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ASS Watch: The Aria Sky Suites Expands To The Pool

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 15th May 2015 2:08pm
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The Aria Sky Suites (bka 'the A.S.S.') has expanded to the pool with "Sky Pool". They created some artwork specifically for this development.

Yes please.

How much do you think these branded water bottles will set you back at the new SkyPoo.

In my house we call a cloud of flatulent gas an "air poo." "Honey, just a warning that the dog just air pooped in the den." I enjoy finding faux-dignified ways of not being overtly 11 years old.


The Sky Poo! website has no content to load, perhaps because its content was previously unloaded. I'd make an Uli Jon Roth joke here but nobody would get it.

There you have it... the SKY POO! at Aria Resort and Casino... "step right in the water is warm. And bubbling.

Big huge thanks to the great Mac78130 for the yummy tip.

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Comments & Discussion:

Glorious promotional material.

But to me, a skypool seems like something George Jetson takes to work everyday.

THEY STOLE MY POOL!! The north one, my favorite pool - the one I daydream about from far away. And they did it the very day I went to use it, first day open/CLOSED. So now there are 2 main pools open for the public, gotta think summer pool season may get a bit crowded. I did hassle the gate attendant, reminded me of outsourced, phone-center doubletalk. ARIA sent me a survey ** :~) #@ * I told them as much. Looks like Caesars gets some business from me this summer.

@ Dadice I will be enjoying your favorite pool in about 2 months. Sorry, I just required more room.

Seriously though I do feel bad for all the non Sky Suite guests who will be crammed into 2 pools.

Dadice, you are surprised? This is the epitome of Vegas where you pay to play and money talks and the golden rule is the law.
"He who has the gold makes the rules."

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