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The Pool at Resorts World Las Vegas

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 11th May 2015 2:52pm
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When Resorts World Las Vegas was announced in March 2013, VT observed:

Water is a very important part of this property. There are many fountains and low level reflecting pools within the pagoda village (marked with green arrows.) Surrounding the water park at the base of the hotel towers are an assortment of micropools (trend alert) each of which might have a specific offering: booze, oontz, kids, boobs, laps, games, seniors, night swim, etcetera.

In the two years since Genting purchased the former Echelon parcel, architects Steelman & Partners have expanded, contracted, adjusted and refined their designs for Resorts World, with their pool deck being the feature that has undergone the most dramatic transformations

Resortsworld Pool March2013

The scallop top shell of the proposed "water park" (above) evolved to a glowing glass domed jewel of a property centerpiece a year later (below). Pools on the outside. Pools on the inside.

Resortsworld Pool June2014

Six months later, renderings released to prospective EB-5 investors revealed a scaled back pool deck, sans canopy, sans... well... almost everything.

Scallop canopy? Gone. Great Wall replica? Gone. Glowing dome? Gone. Pools? Mostly gone.

Resortsworld Pool Nov2014

Is it possible that Genting - in the stark afterglow of due diligence - tasked Steelman & Partners with a new, hyper-affordable vision of Phase 1? A version of the vision that could be realistically achieved amidst a checkerboard of dust bowl North Strip desolation?

Resortsworld Pool Nov2014.2

Another six months, another new vision... this one prepared to inspire and ignite interest in the property as ceremonial shovels hit the ceremonial dirt. The pool is back and better than ever.

Resortsworld Pool May2015

The May 2015 version of the Resorts World pool deck is divided into roughly seven "areas" to which I've assigned names counter clockwise from the bottom - a large Wave Pool, a smaller Corner Pool, a Lap Pool, five Genting Grand adjacent Lanai Pools, two adjacent Lounge Pools, an expansive River Pool with three lagoons and an Infinity Pool that faces south.

Resortsworld Pool May2015.2

The Wave Pool features three standing structures that surround a fan shaped pool with 20 cabanas and perhaps a sandy beach.

The Corner Pool, adjacent to the north west corner of the properties Lincoln Center/Conservatory atrium, is very small and appears to be part of a poolside cafe as well. There are 4 cabanas near the Corner Pool.

The hourglass shaped Lap Pool runs east-west along the curtain wall and is dotted by three pairs of cabanas on the north and south sides of the pool.

Two adjacent Lounge Pools contain a total three bars, 28 cabanas and a few dozen daybeds.

At the base of the Genting Grand's all-suite wing of the Resorts World hotel, there are five private pools which are most likely reserved for Lanai suites located on the pool deck itself.

The giant River Pool occupies the majority of the pool deck and features three lagoons connected by lazy rivers.

A crescent shaped Infinity Pool stares off the edge of the phase 1 casino podium southward and features 5 cabanas.

Phase II expansion will expand the size of the pool by at least 30% if not more.

It isn't completely clear which if any of these pools will be dedicated to daylife - if any. There are no large scale stage or lighting, sound or stage equipment depicted in these renderings. Is it possible that Resorts World opens without a daylife component?

But... that's not all. Previous fly through video of the Resorts World property (since deleted) revealed that there will be pool decks on top of the hotel towers!

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Comments & Discussion:

Great rundown Chuck.....I hope the latest renderings are what we get regarding the pool area.....looks impressive. Any idea on how much acreage this potential pool deck would occupy, in comparison to some of the other notable pool areas on the Strip like Mandalay, MGM, Bellagio, and Wynncore?

Pools on the tower roofs would be one hell of a way to get my money.

Pools have become one of the main features I consider before choosing a hotel, jacuzzis especially. My last 2 Vegas visits have been to the Four Seasons and the Mandarin. The Mandarin has a nice size pool section that is only 6" deep - laying in that with my head on the edge as pillow was one of the most relaxing things I have ever experienced.

Judging from this info so far, Resorts certainly will get my visit, and may overtake Mandalay as a water destination

I can't wait for this pool, just so I can go ass over teakettle while trying to get on an inner tube in the lazy river.....

thats a lot of pool space

@Vespa, that is your signature move!

Pocket pools.

Looks like Mandalay with the tease of pools on the roof.

What's probably happened is the drought isn't getting any better, and they probably scaled back their plans for Wet & Wild style waterpark stuff (as since their initial announcement, two parks have opened in the surrounding area.) I'd still like it if they took a more family-friendly approach to the amenities such as eschewing 'daylife'.

Maybe dumb question. Where is the water for all of this gonna come from? That's not just an idle question right now.

^ a garden hose running across the strip from encore beach club.

....is it even "water" by the time it leaves that place? I thought it was a mixture of tanning oil, vodka and oontz

^^ if it's *only* tanning oil and vodka, consider yourself lucky.

Anyway, you can never have enough pools. I don't care if they have to truck the water in from Lake Superior. Let's make this pool complex happen, people.

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