and built a new cage adjacent. The dice pit has been moved to the entrance of the Love theater - which causes an absolute clusterfuck of traffic when a show gets out.
Baccarat has been moved to the high-limit room and the bacc lounge is boarded up and being converted to high-limit slots. The casino host office has also moved into the high-limit.

That leaves the middle of the casino for a big new piano bar. They are also adjusting the footprint of that area to leave more room for the dice pit.

And the map:

If you pine for the return of tropical-era Mirage, you're going to hate the new(ish) Mirage casino. I like it, although the dark carpet, dark woods, dark everything is begging for some bling in the lighting department. Maybe that will come later?

Thanks Richard!

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Comments & Discussion:

Actually that's not a bad idea - I've never stayed at the Mirage, just played and my usual paths are from the lobby to Carnegie Deli (and out) or reverse.

The center casino never gets much love (heh) from me as it's oddly setup and, more importantly, there's no draw to that side of the casino when passing through. If there's a piano bar/more open layout that might enough for me to hang around a little longer.

Bring back Baccarat Bar.

Does anyone know what the timeframe for completion is? And I guess this is another example of replacing gaming with an increased food&beverage setup.

Baccarat Bar has been replaced by high limit slots? That's a bad move but likely more profitable. I miss the original 1989 version with the thick atrium plants and dining at Kokomo's, hearing only the rush of water. Oh, well. Can't live in the past.

Putting in a bar in the middle of the casino makes sense. Rhumbar does a lot of private events, so when they have to close it to the public, the lobby bar and the sports book bar get slammed, and there's not always empty seats on the lounge side of Heritage Steak.

Doesn't look like MGM is planning to sell the Mirage anytime soon which is a good thing! I loved the old tropical Mirage as well and had many damn! good Pina Coladas at the 'ole Baccarat Bar while watching the ladies of the night go about their bizness.

This is great news. Perhaps in the height of supposed financial invincibility of 2006, the idea of the "American" high limit room and the separate baccarat salon made sense, but now I just don't get it, especially when the blackjack and roulette tables in the baccarat salons are getting more action than their hipper, more contemporary counterparts. It's good to see Mirage adding more beverage options and combining two sparsely used high limit table salons.

Are the days of Bellagio's Club Prive and Aria's Carta Privada numbered? I understand that they only need a few customers to make the spaces worthwhile, but worthwhile enough to replace the extraordinary mark-up on potential beverage sales? Besides, those customers will migrate to the baccarat salons anyway.

Mike, I walked through Carta Privada--now simply renamed High Limit--multiple times last month and it was concisely busy. I think that space does well as a result of the baccarat salon being so intimidating. It also doesn't hurt that The Deuce was just sent to the dustbin of gaming ultra lounges. All two of those players probably migrated over to High Limit.

Prive, on the other hand, was always empty. That space--and the slot area between it and Tutto--could be utilized for something much more engaging along that corridor at Bellagio.

Mirage is one of the few places on the strip that I never stayed at. Mostly due to coincidence, but partly because I never felt at home in the casino. As mentioned in previous posts, the traffic can get very clustered. I hope they can improve the layout...I am attracted to a good tropical theme and would like to spend more time there.


I like the new plans for the center bar. But I agree that placing the dice tables in that new location will be a traffic issue. Those card tables that used to be there really never seemed to be open. Maybe management will reconsider the dice table placement after getting negative comments from us craps players.

The property advised me that the grand opening of the new Center Bar is scheduled for November 6th. It's easy to imagine they may soft-open a few days before that.

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