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Alon Las Vegas Rendering Surfaces

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 26th June 2015 1:29am
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The local Las Vegas Fox Affiliate managed to snag the first renderings of Alon Las Vegas and used them to coerce CEO Andrew Pascal to issue a public statement on the resort's behalf.

Alon Leisure Management, LLC is a new leisure and hospitality company with a focus on developing one-­of-­a-­kind luxury resorts. The destination of the company's first project, Alon Las Vegas, is strategically located on the Las Vegas Strip and will contribute to the revitalization of the market.

Alon Las Vegas is a gaming resort being developed on the historic Frontier site. As the flagship destination, Alon Las Vegas will set the creative tone and operating tempo for the company's developments.

'Central to our vision for Alon is the careful consideration, creative exploration and uncompromising execution of the resort experience. We are building a team of seasoned industry operators, entrepreneurs and global designers who bring a fresh, new approach to what we think the future of Las Vegas should be,' said Andrew Pascal, founder, CEO & co-­chairman of Alon Leisure and Alon Las Vegas.

Alon is envisioned to include approximately 1100 guest rooms and suites and will provide a full complement of integrated resort offerings. The project will generate thousands of direct and indirect jobs for Nevada residents.

VegasTripping pegged the name Elan in January, which was amended to Alon in April thanks to a tip by FiveHundy, who noticed that the original Elan trademark application had expired and been replaced.

Victory laps aside, real juice here is the rendering. Unfortunately, the Fox guys were too busy to do a proper scan of the the plans.

I adjusted the perspective a little to compensate:

Whoa... this not what I expected from The Wynn Wunderkind. I hoped for intimate and sexy, but this, this looks like... fuck... the East Side Cannery, meets Hard Rock meets M meets... eeek. To be fair, this is one view of one elevation, it may very well be that we're looking at the back of the Mona Lisa, but even so... eeew. The shape is in no way aesthetically compelling, emotionally stirring, sexy, dramatic, playful or welcoming. As DeRuyter Butler would say, there is no "hug" and a square curtain wall with suspender columns isn't the kind of breathtaking I'm guessing they were hoping for.

Now I see why Pascal nearly apologized in the Fox article, stating that the renderings are "very preliminary." I sure as hell hope they're preliminary, as a property that square doesn't stand a chance of being noticed, no matter what kind of photovoltaic metallic gazebo gets bolted onto the roof.

Perhaps Pascal is shooting art that goes over all of our heads? Set amidst the dashing CityCenterizing of the Strip, the Fashion Show spaceport, Asia-insane Resorts World, Venetian's reclaimed Italianate and minimalist stunner Wynn & Encore... could Pascal be purposefully outflanking them all by foregoing pizazz in favor of the resortitecture equivalent to normcore? Goodbye Tom Ford, hello Dockers. Goodbye Louis Vuitton, hello Gap. Goodbye shiny blingy bedazzled Bellagios, hello denim button ups. Is Pascal telling us that boring is the new outrageous?

Art school festoonery aside, I just don't get these designs as presented. It really would behoove the Alon crew to engage, and not run from, this discussion - liberate the full set of renderings, pronto.

I eagerly await your email, Andrew, Rob, Jenn.

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Comments & Discussion:

Alonte Station.

Poor man's Vdara...

So the article says groundbreaking could take place in early 2016.

The thing I found interesting was the number of rooms.....1100? Certainly well below the ~3000 and up we've been used to seeing in the post-Mirage era. Granted, the rooms/suites may very well set a new standard as far as size is concerned. What was the approximate budget earmarked for the resort again? I've always wondered about the feasibility of a relatively small standalone resort on the Strip, especially considering the amount of money that has to be paid out for the land, and whether such a resort could offer competitive games....i.e. dispense with the 6/5 BS, maybe offer 10x odds in craps. Intriguing.

It looks exactly like a Venetian blind.

If this was supposed to make Wynn nervous, I think he can relax. I know that the sad trend in Vegas is to build office buildings with rooms and a casino inside, but this is just pathetic. It is only going to get more sad as the themed properties I grew up loving to go to and walk around are falling further into disrepair.
My open plea to all casino operators in Vegas. Embrace themes. You can have fun with a theme and still have an adult experience.

Can't wait to have a drink at the Alanon Center Bar.

Doing a little digging around the websites for Crown Melbourne and Crown Perth, it seems as though the design for Alon is based on the designs used for the Crown Metropol and Crown Promenade properties that are part of those resorts. I would not be surprised if the room designs are also pulled from those properties. The upcoming Crown Towers in Perth may be an influence as well.


My initial thought was that they showed the architect photos of the New Frontier and said to do a modern take on it.

I'd love to see them build something that looks like the proposed Crown Sydney:


In the video, the towers look to be curved.

What I dont see in these plans is a casino floor, unless it's in the round section at the front of the property where the water feature is. Casino could also be in the curved section under the resort tower. Interesting the driveway looks to be 10 ft from LVB.

What hail2skins said... The big news for me is 1100 rooms. A solid team used to running resorts four times the size, add to it a likely "VIP" component of sorts, and this thing'll be Mandarin Oriental with a casino.

Fontainebleau 2.0

Looking at the site plan more closely as well as what looks like similar, curved hallways and public spaces in some of the other Crown properties, I think this could be what Aria strives to be. The room count is a bit low, but peperhaps they are focusing more on luxluxury vs filling 3000+ rooms at all costs possible.

There's something about the plans that reminds me of Beau Rivage, the original idea Wynn had for the Bellagio land. Undulating blue towers, water on all sides, and a luxury component that puts Wynn Tower Suites to shame. Could be really cool.

LV Sun article out says one tower is "Resort" and the other is "VIP." The Fox story briefly showed blueprints and the pool area kinds looked something like the one at Red Rock Station (sizewise).


Aria looks like an office building, at least a little bit, but it is tall and even graceful. This is squat and fat.

I don't care how good the service is, I have no desire to stay in a short building when I could stay at Resorts World in their VIP tower or Wynn.

The Fox article mentioned that one tower is going to be half the height of Trump LV, which is 620 feet tall, so maybe it won't appear as squat when complete.

It's hard to tell from the drawings but if it's curved it almost looks like a modernized version of the fontainebleu of Miami (and that's probably intentional)

I agree it's not an architectural or artistic marvel however, if done right, it could have a "touch of class" feel.

If there's one thing Vegas needs, it's 1100 more rooms starting at $300 a night and up.

1,100 is suspiciously small. What's the budget on the project? Unless it's tiny, how are you going to get the required return on investment with so few rooms? That said, this uninspiring design is still miles better than that Plaza behemoth that was once proposed for the site.

Looks like a Kaiser Permanente building.

AP story has the VIP tower at 539 ft tall and the resort tower at 631 ft.


For what it's worth, I redrew the plans from the Fox story and made what changes I thought would be needed, while filling in the blanks of some of the sections that aren't very clear.

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