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Project Jackpot: The E Las Vegas

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 5th June 2015 2:15pm
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The M, The D, The MGM, The SLS, The FLRG... amidst this sea of casino consonants almost came The E Las Vegas.

Designed by architectural firm Klai Juba, The E Las Vegas was the Elvis Presley themed resort planned by EDM mogul and then owner of the Elvis empire Robert F. X. Sillerman SFX Entertainment.

The Elvis Casino - SFX entertainment - Project Jackpot

Of course, the E project went busto. But thanks to Klai Juba, we've got renderings to peep.

The Elvis Casino - SFX entertainment - Project Jackpot

The Wall Street Journal has deemed this parcel "Project Jackpot." This is where the Hawaiian Market Place and Polo Towers are, right across the street from Mandarin Oriental.

The Elvis Casino - SFX entertainment - Project Jackpot

Like a robot zombie, the Polo Towers refuse to die, here being Jockey Clubbed in the shadows of the pool deck. I feel bad for the dyslexic who opens the window to his "Deluxe Pool View Room" to reveal a non-deluxe Polo view room.

The Elvis Casino - SFX entertainment - Project Jackpot

The entirety of the building is very reminiscent of Arquitectonica's vision for the equally parcel constrained Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas' - crumbling corners, corners to the tri-floor podium and the rooftop pool deck.

I certainly dig the idea of the cantilevered glass whatever those are.... bar, restaurant, night club, suite. Like the sweeping views at Mandarin Bar and Cosmopolitan Wraparounds, this would've been a certifiable destination and photo opportunity.

But... alas, Elvis has left the building.


Comments & Discussion:

Maybe this is where the Steve goes after he sells to MGM.

Build around a fleabag timeshare?

Even though the Elvis renderings have the Polo Towers there, my wishful thinking would be that whoever gets the plot would somehow persuade the PT owners to sell, and then demolish the place. Or is that not very likely?

Does the plot also include where the Harley Davidson is?

My money is Steve buying Excalibur and Luxor. Or perhaps the entire Mandalay Mile.

^ this is probably what is happening, not a merger. whomever leaked it got their signals crossed or.

I've wanted the Polo Towers demolished since my first visit to Vegas! - so that would make me happy. As for the rest, I haven't made up my mind.

"The E"? Well, I guess it would have been a good place to score some.

I doubt we'll see the Polo Towers go away anytime soon because trying to buy out everyone that has shares in the place will be difficult if not impossible (Although the company that owns Polo Towers also has other timeshare properties in Vegas, and presumably they could transfer as many of the timeshare weeks to as they could.). For example, Jockey Club has something like 14,000 timeshare owners and 70-something full share owners, and supposedly Cosmo did attempt to gauge interest in a buyout at some point (Meanwhile, there are some condo owners at Cosmo that stubbornly refuse to sell out to them.) and Mirage Resorts back in the day ruled out making an offer because they knew it was too time consuming and that getting everyone onboard was impossible (But image if Mirage Resorts would have been able to get Jockey Club and their parking lot.).

The more likely scenario is that some developer will buy the parcel and come in and build some additional timeshare condo towers that wouldn't affect much of the current occupants of the land along the Strip.

I actually think this place looks great and it's a bummer it didn't happen. Though it should be noted I'm a big Elvis mark.

This joins the failed Michael Flatley casino and the George Clooney/Brad Pitt casino that we will never see. And what aare Polo Towers and the Jockey Club holding out for?
Sell, baby sell

I'd like to understand better why owners of timeshare units have this incredible veto power. If I'm the owner of the building, can't I go to court and demonstrate that I'm going to give the holdout owners superior units in the new building and maybe some cash on top? And that the new development improves the neighborhood, raises values, etc. etc? (In principle, I'm no fan of frivolous eminent domain seizures, but we're talking about a friggin' timeshare.)

And re: the Steve, remember the crapola apartments on the Mirage parcel that refused to sell? Steve built around them. They're still there and it's pretty hilarious.

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