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Cosmogram: Comps To Your Inbox

By Misnomer on Monday, 22nd June 2015 3:36pm
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Wonka Slot Machine

I played a Wonka slot machine for six hours straight. No lie. I played a Wonka slot machine at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas for six consecutive hours last week. It was the everlasting gobstopper of slot rolls. I played so long, I missed dinner. I nearly missed the post-dinner meet up. When I finally did find my family, I was bug-eyed and talking gibberish about Augustus Gloop. I lost a reasonable amount of money, and I put enough points on my Identity Card to keep me in chocolatey-delicious room offers for the foreseeable future. But Cosmo had one more sweet surprise for me. The next morning, I received this email from Identity:

Cosmopolitan Instant Offers

This appears to be something new in casino slot club marketing. "Thanks for visiting. Obviously you're in town. Here's some freeplay if you'll come back while you're here." It worked like a charm on me, as I returned the next day for another candy-coated slot freakout. This incentive also quelled my concern that new owners Blackstone might be less friendly to slot and video poker players than Cosmopolitan's previous owners. Now, if I could just get "I've Got a Golden Ticket" out of my head...

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i concur, the wonka game is slot machine crack, particular if you get reel machines with the 5.1 enabled surround vibrating chair. i havent had that much fun playing a slot machine in eons.

the cosmo "instant" email offer is really really really smart. kapow! they've got you with an email notification on your phone - no logging in to the comp club website and digging around for relevant offers. bang - it's right there staring you in the face.

This is one of those things you see and think, "Dammit, why didn't I think of that."
It will catch on with other operators as well. Its the perfect way to get people back in your door quickly if they aren't staying at your hotel.

What is the addiction to this game?
I never paid any attention to this machine.
Correct to say this is a penny machine?

1. I can confirm this story is correct.

2. Good on Cosmo for doing in-market ads. Shocked it took this long for casinos to figure this out.

I make apps for iPhone. Almost a billion have been sold. I have great Vegas app ideas pouring out of my gobstopper but they're only doable by the resorts. Since they only hire morons with no vision, we don't get shit.

Good on Cosmo for taking modern marketing step 0.5

This is a great strategy by Cosmo. I'm assuming their conversion rate is extremely high if they're able to get the email sent within a day.

Not much of a slot players, but I'll have to give the Wonka game a go.

@wpsteel66 Yes, it's a penny slot. Max bet is $3.50. It's a high def, multi-sensory experience that incorporates a childhood favorite into a game that does a great job of building anticipation, and makes the bonus rounds feel genuinely rewarding. It's filled with surprises. Hit the Willy Wonka bonus, and you can sit back in your chair for 20 minutes while it plays out. It's just a great slot machine. Best new slot in years.

I received my next room comp offer the day after checkout on my last trip, nice to see some other pieces theya are working on.

The desire is there for all casino marketers to do this. (Well, the ones I've worked with.) They've been wanting to do it for years. Some of the problem is legacy technology that won't (A) support the real-time stuff or (B) talk to the other guys software. Cosmo is ahead of the game in their integration backend since it's relatively new. Beyond getting promos on your device, how about ordering drinks and tickets from the machine? I think Vegas is still about 10 years behind the hospitality industry in some ways, but it seems to be catching up.

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