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Kirk Kerkorian Dead At 98

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 16th June 2015 9:32am
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Billionaire mogul, developer, dreamer, businessman and Las Vegas visionary Kirk Kerkorian died last night at the age of 98.

Kirk's obituary via Los Angeles Times and Bloomberg.

Statement from MGM Resorts CEO Jim Murren:

MGM Resorts and our family of 62,000 employees are honoring the memory of a great man, a great business leader, a great community leader, an innovator, and one of our country's greatest generation. Mr. Kerkorian combined brilliant business insight with steadfast integrity to become one of the most reputable and influential financiers of our time.

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People talk about Steve Wynn's role in creating Modern Las Vegas, but if it wasn't for Kerkorian (as well as Howard Hughes), Steve Wynn might have never become a major player. That little strip on land on the corner of LVB and Dunes next to Caesars Palace he bought from Howard Hughes was land that Hughes refused to sell to Kerkorian (Caesars was leasing the land from Kerkorian and when he sold it to them, he made a huge profit off of the sale.) and the then owners of Caesars. Imagine if Hughes had sold the land to someone other than Steve Wynn. Wynn wouldn't have gotten the seed money to buy into the Golden Nugget (The profit from the land deal coupled with the sale of the liquor distributorship [and the land it sat on] is what Wynn used to fund his initial investment in the Golden Nugget.).

The International was the first "mega resort" in Las Vegas. He brought Elvis in as a headliner, which changed the game in Vegas in terms of rock and roll acts being headliners instead of touring artists. Sell the International and the Flamingo to Hilton to build the MGM Grand, which further upped the ante in what hotels in Vegas were supposed to do. Then he grows MGM from a relatively minor player in the industry to one of the biggest with two huge mergers (Mirage Resorts and Mandalay Resorts).

We all knew this day would come sooner or later considering his age, but there aren't many like him left in the world.

"Life is a big craps game. I've got to tell you, it's all been fun"
Kirk Kerkorian 2005

Ever since I read Peter Bart's FADE OUT in 1990, I've always been obsessed with Kirk Kerkorian. I hope one day that Dr. Dave will write a proper biography of him. I hope he's playing in a great craps game in the sky.

Amen Vespa.

Kirk's original MGM and International are what ushered in "modern" Vegas.

Not only was he instrumental in creating the resort town that it became, he was one of the last people who did business with a handshake and a smile. The man's word was his bond; and that's one of the things that made him as amazing as he is/was. I've had relatives do business with him, and unlike many folks in his financial situation, there was never a question if Kirk would be square in the deal, or if the contracts mirrored the verbal agreements.

Plus the man had giant brass stones. Read about how he made his money with WWII plane ferrying. Shouldn't have made it to see 1945, let alone 2015.

Rest in peace KK. You've done good.

I just read that Kerkorian's will orders the sale of his 16% stake in MGM resorts worth $1.75 billion in an orderly fashion.

The man was a giant in the industry. He will be missed.

From what Ive read of him he was truly a great person. Does anyone have a video interview of him?

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