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Bellagio Bans Apple Watch From Casino Tables

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 15th June 2015 7:05pm
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Earlier this afternoon, while playing blackjack at Bellagio, VegasTripping staffer JohnH was asked by casino personnel to remove his Apple Watch, saying:

Sir, we have to ask you to remove your watch while at the table.

This wasn't John's first interaction with Bellagio casino staff, where the Apple Watch was subject to scrutiny.

Sunday afternoon casino employees jokingly (??!?) mentioned to John that he should remove his watch but fell short of making a definitive statement. When pressed, casino employees said they were awaiting clear instructions on the Apple Watch.

We've heard from a number of VT readers via Twitter, that they too have been asked to remove Apple Watch while at casino tables.

What is it about the Apple Watch - as opposed to other earlier-to-market devices - that gives the casinos the belief that the device can compromise game security?

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Comments & Discussion:

Maybe it talks to the ghost of Steve Jobs and reads the cards?

The Apple Watch is the first smartwatch to really be heavily promoted. You don't see Pebble or anything from Android Wear with this amount of promotion. Just as cell phones have been a thorny issue in casinos, the same is true with smartwatches, which they may view as an extension of a cell phone since they are linked wirelessly.

Maybe they think that the tap notification option could be used by card cheat crews along the lines of some of the radio transmitter devices that have been used by cheats in the past (Like the one used in the blackjack cheat scene in Casino.).

Not surprised; the only issue I have is consistency. Even between casinos within the same chain.

I was playing BJ at Caesars Palace; stepped back to use my phone, and was told no need. Just sit the hand out so as to not slow play. Went to PHo later in the week, was told to get away from the table. Bally's said talking is fine, texting is no bueno.

Ditto for Mirage (OK), Luxor (OK) and MGM (Bad Andy!)

They're all within 1,000 feet of each other. Phones have been ubiquitous for at least 20 years. Can someone, somewhere, anywhere just have a conference call and make a decision?

If I were a casino, I'd be very worried about the "Taptic Engine" in the Apple Watch.

In the real world, I love it. It's a good way to get a notification without disrupting a meeting, etc. I could easily see it being a discreet way for someone not at the table to communicate information with a player. Anywhere from the dealer's hole cards, the count, of what another player has.

A phone in a pocket can just as easily run an app that vibrates in a pattern.

"Cheating" and card counting present minimal threats to casinos. What casinos really enjoy is all the free publicity and lore of being able to "beat" the game, which generates interest in the tables and gets "dumb" players to sit down and lose money while they try their card counting scheme they researched for 5 minutes on the internet.

So tell me what's to stop somebody from taping a watch to their thigh or chest. The tapping would have the same affect. It shall be interesting to see where this goes

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